Moving Image Archival Resources
Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), an excellent organization for all interested in moving image preservation, access, and cataloging. AMIA publishes a newsletter and The Moving Image, a professional journal. Its annual conference (the next one happens November 2005 in Austin) is a must-attend for anyone who works with archival moving image material, whether custodian or user., a primary access point for those seeking archival or stock footage. Contains searchable databases for many film sources, excellent reference pages and links offers a newswire of current events in the field.
The National Film Preservation Board website contains links to many archives and moving image resources. Pam Wintle and I currently represent AMIA on the Board.

The Prelinger Collection at the Internet Archive

My spouse Megan Shaw Prelinger's homepage (includes the Landscape Coin Project site)
My father Ernst Prelinger's "utterances and mutterances" (under construction)
Cousins Isabel Förster und Daniel Prelinger
Robert L. Shaw, Architect
Cousins Ligorano/Reese & PureProducts USA
Cousin Nora Ligorano & Lost Link Design

Geoff Alexander and the Academic Film Archive of North America
Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life
Craig Baldwin's Other Cinema
Brian Balogh
Diane Bertolo
Howard Besser
Blast Books
Bolerium Books
Brodsky & Treadway
Christine Bush
Judith E. Bush
Denise Caruso
Center for Home Movies
The Center for Land Use Interpretation
Karen Ciccone & People of the Pavement
Margaret Crimmins & Dog Bark Sound
Carmaig de Forest
Keller Easterling's "High Line" site
Eli Edwards
Skip Elsheimer, AV Geek and expert on 1960s-1980s educational media
Footage Farm
Jenna Freedman
Richard Gehr
Kenny Goldsmith
DeeDee Halleck
Alan Henney
Rod Hewitt
Steev Hise
Shannon Holman
Hughs Ominous Valve Works
International Bird Rescue Research Center
Internet Archive Staff
Miranda July
Roger Manley & Peter Friedman: Mana -- Beyond Belief
Ron Mann & Sphinx Productions
Harry Marnell
Caroline Martel
Carrie McLaren & Illegal Art
Carrie McLaren & Stay Free!
The Stay Free! celebration of SUVs
Irene Moon
Beatrice Murch
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Northeast Historic Film
Trevor Paglen
Sara Parker
Stephen Parr & Oddball Film+Video
Roz Payne
People Like Us
Vanessa Renwick & Oregon Department of Kick Ass
David Rumsey
San Francisco Cinematheque
Schoyer's Books
Semiconductor Films
Shaping San Francisco
Ken Smith
Keith Sanborn
Brian Springer's essential documentary Spin
Scott Stark
Bob Stein & Night Kitchen
Dwight Swanson
Parker Thompson
Jeff Ubois
Rob Walker
Bart Weiss and the Dallas Video Festival
Jessamyn West
Whispered Media
Wholesome Goodness Productions
Winton/duPont Films



July 27, 2005