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PalmHack VII

PalmHack VII, at the 2005 PalmSource Developer Conference.

PalmHack VI

PalmHack VI, at the 2004 PalmSource Developer Conference.

PalmHack V

For PalmHack V, alias The PalmSource Developer Challenge, see

PalmHack IV Winners

Thanks to our sponsors, some of whom supported us when we were still highly unofficial: LandWare, Extended Technology, Handspring, WaveLink, and Symbol. Thanks also to Gabe and Maurice for officializing us, and to Jesse Donaldson for advice. Thanks most of all to the developers who complained: Ed Keyes, Sanjay Vakil, Andrew Toth, and Glen Aspelagh.

Winners: If you didn't get your prize in person, please email me your snail mail address.

The fourth annual PalmHack programming contest is hereby announced. Entries need not be HackMaster Hacks, and will be judged on the basis of frivolity, originality, and hackishness. Entries must be emailed to before 1 AM PST on the last day of PalmSource, December 15th; entries including hardware which cannot be emailed must be demoed in the PalmSource Lab by 10 PM, Thursday December 14th. The top two prizes are restricted to PalmSource attendees, and entries must have been written during PalmSource.The judges will be Kenneth Albanowski, JB Parrett, David Kammer, , and Bruce Thompson. Prizes include:
  • A Symbol SPT 1740 with WaveLink Studio 5-user license
  • A Handspring Prism
  • Three LandWare GoType keyboards
  • Two LandWare goVox voice recorders
  • Pocket Palette by Extended Technology Systems
Results will be announced during the 8:30 AM keynote session on Friday, and at