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bullfrog song  this is a 'let's just play it' type of recording, and on this one, as on many others, my dearest friend, Jim Cahill, [1958 - 1992, be in joy, my beautiful friend], a brilliant songwriter himself, accompanied me on vocals..

By the way, every song on this page/site is a totally free download or listen. 
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Click Here for Avocado Sunset

 My recordings are home demos.  Most were done in the late 20th
Century, although I may put some much older material up from time to time.

I've put up 11 of my songs here, for free, no strings (but you might want broadband like DSL or cable to download/listen to them), because more space was allocated to each panix account, but I can't figure out yet how to link additional separate description pages and lyrics for each song.
My 6th "featured" song (of the 11 songs on this site), as of May 11, 2009, is called Avocado Sunset.  It's a very old song, written probably in '73, '74, or '75, but this recording was done in the same session as Mitten of Love. 

As I listen to it, I'm not certain whether John (Fay, musician extroardinaire) was adding a little bass guitar, or whether the bass I hear is the vibration of my thumb constantly on the low E string of my guitar.  This is one song, I think, that's really studio quality in terms of sound and performance, so I like this recording quite a lot, and it doesn't hurt that I love the song, too.  :-)

It's my thunb.  John mixed my vocal tracks brilliantly.  This version is interesting because I completely omitted the chorus, which added depth, but also weight, to the song.  It was a good decision to leave it out.

(It does make me wistful about all the ones that never got recorded.)

So, please join me in the avocado sunset, which is a sort of eternal, lovely summer.

The fifth featured song (although there are many here I didn't bother to "feature" because web editing is a PITA) is called Mitten of Love, for all you hopeless romantics (and narcissists).  The recording was <gasp> made in an actual musicians' rehearsal building.  The reason the sound quality is better is that I was assisted by a fine musician by the name of John Fay, who also plays bass guitar on this song, if memory serves.  So, I hope this is OK with you, John - I'm not getting paid so there are no royalties to share, and I have no idea where you are now. 

I think I wrote this in '81, living in an SRO in NY (and I wish I were back there now because anything is better than where I'm at).  I had a little fun with some of the lyrics, but I am enthralled by the rest of it.

Oh, and for the record, it's not "as God is one to do", it's "as God is wont to do."  I was being semi-sarcastic, if it shows in my vocals (different beliefs back then).  But I was quite sincere with the lyrics of the bridge (or whatever they call it) which is the different portion that comes after the first verses.  Because, as are so many of my songs, it's all about me.

If you give it a listen, I hope you'll like it. 

 My email is: gsk at panix dot com

I hope you'll enjoy it.  It's only a demo, certainly hasn't got the polish of a studio recording, but presentation wasn't my focus so much as experimentation was.  And..... I'll see you on the other side of the Sun.  :-)


hportrait of the sun

You may have to get past the impression that my '88-'92 stuff all sounds like dirges.  I suppose they are dirges (and anyway, I like 'em!).H