The Red Guide to Temp Agencies

First- and Third-Tier Agencies

Michael Ahern ( has contributed the data which formed the basis for the search database. Here's what he has to say about it:

[This] was taken from the Powerfinder PhoneDisc of June '95 and it is a big list. My two cent contribution to temps is as follows...

I see three tiers of agencies.

The first advertise in the NY Times and have large client bases, large advertising budgets, and processes temps like cattle every Monday morning. Extremely steady work if you ace the Qwiz test, type 65 wpm, and hit the lottery with one of the counselors minutes after he/she received a big order from a client.

The second can be found in the Yellow pages but generally do not advertise in the papers. Let's face it; these days if you have work to dole out someone is already waiting in line for it. No need for high budget Sunday Times ads. Your odds are better here if it's not a slow week.

Thirdly, and this is the largest group, there are small agencies with fewer clients, fewer temps, and no advertising budget. A good temp has the best chance of standing out at one of these agencies. An average/poor temp will do less well here because with a small client base the agency needs a reputation of quality to grow.

I believe the database is a resource in that third tier agencies can be found therein. There is a huge, hidden, word of mouth job market buried somewhere in that list.

Search the database.

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