Welcome to SignSynth


SignSynth is a pilot program currently under development which allows interactive synthesis of signed languages using VRML (now known as Web3D) and Perl. This is a SignSynth demo site.

To view VRML/Web3D files, you need to download a browser such as Cortona or FreeWRL.

The Fingerspelling Module can fingerspell any word which uses the Roman alphabet. It currently has no support for coarticulation or loan signs.

The Multi-Hold ASCII-Stokoe Conversion Module can generate many signs using Stokoe parameters.

The ASCII-Stokoe Interpreter can take actual Stokoe notation (as in the Dictionary of American Sign Language), as well as ad hoc Facial and Body Parameters.

The SignSynth Home Page is at http://www.panix.com/~grvsmth/signsynth/.

SignSynth comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU Public License for details.

SignSynth is created by Angus B. Grieve-Smith. Questions or comments? Email me: grvsmth@panix.com.