Prelinger Archives: Stock Footage Information

Getty Images is the stock footage sales representative for clips from Prelinger Archives. Some quick facts:

  • Getty Images only licenses CLIPS from films, NOT entire films. For entire films, contact Prelinger Archives.

  • Nearly 5,000 clips from Prelinger Archives are available for licensing on the Getty Images site, but not every clip from every film can be found there. To see Prelinger clips, simply type "prelinger" into the search box. Contact a sales rep (see below for contact information) if you do not easily find the clip you are seeking.

  • Getty Images charges a fee to license use of the clips. As part of the license grant, Getty Images indemnifies its licensees against claims for copyright infringment relating to copyright of the footage clip. Getty Images will also provide the clips in broadcast-quality format.

  • Pricing for licenses will depend upon your specific usage. If you'd like to see Getty Images' price list for your use, you can look at pricing of other Prelinger clips available within the Archive Films collection on


    Getty Images Contact Information

    For North America, please call 1-800-IMAGERY (1-800-462-4379). For other offices, please visit the website and follow the "Contact Us" link.

    Worldwide email address:



    Q. If films on Prelinger's website or Internet Archive are in the public domain, why do I have to pay for them?

    A. Prelinger Archives allows free access to many (but not all) films from their collection on the Internet Archive site. However, the Internet Archive does not provide written permission to use any material, and the user therefore assumes all risk when repurposing Prelinger footage. By way of contrast, when you license Prelinger clips from Getty Images, Getty Images will indemnify you against claims for copyright infringement relating to copyright in the footage clip. Getty Images charges for this service.


    To License Prelinger Archives Clips found on

    Please email with the following information for each clip needed. The illustration below shows where the information can be located:

    1. Film title
    2. Timecode In
    3. Timecode Out
    4. Description of Clips (e.g., woman singing and dancing while man plays piano)