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City of Guelph Web ServerCity of Guelph Home Page

Stained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows

Rochester History WebUniversity of Rochester history web - this page contains some student history projects on local history, much like this one.

Christusrex pageThis is the Christusrex page. Although it contains some irrelevant information, toward the bottom of the page are links to great ecclesiastical works of art (ie the Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel, etc.) I think Gordon Couling would have liked this page :)

Christian Clipart pageThe Christian clipart page. This is where I acquired all of the religious images throughout this work. However, this site might not be up by the time the Gordon Couling Home Page is finished, as it is scheduled to go down sometime this summer.

Art and Architecture Home PageThis is the "Art and Architecture" Home Page which has many sources such as links, files, gophers, etc. relating to the fields of art and architecture.

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