Links I Use A Lot


 Grown-Up Stuff      Computer Games

  ICARUS a journal
  PSI (Tucson) an Institute
  Carol's Home Page


  Gone Gold new releases site
  Current Favourite Icewind Dale II
  Everything else is on my games page.

 Shopping      Technology

  Barnes and Noble where I buy books'n'stuff
  Pricewatch (PC hardware)
  J and R Overpriced, rude NY store
  ThinkGeek Cheap Jolt, expensive toys


  geek dot com more good reviews
  bargain PDA a good PDA site
  Tom's Hardware good reviews etc.
  Sharky Extreme a bit out there


  Maik Ozarowski has a cool Games Place
  and Joe Mac wants to kill your bandwidth


  Not sure what to put here.

 News      Miscellaneous

  The BBC jolly good.
  The Onion jolly funny.


  Good old GOOGLE
  Linux Doc
  IMDB Internet Movie Database
  CDDB C.D. Database

   "Ah! but it was something to have at least a choice of nightmares." - Joseph Conrad