The Red Guide to Temp Agencies

Review Form

If you get work with one of these agencies, or any other, please send me a review. Even if you feel you have nothing to add to a review, it would be helpful for statistical purposes. I eventually hope to publish a list of the ten best-liked and ten least-liked agencies, and I'll need as many responses as possible to make sure that it's fair. It will help if you use the following form in your review.

Note: This form is for temps. Agencies, please use this form.

  • Agency name (branch if appropriate):
  • Address:

  • Phone number:
  • Fax number:
  • How long has it been since you first registered with this agency?
  • How long did you wait for your first assignment?
    Between assignments?
  • What are the last five jobs you've had with this agency, starting with the most recent? (If you don't find one of the jobs on the list, please mention this in the Comments section.)
    1. Length:
      Client (optional): Hourly Wage: $ Typical:
    2. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $ Typical:
    3. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $ Typical:
    4. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $ Typical:
    5. Length:
      Client: Hourly Wage: $ Typical:
  • Tests given:
  • Payroll policies:
    Does the agency offer on-site timesheet pickup for major clients?
    Does the agency offer direct deposit of payroll checks?
    Does the agency offer free check cashing at its bank?
  • Benefits:
    Medical: Dental: Paid vacation: Transportation (for example, TransitCheks or car service): Entertainment allowance:
    Bonus (not including referral bonuses): Matching contributions:
  • Comments (please be specific, and bear in mind that personal attacks will not be posted):
  • Name of reporter (optional):
  • Reporter's email (optional):

  • Original form and CGI by Ezra Story with modifications by Angus Grieve-Smith
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