Wedding Pictures

These are some snapshots taken by a friend of ours, Mike Bergman. We still haven't ordered the "real" pictures from the photographer yet, but here's an early peek...

This is a great picture of my "little" brother David, all set to give me away. I know he's been dying to for years. My brother, David.

David, my matron of honor Beth, and I went to the church from my mother's house in a horse-drawn carriage. Here David and the photographer are helping me and my train step out in front of the church. stepping out of the carriage.

Here I am just starting to step out of the carriage, David is on guard. "Cheeze it! the cops!!!". stepping out of the carriage2.

The three of us pose together, before going in. the three of us.

Me and my new husband standing together next to the altar, our witnesses are signing the license and parish registry off-camera. stepping out of the carriage.

The reception line is over, a quick smooch... stepping out of the carriage.

Brian and I fling (chocolate) gold coins to the crowd just before riding off into the sunset (towards my mothers house & reception). I think I may have watched Sense and Sensibility a few too many times. stepping out of the carriage.

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