KEEP MOVING - experimental film.

In a succession of still photograph and moving images, two characters walk, run and gaze across an industrial-looking street-end over which trains pass constantly. No motivation is given for their actions, nor is any definitive direction or conclusion reached.

Rather, by only slight varying repetition of actions and sounds relating to leaving the frame, attention is focused on the nature of the framed image and our imaginative impulses to believe in a "world" beyond the film frame.

10:00 minutes © 1984
B&W and color/optical sound; 16mm

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What people have said

“Striking and imaginative...Metcalfe’s...use of sound and image is original and clever, displaying an instinctive understanding and control of the film medium.”

- Raymond Brazil, 2SER Radio, Australia, 1985

Writer, director, editor: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
Cast: Geraldine Foley and Mandy Mullen
Camera: Lorraine Stacey
Oxberry camera: Lorraine Stacey, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
Sound recordist: David Lucas
Sound engineer: Trevor John

Keep Moving was made with generous funding from The Women’s Film Fund, Australian Film Commission
and with the support of The Australian Film and Television School

Selected Screenings:
XFR Collective: (Art)Work from Home
Tampere Festival, Finland
Experi Festival, Bonn, Germany
Montecatini Mostra International di Cinema, Italy
Black Maria Film Festival, USA
Baltimore International Film Festival
Sydney Film Festival, Australia
Melbourne Film Festival, Australia
WNET/Thirteen—INDEPENDENT FOCUS series, New York

Director’s Choice award, Black Maria Film Festival
Finalist, Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
Finalist, Greater Union Awards, Sydney International Film Festival, Australia
Third Prize, Experimental, Baltimore International Film Festival, USA

Film Makers Cooperative (USA)
Lux Centre for Film, Video and Digital Arts (UK)