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Selected Publications

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Acorn User May 2000

Papers (see end for book covers)

[20] Cointegration and Asset Allocation: A New Active Hedge Fund Strategy Carol Alexander, Ian Giblin and Wayne Weddington III, Research in International Business and Finance 16, pp 65-90, 2002.

[19] Deep Impact (s/t "Ian Giblin analyses explosions"), Acorn User magazine, 220, 18-22, 2000. Not exactly a peer-review journal but this turned out to be a very nice article, complete with colour pictures!

[18] A Laboratory Impact Study of Simulated Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Objects, E.V. Ryan, D.R. Davis, I. Giblin, Icarus (special issue on Catastrophic Disruption V meeting), 142, pp. 56-62, 1999.

[17] Experimental Studies Of The Fragmentation of Simulated Kuiper Belt Objects, E.V. Ryan, D.R. Davis, I. Giblin, LPSC XXIX, abstract only, 1998.

[16] Impact Ejecta Rotational Bursting as a Mechanism for Producing Stable Ida-Dactyl Systems, I. Giblin, J-M. Petit and P. Farinella, Icarus 132, pp 43-52, 1998.

[15] The properties of fragments from catastrophic disruption events, I. Giblin, G. Martelli, P. Farinella, P. Paolicchi, M. Di Martino, P.N. Smith. Icarus 134, pp 77-112, 1998.

[14] New Data on the Velocity-Mass Relation in Catastrophic Disruption, Ian Giblin, Planetary and Space Science 46 no. 8, pp921-928, 1998.

[13] Tumbling Fragments from Experiments Simulating Asteroidal Catastrophic Disruption, Ian Giblin and Paolo Farinella, Icarus 127, pp 424-430, 1997.

[12] Low-temperature luminescence properties of CaSO4:Dy, J.H. Barkyoumb, V.K. Mathur, A.C. Lewandowski, A. Tookey, P.D. Townsend, I. Giblin, J. Luminescence 72-74, p. 629-632, 1997.

[11] Laboratory Disruption Experiments, I.Giblin, (Review Paper) Presented at Planetary Science: First Italian Meeting in Bormio, Italy, January 21-28 1996. Proceedings published by Alenia Spazio.

[10] Spectral Signature Of Satellite Fragments Re-Entering The Earth's Atmosphere: A Laboratory Simulaton, M.Coradini, I.Giblin, G.Martelli, P.N.Smith, A.J.Woodward, Planetary and Space Science 42 no. 6, pp. 441-446, 1994.

[9] High Velocity and Hypervelocity Impact Experiments: A Tool To Simulate Asteroidal Catastrophic Collisions, I.Giblin, G.Martelli and M.Di Martino, Presented at the XIX General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society in Grenoble, France, April 1994. (Invited Review) Abstract published in Annales Geophysicae 12, supplement III, p. C680, 1994.

[8] Simulation of Hypervelocity Impacts Using a Contact Charge, I.Giblin, G.Martelli, P.N.Smith, M. Di Martino, Planetary & Space Science 42 no. 6, pp. 1027-1030, 1994.

[7] Catastrophic Disruption Experiments: Recent Results, G.Martelli, E.V.Ryan, A.M.Nakamura and I.Giblin, Planetary & Space Science 42 no. 6, pp. 1013-1026, 1994.

[6] Field Fragmentation of Macroscopic Targets Simulating Asteroidal Catastrophic Collisions, I.Giblin, G.Martelli, P.N.Smith, A.Cellino, M.Di Martino, V.Zappalá, P.Farinella, P.Paolicchi, Icarus 110, pp. 203-224, 1994.

[5] Fragment Jets from Catastrophic Break-Up Events and the Formation of Asteroid Binaries and Families, G.Martelli, P.Rothwell, I.Giblin, P.N.Smith, M.Di Martino, P.Farinella, Astronomy & Astrophysics 271, 315-318, 1993.

[4] Multivariate Embedding Methods: Forecasting High-Frequency Data in the First INFFC, C.O.Alexander and I.Giblin, in Nonlinear Financial Forecasting - Proceedings of the First INFFC, R.B.Caldwell (Ed.), Finance & Technology Publishing, ISBN 0-9651332-1-4,1997.

[3] A Statistical Evaluation of Volatility Forecasting Models, C.O.Alexander, I.Giblin, P.Williams, presented at the 1995 RISK Conference on Advanced Methodologies and Practical Applications of Forecasting, Hedging and Trading Volatility, New York, March 27-28, 1995, in press.

[2] Chaos In The System?, C.O.Alexander, I.Giblin, RISK vol. 7 no. 3, pp 71-76, 1994.

[1] Searching for Chaos in Financial Markets, C.O.Alexander, I.Giblin, University of Sussex Mathematics Research Report 93-24, 1994.

[0] Development and Use of Software for the Analysis of Hypervelocity Impact Experiments, I.Giblin, Ph.D. thesis, University of Sussex, 1994. Online here for the truly dedicated.

Book Covers ...I just did the computer graphics art work.

[a] Fractals: Non-Integral Dimensions and Applications by G. Cherbit

[b] Pure Maths by R. C. Solomon

[c] Computers in the Mathematics Curriculum, um... does this book even exist any more?

[d] Computerised Environmental Modelling, by Hardisty, Taylor and Metcalfe

[e] Plus others! I just can't remember them or find my copies. Oh well.

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