Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 797

Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 797

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Some of the Academy's early reports contain errors that we haven't yet corrected. Please use it with caution.

Greetings from the Academy of Saint Gabriel!

You asked us about the name <Phalen> or <Phelan> as a name of Irish origin in the 6th-14th centuries:

This appears to be an American name derived from <O/ Faoláin> [1]. The spelling <Phalen> is unlikely before 1300, but the spellings <Fáelán> or <Faolán> should be fine.

For the middle of the time period you asked about, a name of the form <Fáelán mac X> (where X is the father's name) would be fine, as would a nickname <Fáelán Ruad>, that is "Faelan the Red".

We hope this has been helpful, and that we can continue to assist you.

Arval Benicouer, and Talan Gwynek contributed to this letter.

In service,
--Walraven van Nijmegen
Academy of S. Gabriel

[1] Edward MacLysaght. "The Surnames of Ireland"

Irish Academic Press Ltd., Dublin, 1985.