Take the Red Guide Challenge!

This form will help me categorize and better present information to the readers of the Red Guide. Please be sure to include your name; I may call you over the phone to verify the information.

    Factual Questions

  1. What is the full name of your agency?
  2. What is the street address of your principal office in the New York area?
  3. What is the phone number of this office?
  4. What is the primary fax number of this office?
  5. Please write your name so that I can call and verify the information.
  6. Do you have other branches in the area?
  7. Are you affiliated with other agencies or placement services?
  8. Do you have a World Wide Web page?
  9. Do you have an email address?
  10. What are the five currently most demanded jobs? (Adapted from BEAP questions.)
    1. Length:
      Client (optional): Hourly Wage: $
    2. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $
    3. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $
    4. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $
    5. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $

    Agency Procedures

    (Please stay within the text boxes. If you need to say more, please use the "Comments" section at the bottom.)
  11. What is the standard procedure when a temp applies for work?
  12. How long can a temp expect to wait for a first assignment? Between assignments?
  13. How do you screen registered temps to decide which ones to send out? (Adapted from BEAP questions.)
  14. Is there a procedure for a temp to wait in your office on standby? Do you pay temps for standby?
  15. Do you offer on-site timesheet pickup for major clients?
  16. Do you offer direct deposit of payroll checks?
  17. Do you offer free check cashing at your bank?
  18. Do you offer any of the following benefits?
    Medical: Dental: Paid vacation: Transportation: Entertainment allowance:
    Bonus (not including referral bonuses): Matching contributions:
  19. How do you inform temps of their rights and responsibilities? What resources are available if a temp feels confused, abused or trapped? (Adapted from BEAP questions.)

    Agency Policies and Priorities

  20. What is distinctive about your agency?
  21. How do you view the role of the temp agency in the employment market?
  22. What are the five most important characteristics you look for in a temp?
  23. What is your best advice for a qualified prospective temp?
  24. Most job seekers seek permanent, benefited work. Do you aid this segment in attaining their goal? If so, specifically how? (Adapted from BEAP questions.)
  25. Of your temps who desired permanent work, what percentage found it last year
    (a) at one of your client firms?
    (b) in other firms?
    (Adapted from BEAP questions.)
  26. Any other comments?

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