Sport utility vehicle drivers in Park Slope were given an unpleasant surprise last weekend: parking tickets. These were no ordinary parking tickets, however-no fines were levied. And the violations included "Polluting twice as much as regular cars," "Increasing U.S. reliance on foreign oil" and "Sloth."

The parking tickets were distributed in conjunction with a curious new crop of traffic signs. The signs, which read "NO SUV PARKING," were erected Saturday night, December 15, throughout Park Slope. Shortly after the signs were posted, over 600 vehicles within the vicinity were served with tickets.

The tickets and traffic signs were created by Public Works, a Park Slope collective concerned about the hazards of SUVs. For example:

A spokesperson for Public Works said the group hopes to encourage SUV drivers to think about how their vehicles impact the larger community. "But our primary audience is less SUV drivers than the people who may hear about this project second- or third-hand," she said. "If we can prevent even one Park Slope driver from buying an SUV, we'll consider it a success."

Public Works has created a bulletin board, where ticket recipients can leave feedback.


"Every increase of one mile per gallon in auto fuel efficiency yields more oil than is in two Arctic National Wildlife Refuges. An improvement right now of 2.7 miles per gallon would eliminate our need for all Persian Gulf oil."--Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., New York Times, November 24, 2001