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  2. Spug (Stanford Pilot User Group) Home Page
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  6. Some Newton Bookmarks
  7. My Bookmarks (live)
  8. Flash Sheridan's Bookmark Page 2010
  9. Flash Sheridan's Bookmark Page 2004
  10. 1997 Bookmarks
  11. Practical testing of a C99 compiler using output comparison, Software: Practice and Experience April 2007 (preprint at

  12. App Store data analysis for iPhone developers by appFigures | iTunes Connect Analytics | App Store report analysis | App Store ranks | iPhone App Store Reviews
  13. Rahulnet's Blog [ a2i]
  14. New Facebook Social Features Secretly Add Apps (e.g. Washington Post) to Your Profile (Updated) - PCWorld
  15. Incompatible Browser | Facebook
  16. Incompatible Browser | Facebook
  17. Dr Dobbs - Get Software Quality Right (Static Analysis Typically Results in 85% Defect Removal Efficiency)
  18. Apple iPhone forums gripped by deleted thread paranoia o The Register
  19. Apple - Support - Discussions - Are the moderators removing threads ...
  20. Droid X actually self-destructs if you try to mod it
  21. iPhone owners report iOS 4.0.1 installation errors | Circuit Breaker - CNET News
  22. (Rahulnet) blog:
  23. Rahulnet's Blog (, Rahul Dhesi, a2i)
  25. ACCESS Android Apps: Graffiti 1
  26. Code Analysis Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
  27. Cisco Settles Antitrust Suit Over Software Updates - PCWorld Business Center
  28. Putin dolzhen ujti | Obraschenie (Putin must go)
  29. Anne Applebaum | Spectator Author Search
  30. Dave Barry: A journey into my colon -- and yours - Dave Barry -
  31. Magellan Technical Support
  32. P != NP-- Greg and Kat's blog (Vinay Deolalikar, HP Labs)
  33. 'Star Wars' producer Gary Kurtz speaks out - Los Angeles Times
  34. Man Lives In Futuristic Sci-Fi World Where All His Interactions Take Place In Cyberspace
  35. iOS 4.0.2 brick: Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone 4 - Error 9 during Restore ...
  36. ban comic sans
  37. Science Fiction Timeline Site . . . Chronological Tolkien . . . Calculator
  38. TidBITS Inside TidBITS: Explaining the TidBITS News App Version Confusion (iTunes Connect robotic responses)
  39. navy-lost-control-of-drone-over-dc-due-to-software-issue
  40. Keyboard Shortcuts and Typing Tips for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  41. Artistic Style (C source beautifier)
  42. SSH - Permission denied (publickey) - But same configuration - Ubuntu Forums
  43. Apple iTune App Store Rejection Appeal Form
  44. The Old Globe (San Diego Shakespeare)
  45. Searching in Klocwork Review - Insight-9.1
  46. Fast Abstract Papers | ISSRE 2010 (Static Analysis Deployment Pitfalls, Flash Sheridan, Code Integrity Solutions)
  47. MoinMoin/Filter - MediaWiki
  48. Inn of the Seventh Ray non-flash history
  49. [OTA] The Oxford Text Archive: Anglo-Saxon poetic records
  50. Beowulf: Ed. Murray McGillivray. Online Corpus of Old English Poetry (OCOEP). Edition in progress
  52. Mobile Opportunity: What's really wrong with BlackBerry (and what to do about it) [Michael Mace]
  53. Embedded in Academia : Static Analysis Fatigue
  54. Labyrinth Library: Old English, Georgetown
  55. The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry
  56. regexerator | Download regexerator software for free at A (really pretty) regular expression testing tool, by Josh Vinson
  57. Apple - Support - Discussions - WHERE are my PHOTOS? iPhoto 11 erases photos
  58. Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis: TimeMachine doesn't back up iPhoto (if iPhoto is open)
  59. Palm Kills Classic (PalmInfoCenter)
  60. Build a digital book with EPUB (IBM)
  61. EPUB Straight to the Point
  62. Slashdot Apple Story | iPhone Alarm Bug Leads To Mass European Sleep-in
  63. patch to disable UOP checking in DVD - please test on i386/x86_64/ppc64 - The macosxhints Forums
  64. BEOWULF: facing-page translation:
  65. [FOM] Global Choice: conservative extension of ZFC
  66. [FOM] Global Choice (Forster)
  67. [FOM] Logicomix: inaccuracies
  68. LogBlog: Logic and Madness? | Richard Zach | Philosophy | University of Calgary
  70. Errata and Revisions | William H Patterson Jr
  71. Diesel Sweeties Store: Music & Pixel T-Shirts & Socks - "I was a Mac user when Apple was doomed." shirt
  72. CDE: automatic packaging of Code, Data, and Environment
  73. Cisco switch C3550 MIB Support Lists
  74. SNMP::Info::Layer3::C3550 - SNMP Interface to Cisco Catalyst 3550 Layer 2/3 Switches running IOS
  75. Cisco 3550 And Qos Monitoring | TheDailyReviewer
  76. Port Limiting On A Cisco 3550 | TheDailyReviewer
  77. Control Plane Policing Implementation Best Practices
  78. George W. Bush can't fight for freedom and authorise torture - Telegraph
  79. Blocking Telemarketers in Asterisk with - AsteriskTech- The culture / technology / and evolution of: community driven database of telemarketers
  80. Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records ePub (Flash Sheridan) - PalmGear
  81. cbQosPolicyIndex Cisco MIB
  82. MRTG - A Table of some interesting OIDs (MIBs)
  83. SNMP Counters: Frequently Asked Questions [IP Application Services] - Cisco Systems
  84. - The World's Major Languages eBook (ePub)
  85. Buy Worlds Major Languages Ed2 Book by Comrie (9780203301524) at Borders with free shipping (eBook?)
  86. The World's Major Languages | Comrie, Bernard | Ebook from (PDF $200)
  87. The World's Major Languages eBook Diesel
  88. Flash Sheridan's review of The Worlds Major Languages
  89. New MobileMe Calendar: Duplicate calendars and events appear after updating to iOS 4.2 on iPad
  90. MobileMe: Troubleshooting upgrading to the new MobileMe Calendar
  91. MobileMe: Troubleshooting upgrading to the new MobileMe Calendar: Calendars over the following limits may not upgrade
  92. MobileMe: How to reset sync data
  93. How to Manually Delete all Sync Data from MobileMe's Servers Geek Life (Apple’s cloud service not adequately cleaning up)
  94. Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6: Resetting the SyncServices folder
  95. How to Solve All (not) Your MobileMe Sync Problems | Mac|Life
  96. OO export to LaTex - The Omni Group Forums
  97. Extras - OmniOutliner 3 - Products - The Omni Group: LaTeX export plug-in
  98. The World's Major Languages Customer Reviews - Barnes & Noble Nook defective
  99. "That's the rankest psychologism, and was conclusively shown to be hogwash by Gottlob Frege in the 1890s22 - Google Search
  100. THE ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE: "That's the rankest psychologism, and was conclusively shown to be
  101. THE ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE: "That's the rankest psychologism, and was conclusively shown to be hogwash by Gottlob Frege in the 1890s!"-- Sheldon Cooper THE BIG BANG THEORY
  102. The Big Bang Theory - The Zazzy Substitution - Thursday, Oct 07, 2010 - mReplay Livedash TV Transcript - Livedash: rankest psychologism, and was conclusively revealed as hogwash by Gottlob Frege in the 1890s
  103. [FOM] Acyclic comprehension is Stratified comprehension: Zuhair Abdul Ghafoor Al-Johar
  104. acycliccomp.pdf: updated proof of Acyclic comprehension being equal to strati
  105. Texmaker (free cross-platform latex editor, Unicode/UTF8)
  106. Old Church Slavonic Online (U Texas)
  107. LinkedIn Static Code Analysis Group
  108. unrtf - Bugs: bug #27909, Certain RTF Formatting causes unrtf to hang [Savannah]
  109. unrtf - Bugs: bug #31520, Conversion to LaTeX broken in... [Savannah]
  110. Backup Bouncer: command-line-based test suite
  111. How to merge pdf files with preview in Leopard | Macintosh How To
  112. "Flash Sheridan" - Google Search: Reading level>Advanced
  113. What to do about mobile devices that lie [Android: Samsung & Motorola] | Mobilize - InfoWorld
  114. Features - GRAMPS (free genealogy software)
  115. Well, I'm Back: Static Analysis And Scary Headlines (Klocwork and Firefox)
  116. Interview with Andy Chou, Coverity Chief Architect: How Software is Built
  117. iphone Ukrlandia, your guide in Ukraine
  118. How to Install Latex Fonts on Mac Osx - wikiHow
  119. Apple - Support - Discussions - Internet sharing "disconnects" & ...
  120. - Software Optimization and Optimizing Compilers search
  121. Writer2LaTeX (OpenOffice to LaTeX converter)
  122. The new MobileMe Calendar: Apple knowledge base articles | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews
  123. MobileMe: New MobileMe Calendar specifications & limits
  124. MobileMe: Setting up the new MobileMe Calendar
  125. MobileMe: Troubleshooting new MobileMe Calendar issues
  126. MobileMe: Troubleshooting upgrading to the new MobileMe Calendar
  127. MobileMe: How to reset sync data
  128. MobileMe Calendar Upgrade:
  129. Introduction to Scripting iCal
  130. Golosovanie za luchshuyu gradostroitel'nuyu koncepciyu Innovacionnogo centra Skolkovo
  131. SULAIR: Non-Stanford Users: Card Fees
  132. Verizons iPhone Doesnt Drop Calls -
  133. Wrangler: interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation
  134. InformIT: Software [In]security: Comparing Apples, Oranges, and Aardvarks (or, All Static Analysis Tools Are Not Created Equal) > As the Market Grows (5 static analysis deployment pitfalls)
  135. Java bug number 4421494 from 2001
  136. Bug 100119 - Fix bug 4421494 infinite loop while parsing double literal
  137. TexMaker 2.2.1 Issue 87 - texmaker - pdf viewer continuous mode displays only part of pages - Project Hosting on Google Code
  138. XML To LaTeX (
  139. Texmaker and Xetex on OS X - Persistent Inappeasable Mind
  140. Fonts in LaTeX - MindMaster
  141. Computer Modern Unicode fonts
  142. The unicode-math XeLaTeX package and the STIX fonts PhilTeX
  144. wspr/unicode-math - GitHub
  145. Testing Static Analysis Tools Using Exploitable Buffer Overflows
  146. Esterel Technologies: Compiler (partial) Verification Kit
  147. Embedded in Academia : A Critical Look at the SCADE Compiler Verification Kit
  148. TExistential Type Fonts in LaTeX, Part One: XeLaTeX
  149. LaTeX Com pre hen sive Sym bol guide.
  150. 406 Not Acceptable:
  151. TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  152. Apple - Support - Discussions - iCal calendars won't delete, keep ...
  153. Palm Branding MIssing From Hewlett-Packard webOS Event | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD
  154. Dealing with your bug backlog | >kloctalk
  155. Dilbert: The Man Who Changed an Industry with his Powerpoint Slides
  156. iOS debugging magic
  157. Dilbert: A Technologist and a Philosopher All in One
  158. Dilbert: Turtles All the Way Down
  159. Association for Symbolic Logic 2011 North American Annual Meeting
  160. Extended iCal rant from a timezone warrior - Boing Boing (Cory Doctorow: "switch timezones off" feature. Which doesn't work.)
  161. Devon Hillard Tech Blog Blog Archive How to Clean a Corrupt Event From iCal
  162. Digital Sanctuary-Corrupt iCal File Cleaner
  163. 10.4: Repair a broken iCal search in 10.4.2 - Mac OS X Hints
  164. iCal corrupt, MobileMe not syncing - a fix | Tim Sodhi's Weblog
  165. Don't buy AppleCare, be careful about using Apple's proprietary applications - David Pollak's Blog
  166. Daring Fireball: Tim Bray on iCal
  167. : yearly recurring meeting created on iPhone breakes iCal sync with exchange
  168. An Open Letter to Apple | Readability Blog
  169. MobileMe: Duplicate Calendars in iCal with the new MobileMe Calendar
  170. FCS Blog [AS] Applescript and the command line
  171. Spacevidcast
  172. 3 Great Ways to Watch the Last Space Shuttle Missions | Wired Science |
  173. Spaceflight Now
  174. NASA TV
  175. MobileMe: How to back up calendar data using the new MobileMe Calendar: Important: Do not rely on traditional methods for backing up calendar data
  176. - Stack Overflow Careers
  178. Bug 35634 - [4.3/4.4/4.5/4.6 Regression] operand of pre-/postin-/decrement not promoted
  179. Embedded in Academia : The Little C Function From Hell
  180. Bug 9350 - possible integer bug
  181. QoS Policing in Cisco IOS - CT3: exceed-action set-dscp-transmit af13 (best-effort)
  182. Newest 'qos+cisco' Questions - Server Fault
  183. Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 - Policing and Shaping Overview - Cisco Systems
  184. legal trouble
  186. Apple
  187. Macintouch Gregory Tetrault Moneydance QIF
  188. YouTube - Glen Raphael's Channel
  189. SCAM 2011: Eleventh IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation
  190. Tracking Web Page Changes
  191. ChangeDetection - Know when any web page changes
  192. Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum o The Register
  193. Intuitive and/or philosophical explanation for set theory paradoxes - MathOverflow
  194. User Thomas Forster - MathOverflow
  195. Another year, another iPhone time slip o The Register
  196. Twitter tells third-party devs to stop making Twitter client apps
  197. APOD: 2011 March 15 - Cassini Approaches Saturn (real video)
  198. ChangeDetection - Change Log: Stanford Theatre Movie Guide
  199. Writer2LaTeX (OpenOffice to LaTeX conversion, useful for RTF too)
  200. Intuit glitch leads to mistaken mega-tax refunds ( - Software - Business Issues )
  201. Using SyncTeX with LaTeX | (\synctex=1)
  202. XKCD Radiation Sources
  203. [XeTeX] supplying missing glyphs?
  204. [XeTeX] supplying missing glyphs?
  205. Font selection in XeTeX for specific characters - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  207. Many Eyes : Deaths per TWh by energy sources
  208. Netflix : Contact Investor Relations
  209. Are there any commercially available US DVD's that Netflix doesn't carry? - Straight Dope Message Board
  210. The ucharclasses package | Projects at Nihongoresources: automatic transition rules between Unicode blocks
  211. ucharclasses for XeLaTeX | Projects at Nihongoresources (d/l at
  212. symbols - How does one insert a backslash or a tilde into LaTeX? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  213. TidBITS Problem Solving: OpenType PostScript Fonts Troublesome in 10.6.7
  214. Petite Lap Giraffes: Real or DirecTV Marketing Campaign? | Long Island Press
  215. Nothing found for 2011 03 28 Petite-lap-giraffes-real-or-directv-marketing-campaign
  216. symbols - The standard \cup vs. the mathabx \cup - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  217. fonts - Math symbols not being printed. - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange: Remove the \usepackage{unicode-math} command
  218. [TxMt] smart Latex typesetting: \newif
  219. TRALICS : a LaTeX to XML translator (N): \newif
  220. LaTeX programming: how to implement conditionals handyfloss \newif
  221. Basics of Cisco Switch Administration - Part 1
  222. How to configure a new Cisco router - Hardware - Insight
  223. Maximum PC | Palm: The Rise and Fall of a Legend
  224. boot: Palm: The Rise, Fall, and (Hopeful) Rebirth of a Legend by Chris Dunphy
  225. Samsung Keylogger Case Revealed As False Positive | threatpost: false alarm of the VIPRE Antivirus product
  226. LaTeX/Hyperlinks - Wikibooks: \urlstyle{same} to avoid ugly font in LaTeX hyperref
  227. LaTeX Community o View topic - ** WARNING ** Failed to convert input string to UTF16...
  228. XeTeX FAQ
  229. How can I get Producteev to respond to my tickets/requests? : Support Center
  230. Deploying QoS for Cisco IP and next ... - Google Books: exceed-action set-qos-transmit 1
  231. Creating a Traffic Class: best-effort 0
  232. Inbound Rate Limiting on Cisco Catalyst Switches | Slaptijack
  233. The unicode-math XeLaTeX package and the STIX fonts PhilTeX
  234. unicode-math and italics
  235. Re: STIX fonts are so near
  236. mathmode - How do I change the math italic font in XeTeX/fontspec? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  237. New CTAN package: The STIX fonts - comp.text.tex | Google Groups: The kerning is awful, VA or Te
  238. KB Parallels: How to remove Parallels Desktop 5 completely
  239. KB Parallels: How to remove Parallels Desktop 3?
  240. KB Parallels: How To Remove Parallels Desktop 4 Completely?
  241. qos - Bandwidth sharing via police exceed-action drop on Cisco Catalyst 3550s: anything less draconian? - Server Fault
  242. ASK THE EXPERTS - QoS with Cisco expert Sarala Akella
  243. ASK THE EXPERTS - QoS with Cisco expert Sarala Akella: Bandwidth sharing via police exceed-action drop on Cisco Catalyst
  244. [XeTeX] supplying missing glyphs?: Michiel Kamermans, \XeTeXinterchartoks
  245. xetex - How to get straight quotation marks? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  246. khaledhosny/euler-otf - GitHub
  247. How to get a list of all available (TTF-) Fonts with XeTeX? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  248. mathmode - Use \mathrm by default - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  249. LaTeX to Unicode Online Convertor
  250. LaTeX - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
  251. pfSense Open Source Firewall Distribution
  252. MessageFont for Apple Mail by Adam Tow
  253. [Speed] Comcast HSI 50/10 Docsis 3 w/ SMC D3G issues solved - Comcast HSI | DSLReports Forums
  254. "Silicon Valley Personality Disorder" - Google Whack: exactly one hit 4/15/2011
  255. Comcast HSI, 50/10, SMC D3G Problems. Resets every day. - Comcast HSI | DSLReports Forums
  256. Principia Mathematica - Wikipedia: 1+1=2 (volume 1, p. 379). The above proposition is occasionally useful. (v. II p. 86)
  257. International Rates (Comcast Business)
  258. Cisco: Switches - How do I limit the bandwidth on a Cisco 3550 switch?
  259. Klocwork Detected C and C++ Issues - current
  260. [cfe-dev] User documentation for supported warnings and --analyze mode
  261. scan-build finds things Build and Analyze does not | iPhone | Lou Franco: personal site
  262. Making Xcode's Build and Analyze much better | iPhone | Lou Franco: personal site
  263. Beyond build and analyze (Clang static analyzer extra options)
  264. [llvm-project] Log of /cfe/trunk/lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/ Clang Static Analyzer Checkers
  265. An introduction to LaTeX:
  266. The CRAPL: An academic-strength open source license
  267. AWS Developer Forums: Did Skynet destroy zone us-east-1c? (Official AMazon Answer: No)
  268. Mass edit Address Book and iCal using Bento
  269. IBM's Nefarious "Black Team" | Geekosystem
  270. 5 Awesomely Sarcastic Supreme Court Decisions |
  271. Not all non-custom Address Book fields display... . Using Bento for Mac . Forums . FileMaker Forums
  272. formatting - Is it possible to skip the first line in a theorem environment? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  273. formatting - Is it possible to skip the first line in a theorem environment? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange: Make Proof respect linebreak: \leavevmode\newline
  274. TidBITS Macs & Mac OS X: Apple Releases Snow Leopard 10.6.7 Font bug Update
  275. Chucky Ellison - FSL (A Formal Semantics of C with Applications)
  276. mathmode - How do I change the math italic font in XeTeX/fontspec? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  277. Workshop on Set Theory and the Philosophy of Mathematics: Titles and Abstracts of Presentations | The Department of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania
  278. Re: package for \textsubscript (Richard Heck)
  279. Stix font bug: The STIX Fonts Project : Detail: 3077428 - Characters missing from STIXGeneral Bold and Italic
  280. LaTeX Community o View topic - How to create a numbered (& 'referenceable') newenvironment? (Don't you use \rm as well as other obsolete commands; Replace then by \rmfamily, \ttfamily, \bfseries, \sffamily, \itshape and \scshape.)
  281. 4.4.1 Changing the Font Style (Each environment has the same name as its corresponding declaration: \begin{sffamily}Some sans-serif text.\end{sffamily}
  282. Glen Raphael | New York, NY | Folk / Folk Rock / Indie | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation
  283. Top Eclipse Bug 35779 - [misc] Text Viewer and Editor doesn't support word wrap
  284. iCal Removing and Preventing Duplicate Apple MobileMe Synchronizing Calendar Appointment Schedule Event Entries With Archiving Using BusyCal |
  285. Star Wars Propaganda Posters | PBH2, Video Before It's Viral
  286. The Great Inflation of the 2010s - Newsweek: Niall Ferguson
  287. Frama-C: Proving formal properties for critical software
  288. Visual Studio 2010 Express - No tests, please. greenicicle
  289. Facebook Busted in Clumsy Smear Attempt on Google - The Daily Beast (Real Dan/Fake Steve)
  290. 'Apple has made it completely impossible for anyone but Apple to make a profit selling contemporary ebooks on any iOS device,'
  291. LaTeX \rm vs. \mathrm: tilde instead of vector arrow when using \vec | The Bleeding Edge: differences in usage between \mathrm and \rm
  292. mathmode - Use \mathrm by default - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange
  293. g000001/lisp-critic - GitHub
  294. switch - Cisco switches and Comcast SMC3G: DHCP works, IP doesn't - Server Fault
  295. Access Forbidden:
  296. - Google Search
  297. Could ZFC be inconsistent? (Randall Holmes, 3/24/2001)
  298. TidBITS Safe Computing: International Verify Your Backups Day
  299. Quotation marks bug - Issues - wspr/unicode-math - GitHub
  300. unicode-math doesn't output " f" in math mode - Issues - wspr/unicode-math - GitHub
  301. 25 More Tech Tips and Tricks -
  302. Re: unicode-math and italics (Stix bug)
  303. Apple Developer Forums:
  304. Navigation for Costa Rica - iGO My way 2010 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
  305. Lack of matte screens driving iMac fans to Windows PCs | News | PC Pro
  306. Glossy vs matte screens: why the PC industry's out of touch | PC Pro blog
  307. MacMatte (matte petition)
  308. iphone - ad-hoc testing crashes with EXEC_BAD_ACCESS build with llvm 2.0 compiler - Stack Overflow: Fixed in 4.0.2
  309. MLcomp: objectively comparing machine learning
  310. Bug 30475 - assert(int+100 > int) optimized away
  311. Fix CID- Coverity - Google Search
  312. Re: Code Warrior and Palm Emulator question (stack overflow??): Ben Combee on #pragma warn_stack_usage
  313. (Broken in Safari and Lynx)
  314. Talk:Halt and Catch Fire: Those old Palms - Wikipedia
  315. Linux Kernel Developer Responses to Static Analysis Bug Reports: Guo & Engler
  316. LKML: Jean Delvare: Re: Do not misuse Coverity please (Was: sound/oss/cs46xx.c: fix a check after use)
  317. Would you like to know about 0day defects months in advance? Software Integrity Blog: Coverity Scan and Linux security hole/GCC misfeature
  318. [FOM] 461: Reflections on Vienna Meeting: Harvey Friedman vs Angus Macintyre
  319. Foundational Concerns and Mathematical Concerns - Angus Macintrye in Vienna
  320. Dilbert - Search for Software Bugs
  321. Software Development & Programming Cartoons, Web Comics and Caricatures for Programmers, Developers, Software Engineer and Geeks
  322. Everything about C++ source code static analysis : viva64
  323. The Weekend Interview With David McCullough: Don't Know Much About History -
  324. Fantastic Worlds: The Seminal Status of "Doc" Smith's Lensman series
  325. Meraki Wireless LAN Reviewed - Performance-more, Closing Thoughts - SmallNetBuilder
  326. From "happy hacking" to "screw you" - the story of Meraki |
  327. /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/IEEEtran/testflow
  328. Time to Close the Security Theater - Art Carden - The Economic Imagination - Forbes
  329. XeTeX FAQ: Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Cyrillic/etc. bookmarks (** WARNING ** Failed to convert input string to UTF16?)
  330. Building Real Software: Has Static Analysis reached its limits?
  331. 'Cyrano,' Gaining in the Translation ( Jonathan Yardley
  332. Everything about C++ source code static analysis - Blogs - Intel Software Network
  333. Tehom: No good external testing frameworks
  334. Open Testware Reviews - QMTest (CodeSOurcery)
  335. (Palm OS Tools) Palm OS Protein C/C++ Compiler Tools Guide | Palm OS Protein C/C++ Compiler Tools Guide
  336. Buffer Overflow (adjusted size bug) | Klocwork Developer Network
  337. SiteGround - Any Reviews? |
  339. Inc Review - INTERNET - WEB HOSTING in Washington, DC - BBB Business Review - BBB serving Metro Washington, DC and Eastern Pennsylvania: F
  340. Bluehost Business Review in Provo, UT - Utah BBB: A+
  341., L.L.C. Review - WEB HOSTING SERVICES in Houston, TX - BBB Business Review - BBB serving Greater Houston and South Texas: A+
  342. Oracle: Java's worst enemy | Application Development - InfoWorld
  343. OS X app that can open WriteNow docs? - MacNN Forums (No?)
  344. OS X app that can open WriteNow docs? (II) - MacNN Forums
  345. - Why does my Spotlight index get corrupted? - Apple - Stack Exchange
  346. CDT/designs/StaticAnalysis - Eclipsepedia
  347. What Went Wrong with Static Analysis? | The Code Curmudgeon
  348. Basic Instructions - Basic Instructions - How to Give Somebody the Respect They Deserve (Treo & Steve Jobs)
  349. Dilbert: Substance over Style
  350. TidBITS Networking: Converting Email from Eudora: Why I No Longer Live at the P.O.
  351. How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents o reghardware
  352. Protecting Your Mac From the Certificate Compromise -- ps Enable
  353. TidBITS Problem Solving: Beware Lion's Versions Bug on Network and Non-HFS+ Volumes
  354. Knowledge Is Everything: Java Code Quality Tools - Overview [Free only]
  355. What's Bugging the Android Market? |
  356. Reinhard Kahle, “The Universal Set and Diagonalization in Frege Structures,”
  357. Barbican exhibition: OMA/Progress
  358. Update: Transformer Fire at Alcatel-Lucent (Bell Labs) Injures Two - New Providence, NJ Patch
  359. What Went Wrong with Static Analysis? The Code Curmudgeon
  360. ToT Clang / LLVM in Xcode Wade's Blog
  361. Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS | The Verge
  362. Sparks but no flame: Pianist Dejan Lazic at Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater (Washington Post)
  363. Static Source Code Analysis Tools for C
  364. Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 11
  365. The Apostrophe Protection Society
  366. Archived: Bibliography: Set Theory with a Universal Set
  367. Time Machine - Troubleshooting C12. "The Backup disk image ... sparsebundle ... is already in use."
  368. Macworld/iWorld 2014 Best of Show winners | Macworld
  369. Isaac Asimov: Visit to the World's Fair of 2014 (1964)
  370. Downtown Palo Alto residents seek relief from train noise: Palo Alto Weekly Online
  371. Sparks but no flame: Pianist Dejan Lazic at Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater (Washington Post)
  372. ios 8 calendar list view | Apple Support Communities
  373. The 12 Days of Swiftmas by Jacob Bandes-Storch
  374. TidBITS: How to Change the Font in Messages in Yosemite
  375. Can I increase the minimum font size of text when reading html messages in (in Mavericks and later)? - Ask Different
  376. - Is it possible to have different font sizes for editing and message actually sent? - Ask Different
  377. Universal Mailer: missing plugin for, Tired of setting over and over the font of your emails
  378. Apple has lost the functional high ground –
  379. Chilling Effects
  380. Brandanschlag: „Wer die MOPO angreift, greift ganz Hamburg an“ | Polizei - Hamburger Morgenpost
  381. Arson attack: "Anyone who attacks the MOPO, modeling itself Hamburg" | Police - Hamburger Morgenpost (Ich bin Charlie Hamburger)
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