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April 2001, Photo Credits: The S.K. &  Ms. K.M.

Gail Sandra Klein is a practicing astrologer with over twenty-five years of study and experience. Does astrology eventually drive one mad? Perhaps Gail was wondering just that, when the photo above was taken. She was based in New York City, where she served on the board of the NYC Chapter NCGR for three years as an Associate, initially catalogued the Branch Library, and has been published in the NYC NCGR Newsletter, among other astrological newsletters, around the USA.

Gail specializes in natal astrological counseling and problem-solving; relationship astrology; and electional astrology. Gail also practices horary astrology, and event astrology.  But Gail is currently on hiatus.

Gail practices in the western tropical system, and uses methods ranging from those of William Lilly, and his forbears, to the Ebertins'. In 1998, Gail created the usenet newsgroup, alt.astrology.moderated, which has provided a relatively safe haven for astrologers and students to discuss astrology openly in public.

If you are interested in contacting Gail to provide feedback pertaining to her articles, or to ask general questions, or to inquire about readings and consultations, please click on "Home", and then click on "Write to Gail".  Please note that only mail received from verifiable ISP email accounts can be considered for review and reply; sorry, no gmail, yahoo, or hotmail, etc.

As the site develops, there will of course be more articles, images and, hopefully, a few of Gail's songs on MP3 files.

Every correspondent is a V(ery) I(mportant) P(erson) to Gail, and is treated accordingly. There is no greater pleasure than to connect with the beautiful souls on the path of astrological study, and to be so well met. Thank you, once again, for visiting Gail's AstroWorks.

[Edit, February 18, 2012 - Spurred By Stalker's Access To, & Tampering With, Gail's Web Pages, Via Hacking Onto Her Computer.]

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