"There's an old story sometimes told concerning a certain philosopher who, to test the frailties of human nature, stood in the heart of London and offered gold sovereigns to the crowd at two-pence a piece. Everyone was so naturally cautious that he sold none whatsoever. It seems to me that even here in Guelph we over-look value hidden so very near to us.

It's not only with pleasure, but with the deepest trust in his abilities that I would introduce Gordon to the electorate for Boys in Guelph. Gordon is not the sort of fellow you'd hear so much about; he does things quietly and usually manages to shoulder the glory on other people.

There are a lot of other qualities which you know only as his friend: absolute loyalty, an overabundance of patience, and a deep trust in boys to live fine and noble lives."

This was written by Gladstone Fiddes for the Guelph Boys' Mercury, November 19th, 1932, when the boys were 19 years old. Gladstone Fiddes and Gordon Couling remained friends for the most part of their lives, as letters and Christmas cards show, even though Mr. Fiddes became a doctor in Manitoba and they rarely saw each other after he moved away. This clipping was found in the Gordon Couling Collection, Archive Centre, University of Guelph Library, Guelph, Ontario.

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