Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 264

Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 264

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Here's the information we found on 13th-century Welsh names starting with "R" that are not "Rhodri."

There is documentation on 13th-century Welsh names on the Web; you can check it at

According to this list, the most common "R" names are Ririd, also spelled "Ryryd" "Rerid" and "Ryrid" Reys (modern "Rhys"), also spelled "Reis" and "Res" Robert

Other "R" names of which we have examples are

We are fairly sure that 13th-century people also used

"Last names" weren't inherited family names as they are today. Most Welsh last names were patronymics (names that mean "son of...") and were of the form "ap <father>." The most common men's names starting with "T" are

The only non-patronymic name we could think of is "Talennyatur," which means "harper."

Combining the two most common elements, you could form the name "Ririd ap Tegwaret." Many other combinations are also possible.

Tangwystl verch Morgant Glasvryn, Arval D'Espas Nord, Talan Gwynek, and Zenobia Naphtali contributed to this letter.

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