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NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Tue Jan 5 08:53:57 EST 1999
DEAR MR.SCOTT JOHNSON, is it possible for da88 ver.4 to be operated from rs422 from the workstation in order to locate togeather with running as slave to time code from a vtr.as found rs422 take precedence from chase mode & either of the chase/rs422 operate.to locate & chase have to be press every time as the last command.ideally rs422 should operate,while in normal play chase should take over.any modification to da88 is possible.also are both rs422 & midi tc possible which is at present either/or. please guide. with best regards, nikhil
Scott Nelson snelson@ecentral.com Wed Dec 30 21:21:35 EST 1998
Any one having difficulty using multiple DA88s with the new Mackie digital 8 bus? I arm all tracks on any machine past #1 and assign a signal to a track,distortion is on another track. For example record on track 9 get distortion on 14, rec 10 dist 13, rec 11 dist 16, rec 12 dist 15. We were able to swap the console and all cabling with no luck. We have narrowed the problem down to the DA88s by substituting some DA88s version 4 (ours are 3.1) the problem disappears. Even using just one version 4 machine anywhere in the chain takes care of the problem. Tascam sent software updates for our DA88s and SY88 so I installed those but we still get the problem. The problem does not show up on machine 1 regardless of which specific unit we use as mach 1, only on machs 2, 3 etc. Any other differences between the current version 4 machines and ours which are about 3 yrs old?
Steve Orich steverino@earthlink.net Sun Dec 27 17:01:47 EST 1998
IF-88AE for Sale. AES/EBU SPDIF Interface unit for DA-88 series. Email if you're interested.
riccardo reiky@tin.it Mon Dec 21 07:33:25 EST 1998
hello, the second question is : -I succesfully synced the PCM 800 with pc cubase through the opcode studio 64 xtc, via MMC/MTC. I succesfully synced my consumer VCR with the sequencer via SMPTE striping. I can't succesfully sync the whole thing: I tried with wordclock between the studio 64 xtc and PCM 800, with video from the VCR to the PCM 800, toggling between settigs of ABS and TC time on the PCM 800, sendig to it also the SMPTE signal (it recieves the signal, I've seen it on the DIFF display). Any dip switch setting needed? Or what else?

I've lost my PCM 800 manual, and also the little faith I had in multinational corporate help, since Sony doesn't care answerin' me.

GRAZIE e ciao a tutti.

riccardo reiky@tin.it Mon Dec 21 07:29:50 EST 1998
hello to everybody, and many thanx + a picture of my cousin Filomena to all the people who can help me and my Sony PCM 800:

- there are two 25 pin connectors for digital aes ebu I/O, but I plan to buy a Yamaha O3D digital mixer which has only one for both ins and outs. Are they compatible? which kinda cable is requested? where can I find one, or at least a diagram of it?

GRAZIE e ciao a tutti.

Paul Intson paul.intson@sympatico.ca Fri Dec 18 13:33:33 EST 1998
I am looking to extend the RC848 cable by attaching a 15 pin extension (female-male). After many hours of examining the cables for continuity, I have yet to find the hidden bug in completing what seems to be a very simple task. Is there a hidden device in the RC848 cable that completes the connection or should I simply check in to a clinic somewhere?
John Monnecka Monnecka@home.com Mon Dec 14 18:52:10 EST 1998
Anyone have a SY88 sync card for sale?? Anyone know if there is another cheap alternative or 3rd party card made other than the digital timpice?? I just got the motu 2408 but it will be usless to me I guess without the sync card...damn!! I was led to believe by sales people that the sy88 was not needed for what i want to use it for ...WRONG....haha Please Email me if you have something for sale!! Thanks!!

Rodrigo Martínez C. goyo@ctcreuna.cl Wed Dec 2 16:53:57 EST 1998

I'm plained to buy 2 DA-38 but I need to know how can I sync this recording with my fostex analog multitrack. Can I sync via MMC with MMC-32 interface.

Dan McKinney danshouse@pil.net Sat Nov 28 13:31:04 EST 1998
My DA88s have needed the heads replaced every 200 hours since I bought them used with only 30 hours on them. So far, each machine has had the heads replaced twice. I use Maxell HMBQ tape, which a friend of mine uses for his DA88s, which he purchased at the same time, and from the same distributor as I did, and he gets close to 2000 hours on his heads. My machines are in a clean, dry room , his are run in his unfinished, somewhat dank basement. Anybody got any suggestions?
Ian Fisher ian@yeolands.demon.co.uk Sat Nov 28 11:21:12 EST 1998
I've just bought an SY-88 board. Any tips as to the correct fitting? What cable is used to connect to the RS422 port?
Yonas Gorfe Y.G.Gorfe@telecome.net.et Fri Nov 20 00:27:08 EST 1998
I am cubase VST user and DA-38 owner. I'm going to start hard disc recording soon. At the same time I like to hook-up my DA-38 with my PC by using Aark (Ardvand) TDIF: 8 channel Digital Interface card. Since the card will cost me over 500 USD I want to be dead sure if this is the best way to go. Any advise? Yonas.
Helwin Hinke hinke@via.at Thu Nov 19 16:13:33 EST 1998
What do you think about the differences between the DA-88 and the DA-98 ? Is it worth the price difference? Is there a possibility to record 24 bit? Thanx in advance, Helwin
Kevin O'Brien jkobrien@bellsouth.net Thu Nov 19 15:09:29 EST 1998
What's it Worth? I have an opportunity to buy a DA-88 with the following specs: 126 hrs on drum sys soft ver. 3.3 Servo soft ver 2.2 SY-88 ver 3.6

I have used this particular unit for a project, and it performed very well. It has very, very minor cosmetic damage, and when it begins to rewind (during the slow part) it makes a sound that makes me think that it sure has rewound a lot of tape, but not that anything is wrong. I wish I could explain it better, but I can't. It seems to be in good health and form. Anybody care to put a price on it for me? thanks

GeorgeH georgeh@msu.edu Wed Nov 18 13:31:50 EST 1998
Neel: was the DA-38 working OK as a slave previously? If so is it possible that the ID has changed on the DA-88?
Neel Bhatia neel@bom5.vsnl.net.in Wed Nov 18 01:40:00 EST 1998
We have a DA-38 locked to a DA-88. However since the last few days, we are getting the E Clock message on the DA-38. This machine is being recognised as machine 2 on the remote. The moment we change the ID select on the 38 to 1 the message dissapears. Help !!!! We have a session in a day and are really stuck because of this.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Mark Williams tothet@yahoo.com Sat Nov 14 12:15:26 EST 1998
I have 1 DA 88 and no SY 88 sync card. However, I do a lot of postscoring and need to be able to lock the DA 88 and Digital Performer together without burning a track with SMPTE.

Would a MOTU Digital Timepiece be a better route for locking all my devices now (and future gear) than purchasing an SY88 card.

From what I understand the SY88 card is not necessary if you have the MOTU Digital Timepiece. do you eliminate the need to burn a track of SMPTE with the timepiece (the same way you do with the sy88)????? HELP!! thanks a lot!


Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Tue Nov 10 19:40:02 EST 1998
Rod: There isn't really any "head alignment" with DA-88's. You can align the tape path (impedance roller, entry guide roller, exit guide roller, and capstan guide) but not the heads themselves.

A simple tape path alignment isn't very time-consuming, and requires no parts, so $300.00 sounds like a pretty high figure. That amount of money would get you more than five hours of labor at our shop.

rod castro rodgreen@hotmail.com Mon Nov 9 22:30:58 EST 1998
I see many people post messages about static pops, and drop outs, my machine was doing the same thing, i had it fixed, turns out the heads needed to be re-aligned. If you know how to do this yourself, do it. I paid over 300 dollars for the job. Theres only ONE authorized Tascam DA-88 repair shop here in Texas, and they charged me for it.
Greg Youngman gy@gymusic.com Mon Nov 2 15:29:20 EST 1998
David: The DA-38 will not chase or write time code. If you're goin to do serious sync-to-picture post production, you'll need at least one DA-88 or DA-98. Also, if you plan on cloning tapes from an 88 to a 38, time code will not be transfered. Major disadvantage.
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Mon Nov 2 12:36:48 EST 1998
For Dietrich Pinnock:

Sorry you're having problems. I've never seen a DA-38 malfunction in that way, so your problem is a very rare one and by no means should imply that the DA-38 is a piece of #&@&#. Since your machine is less than three months old, I'm sure any Tascam authorized service center will be more than happy to remedy the problem for you under warranty, even if you talk to them the way you've written your post. Civility, though, might get you farther in the long run.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service)

Dietrich Pinnock Dpenn@macomp.com Fri Oct 30 15:18:23 EST 1998
I own a couple of 38. The mutha#@@@!* is only 3months old and the fourh channel gives a steady static noise from the tape returns. With this award winning machine you wouldn't expect for it to have problems. Does anyone have an idea of what can be hapening, I would surely appreiciate it.


Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed Oct 28 16:12:05 EST 1998
David, the main difference is that the DA-38 has no sync option, so it can't be upgraded to directly read SMPTE as a DA-88 can. There are other, more subtle differences. The DA-38 is one rack space smaller, has a very efficient switch-mode power supply, and has no cooling fan. The DA-38 head assembly is also brushless, with a second rotary transformer on top of the drum. The DA-38 has more extensive menus than the 88, allowing you to control dither and other useful items directly from the front panel.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (TASCAM Authorized DTRS Service)

David Klotz@us.polygram.com Tue Oct 27 16:26:28 EST 1998
Can someone briefly describe the key differences between the DA-38 and the DA-88 ? I am a musician who would like to own a digital multi-track so the DA-38 seems like an obvious choice, but if I were to do post-production for film / music editing work, will I be missing any integral features?
Pierre Vandoorne pvandoo@idirect.com Wed Oct 21 13:42:41 EDT 1998
I'm working doing foley for an independent short film. Can somebody help me taking me through the steps of seting up the DA-88 so it chases my S-VHS Deck? Thanks!
ed croxford edc@wrld.com Mon Oct 19 15:39:31 EDT 1998
A couple of questions. Did the earlier da88's have a problem sending out mtc. i have an early version of the sy88 card and neither my computer nor the panasonic da7 digital board seem to recognize any mtc coming from the sy88. Its the first version of the card and i'm thinking that's the problem. ANy ideas. Also, i have a chance to buy a used da88 with a sy88 card. What should i be looking at for record head hours? When is the recommened replacement time for head hours.

thanks ed croxford

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Mon Oct 19 12:58:08 EDT 1998
Dubpunk: First thing I'd suggest is upgrading to V4.01 firmware on both the DA-88 and the SY-88. The SY-88 upgrade to 4.01 is a big one, and adds lots of useful features. The DA-88 outputs SMPTE any time it's playing a tape with timecode on it. Behavior with an unstriped tape depends on some menu settings -- it may output nothing, or it may translate ABS time to SMPTE. Check your SY-88 settings against those in the reference manual.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG Atlanta (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service)

dubpunk dub-3@xoommail.com Thu Oct 15 18:36:54 EDT 1998
hiya all ... sitting here with a Tascam DA88 (ver3. sftwre) + SY88 sync board looking at the SMPTE in on the ADAT BRC remote. Trying to persuade DA88 to be master & getting nowhere fast ... am i doing something wrong and does ne1 have experience of this setup ... thanx in advance dub-3@xoommail.com (ps. the smpte light has never flashed and all the frame rates *are* the same =)
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Thu Oct 15 17:46:05 EDT 1998
For Tom Gregson: Tom, I think you'll have no problems at all, provided that you're getting an SY-88 card with the latest V4.01 software on it. The SY-88 can receive and respond to Sony 9-pin control, which is the industry standard...it essentially emulates a VTR when connected to an editor or Avid. In addition, it can respond to MTC/MMC (MIDI Time Code / MIDI Machine Control), and can even act as a code-only master, receiving only SMPTE time code, if necessary. All of the settings can be done via menus in the newer software. The transition should be very easy.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG Atlanta (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service Center)

Tom Gregson gregto@networx.on.ca Wed Oct 14 16:44:35 EDT 1998
We have 1 DA-88, and 2 DA-38's and want to start a post production facility. We have some one who is running a Sony Betacam SP/PVW 2800 and is controlling it with AVID software for editing purposes. We are in the middle of purchasing a SY-88 card for the DA-88. The problem is we are unsure of how to configure the system so that we can slave everything to the AVID system again for editing purposes. If you have any ideas, we would appreciate the help. Tom Gregson
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Fri Oct 9 09:54:35 EDT 1998
For dpunx: It's pretty simple. Just set up your computer to receive MTC and let it chase the DA-88's. Set the SY-88 to output MTC (sourced from either ABS or timecode, your choice) and that should be all you need. It's possible to go the other way, locking the 88's to the computer, but it's needlessly complex...easier to control the system with the DA-88's and let the computer chase.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG Atlanta Tascam DTRS Authorized Service

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Fri Oct 9 09:51:03 EDT 1998
For Christian Freiburghaus: The noise figures you state are definitely unacceptable, even though I don't know your test procedure. Were you using the balanced outputs, and what method did you use to test noise floor?

The DA-38 has a switch-mode power supply, while the DA-88 has a linear supply. This generally results in better stability and efficiency, but can result in noise if the supply filters are faulty or if the supply is misaligned or mismatched to the input voltage and frequency.

I would be very interested in the details of your testing, as I would like to try and reproduce your results here.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG Atlanta Tascam DTRS Authorized Service

dpunx dpunx77@hotmail.com Fri Oct 2 18:33:24 EDT 1998
Hello to everybody. I have a recording studio with 4 DA88 synced. The problems begin when I try to sync them to my PC 'cause it keeps going, sooner or later, out of sync. I plan to record some tracks in the computer, edit them and get'em in sync (if possible) using some program like Cool Edit pro, Sound forge or Sawplus. I tried to sync them in MTC/SMPTE 30non drop, tried many settings in the SY88 but still without results. Any clues?
Christian Freiburghaus freiburghaus@ubaclu.unibas.ch Wed Sep 30 18:00:21 EDT 1998
We have one new DA88 (Version 4) and two new DA38. Due to some noise floor during a mixdown, we measured the S/N ratio of the recorders: Result: DA88 somewhere around -90 dB, DA38 -50dB (both machines). This of course is inacceptable. Did anyone else encounter this problem?
christian buehner onemind@lix.intercom.es Mon Sep 28 22:12:34 EDT 1998
i sell three TASCAM DA 88 recorder one with totally new heads (zero hours) for 3500.-DM (german marks) aprroximatley 2000 us dollars and two other recorders each 2500 DM
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed Sep 23 18:27:22 EDT 1998
Pinout of the RC-848 connector: 1=TX+, 2=TX-, 3=RX+, 4=RX-, 5=TC+, 6=TC-, 7=F-P, 8=F-R 9=WRD, 10=SG, 11=BRK, 12&13=PWR, 14+15=0 Volts

It's a high-speed serial link, basically. Two-way communications go over the bidirectional balanced RS422, ABS time goes out over a separate one-way synchronous link, and word clock and power are carried also. The high-level protocols and data formats are proprietary.

Don't hold me responsible if you get in trouble using this information - it's very, very easy to fry a SYSCON or DSP board by wiring to this connector incorrectly, since none of the inputs or outputs are optoisolated or otherwise protected. Remember, I warned you. :)

--Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (TASCAM DTRS Authorized Service)

NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Tue Sep 22 01:34:24 EDT 1998
Brad Cox bradc360@earthlink.net Fri Sep 18 20:42:45 EDT 1998
Does anyone have the pinout for the RC848/Sync connector?

Also any info on the supporting I/O circuitry would be appreciated.


Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Sun Sep 13 15:20:19 EDT 1998
Nikhil: Okay, here's a list of things to check. First, make sure the solenoid winding isn't intermittent. Replace it -- it's not hard to do, and you lose nothing by trying. Next, make sure the reel slide cam isn't sticky from dirt or from overlubrication. Be sure that the spring on the solenoid pivot arm is in its proper place. It can slip off very easily, and if it's not in place, the solenoid won't engage. Check the mode switch...watch it switch with an oscilloscope, and replace if it's noisy. Finally, check the lever which engages the underside of the left logic cam and pushes the reel slide cam. We've occasionally seen cracks in this arm, which throw it out of alignment. Replace if any cracks are seen. I've never seen a fast wind problem that wasn't cured by one of the above solutions...keep me updated, would you? Thanks...

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (Tascam Authorized DTRS Service)

NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Thu Sep 10 08:57:21 EDT 1998
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Tue Sep 8 13:05:26 EDT 1998

Regarding the first problem, it sounds as though the solenoid winding is open. The solenoid is fairly easy to replace, and that should solve your problem.

Your second problem sounds like either humidity. Any helical machine will work best in a dry environment...keep the humidity as low as possible to avoid tape path problems.

The third problem is probably the beginning of a broken left logic cam. You should make sure the left logic cam and sector gear are the new (-03) parts and replace if necessary. Also, we're finding that the loading motors in DA-88's can actually go intermittent, and this will cause an S-err 11. Try a new motor if nothing else seems to fix it.

--Scott Johnson, Senior Tech, CTG (TASCAM Authorized Service)

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Tue Sep 8 12:56:34 EDT 1998
For Bob DeGraw:

Your problem sounds like either a partial head clog (which can happen with old or poor-quality tape stock) or a slight misalignment. I would not expect significant head wear at the number of hours you state, although the excessive number of cleaning tape uses can't have helped matters. As George said, you should really reserve use of the cleaning tape for last-resort emergencies.

Stay away from the Maxell tapes. I recommend the HHb tapes as well as the Sony DARS-MP -- in fact, the HHb tapes are reportedly Sony tape in a better shell.

Manually cleaning DA-88 heads is easy, but requires the proper materials and a lot of care. The heads are incredibly delicate -- even turning the drum the wrong way during cleaning can break one.

--Scott Johnson, Senior Tech, CTG (TASCAM Authorized Service)

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Tue Sep 8 12:48:13 EDT 1998
For Rafael -- BIG OOPS. You can't use nonstandard cables with the sync connectors on the DA-88, 38 or 98. Strangely enough, usually the damage occurs on the DSP board, but sometimes the SYSCON board can be damaged as well. In either case, the damage is usually pretty spectacular (i.e. holes blown in chips, puffs of smoke, etc.). Both your machine and the PCM-800 need to go to a DTRS repair center so that the extent of the damage can be determined.

This is one case where there's a very real reason for using Tascam cables (or at least, Hosa cables made specifically for the purpose).

--Scott Johnson, Senior Tech, CTG (TASCAM Authorized Service)

Jairo Londoño jalondo1@yahoo.com Mon Sep 7 12:54:49 EDT 1998
hello. i got a o2r connected to 3 da-88, i need to sync my da-88 with a midi keyboard (a roland), this keyboard have only 2 clock options (int and ext). Can i sync this keyboard for recording with my da-88 using mtc mode? i have sy-88 in my recorder machine. i would appreciate any comments. thanks.
NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Sat Sep 5 03:36:30 EDT 1998
NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Sat Sep 5 03:29:18 EDT 1998
NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Sat Sep 5 03:19:32 EDT 1998
George H georgeh@msu.edu Wed Sep 2 09:43:00 EDT 1998
Bob: my direct reply bounced. The cleaning info I related is at the top of this page. I hope that yours is more current. I've only used SONY tapes to date: pro DARS-MP since finding a local supplier (prev SONY video). I've had 2 instances of PERM dropout on playback when doing heavy shutlling of the tape. One was on the Sony video (which I wrote off as bad media) but the most recent was on DARS-MP. Both occurred on my "problem" DA-38 which has needed a few service calls. The only digital noise I've encountered is "popping" when playing unrecorded sections of a formatted tape (I leave a gap between each song on a tape and I hear pops if I play over it ---- I haven't been too worried about it as it does not occur if I record over it --- but I don't know if
Rafael Rivera G rrivera@spin.com.mx Wed Sep 2 02:42:46 EDT 1998
Hi I hope you can help me...   down here in mexico its hard to find somone who knows the DA 88 quite well, so... this is the problem.  I rent my DA 88 to a friend; he pluged in a NON TASCAM cable for Sincronitation with a sony PCM 800, now the PCM doesn't work at all, and in my DA 88 the tracks 3 & 4 don´t play!?, if I plug in signal, the leds work normaly and i can hear what goes in ...but i can't hear a  thing in playback mode also the leads don´t work. I tried to play another tape which was recorded before the incident, and it dosent work.What can I do? there is a function to reset the machine? PLESE HELP ME!!!!!
Bob DeGraw benoitnp@catskill.net Tue Sep 1 23:49:13 EDT 1998
Hello George,

Thanks for the quick response. Here is what I've learned since yesterday. The heads are said to last for about 1000 hours. Cleaning a head with the cleaning tape subtracts about 5 hours for each cleaning. Given that I've cleaned my heads about 25 times that comes out to 125 hours. I checked the number of total hours on the heads and that indicated about 175 hours. That brings my total head wear up to about 300 hours, about 700 shy of the limit. I'm taking the machines in to have them serviced tommorrow, and my hope is that everything will work fine after a good Pro cleaning. Lately I have been using the TDK Pro brand of tapes. Do you have any experience with these? I had trouble with the Maxells I was using. When I first bought the machines I was using 3M, and these always worked great. I haven't found anything as good since. Have you used the HHB's? Thanks again Bob.

George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Tue Sep 1 11:20:16 EDT 1998
Bob: 25 times with the cleaning tape may have already destroyed your heads according the the experts .... my understanding from earlier appends is that one should NEVER use the cleaning tapes on a DA-88 DA-98 or DA-38 except in extreme emergencies (i.e. errors during a critical session which cannot wait for proper head-cleaning).
Bob DeGraw benoitnp@catskill.net Mon Aug 31 23:43:12 EDT 1998
First ever problems with our DA-88's. On playback we hear an occational digital fart, kinda like the sound a digital tape makes when it's clipping. It never occurs in the same place twice, and so far not while recording. We typically use TDK Pro tapes. We had been using the cleaning tapes that our dealer gave us when we bought the machines. I guess it's time to learn how to open them up and do it right. The machines have been cleaned using the tapes about 25 times. Does anyone have a different explanation for the occurance of these brief clipping sounds? Any help would be appreciated.
GeorgeH georgeh@msu.edu Mon Aug 31 10:41:55 EDT 1998
Greg: I believe that you need a DA-88 for the SY-88. The only way to use a DA-38 with the SYNC card is to Slave it to a DA-88 (or DA-98 with the built-in sync).
greg (925) 676-7260 gadaley@aol.com Fri Aug 28 16:18:36 EDT 1998
Lookin for a good used da-88 for sale w/low hrs. Can a da-38 work w/a sy-88 card?
John Kohler thedoc@hammondky.com Mon Aug 24 19:45:20 EDT 1998
I have installed our recently purchased DA-88 with SY-88 (Version 4) in our video post production edit room, connected house black burst to the "VIDEO" connector on the SY-88 and connected the DA-88 to our Sony BVE-2000 edit controller. "CLOCK" on the DA-88 is "VIDEO". After performing an edit and using the "ALL STOP" button on the edit controller to end the edit(the DA-88 doesn't do a "POSTROLL"), we don't see indication of recorded audio even though the unit went into "INSERT" record mode with both the "PLAY" and "RECORD" indicators lighted. However, when the "REC" button on the edit controller is pushed to end the edit, the DA-88 does do a "POSTROLL" and we can see the just inserted audio on the meters and can hear it. Sounds like the "POSTROLL" is most important, but what is happening inside the DA-88? Anyone?? Thanks.
TED MACKLIN ted@napanet.net Sun Aug 23 12:52:53 EDT 1998
I'm looking to buy an IF-88AE Interface and a SY-88 sync board also PW-88S and PW-88D cables. If you have all or any of this for sale respond to ted@napanet.net
Mike Boldt michaelalamo@eudoramail.com Sat Aug 22 10:51:03 EDT 1998
Scott, My local service center told me to get in touch with Tascam in California. They were very responsive and arranged it so that all I would pay for was the labor. I was told the total hours on the heads came to 178. I hope these new ones do better. Any hints? Mike
George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Mon Aug 17 11:14:30 EDT 1998
Scott: I checked the tapes in question and there is no visible damage (at least to my eyes). The machine was recently in-shop for the loader repair and was supposedly cleaned at that time. But the fact that I've had 2 errors (in approx 150 hours of record/play time) on the SAME machine *does* concern me. I'd like to take it in for a service call just to be safe, but without a DA-38 tech n Mich, that means yet more extended downtime. Maybe I can schedule something in mid Sept unless another error forces me into emergency mode. Is it possible that it *could* be a simple media problem?
Mark Brown Isanctuary@aol.com Fri Aug 14 14:24:39 EDT 1998
Set DA-88 (slave 2) rotary select switch on back to 0 and powered unit on and CLOCK-ERROR signal was gone. Set master DA-88 rotary select switch on back to 1 and powered unit on. Upon power up it displayed SLAVE 2 and CLOCK-ERROR signal was gone. With both units powered off, put all switches (rotary included) and cables back to where they originally were, and repowered units. CLOCK-ERROR signal was gone on both units, and everything performed as if nothing happened. Units were apparently stuck and had to be "reset"
Mark Brown Isanctuary@aol.com Fri Aug 14 14:22:28 EDT 1998
For those of you who have ever had CLOCK-ERROR problems. I had this happen once in the middle of a recording. (I have 2 DA-88s) The CLOCK-ERROR signal suddenly appeared on both machines leaving the transport non-functionable. The tapes were ejectable, so I ejected the tapes, disengaged the chase button on the slave , then powered units down. Tried repowering both units several times, but both displayed same error again. With power off, put switch #2 on Master DA-88/SY-88(outside rear DIP) to "down" position. Unpluged both midi in and midi out of Master DA-88/SY-88) Removed sync cable between units and terminator.

Palmer Pattison pattison.palmer@amstr.com Wed Aug 12 18:29:42 EDT 1998
We are planning an installation involving many TDIF/DA88 paths between a couple of rooms. Information I have received on maximum cable lengths is a little sketchy (the best answer to date is 25 feet). How long a cable can I reliably feed without some kind of translation i.e. AES/EBU??
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed Aug 12 17:27:08 EDT 1998
For John Boudreau: Tape dropouts don't cause "clock" error messages. What is the exact error message you're seeing?

For George Haddad: I've seen what you describe before. Debris on a guide can abrade tape, bad pinch rollers can crease it, and entry, exit, capstan, or impedance roller guide misalignment can jam the tape against a guide flange as it passes, causing edge damage. This sort of damage is visible -- the tape will have an edge that looks like a serrated knife blade, and metal particulates from the tape will collect beneath the guide causing the damage.

Bottom line: YES, a badly aligned, worn, dirty, or sick machine can definitely damage tape.

--Scott Johnson, Senior Technician --CTG Atlanta (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service)

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed Aug 12 17:09:50 EDT 1998
For Mike Boldt: Sorry to have been a while answering. Call me at (404) 352-3000, I may be able to help.

For David (dgek): The answer lies in developing an offset. Find something in the video that you can easily associate with corresponding audio, and park DA-88 and video machine at that spot. Subtract the DA-88 ABS time from the timecode, enter that as an offset, and configure the SY-88 for timecode chase. You can fine-tune the offset as necessary.

For Jeremy Darby: Everyone's heads aren't wearing prematurely, only a small percentage, and there's almost always a traceable cause. Certain brands of tape can cause heads to wear out within 200-300 hours, as can certain environmental conditions (humidity, dust). If I were you, I'd be looking for a cause rather than trashing Tascam.

--Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG --Tascam DTRS Authorized Service Center

George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Mon Aug 10 16:34:03 EDT 1998
I've had 2 instances of dropouts on DA-38 playback due to what appears to be a bad spot on the tape (SONY,diff lots). Both times, I was doing a high-num (perhaps 100)of playbacks of the same section of tape to pinpoint/record an edit. Eventually, I heard dropout on a pair of tracks. The error display showed there WERE errors on the tape. 1st time errors were on 2 of the middle tracks (5-6?); last time the errors on tracks 1-2. I suspect this is a media problem but both probs occurred when editing on the SAME machine (recently in shop for loading mech failure). Could dirty/mis-alinged heads wipe a previously recorded track? I see NO OTHER errs on either tape. Am I simply exceeding the number of playbacks on a single tape when doing my edits? What is the life cycle (number of playbacks) one can expect from a DARS-MP tape? What frequency of backup do you pros recommend(after each good take? at the end-of-session?)
john boudreau johnb@intelix Sat Aug 1 18:09:14 EDT 1998
All of my tapes drop out randomly with a clock error message. Play or record, it doesn't matter. What is this tape head wear or what?!?
jeremy darby jjdarby@aibn.com Fri Jul 31 22:28:34 EDT 1998








1 416 406 3136 EXT 23. CALL ANYTIME.

Kirk kirk@mmnw.com Fri Jul 31 14:06:44 EDT 1998

I know this webpage is devoted strictly to the DA-88, but I was wondering if you had any idea where I might find a users manual for the Tascam 48 reel-to-reel? Tascam wants, like, $60 for the manual and I was hoping to find something similar (cheaper) on the net. Any ideas?

Thanks, Kirk Thomas Seattle, WA

sfox fox@bom.gov.au Thu Jul 30 23:30:56 EDT 1998
I'm thinking of putting together a home studio. Have been advised that a TASCAM 488 is the way to go but am hearing conflicting stories with the new digital recorders being better. Advice on this would be much appreciated.
David Dgek@AOL.com Fri Jul 24 01:23:06 EDT 1998
Recorded apprx. 50 min. with-out "time code record" button on - big woops. DA 88 was suppose to be locked to master time code feeding multiple beta-cams. Fortunately a full mix was sent to cameras AND two channels of DA88. What would be the best way to acheive "lip sync" chase during editing, if needed? Show will be sweetened in a facility that may not have experience with this problem. Thanks for your ideas. David
Mike Boldt Michaelalamo@eudoramail.com Thu Jul 23 16:43:00 EDT 1998
Dear Scott, I wrote to you a few weeks ago about the distortion on tracks 1 and 2 on my DA-88.It turns out that it needs new heads. There is less then 200 hours on the heads, is this possible? The bill is coming to $650. Needless to say I'm not too happy. Do you think calling Tascam to help on the price of the head would help? Thanks, Mike
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Thu Jul 16 18:55:50 EDT 1998
My opinions:

ADAT: Upside: Long head life (2000+ hours), easier maintenance (transport is larger, no jeweler's tools!), larger and tougher tape, 20-bit machines available. Downside: Horribly slow shuttle speeds, frequent mode switch failures, bulkier tape storage, few safeguards against tape damage, and two incompatible formats (20/16 bit).

DTRS: Upside: Blindingly fast shuttle/locate, smart transport logic to protect the tape, compact tape format, more intuitive controls, and better integration with the video post environment. Downside: a somewhat short head life (1200 hours), small parts require a tech with small tools and good eyesight, very sensitive to dust and other environmental conditions.

--Scott Johnson (these opinions are my own, not my employer's.)

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Thu Jul 16 18:43:51 EDT 1998
Real, expected head life in hours for a DA-88 is roughly 1200 in a properly maintained machine.

A nice, inexpensive, user-replaceable head would be nice, but it's not likely to be a reality anytime soon, for any helical-scan machine. These heads are made to excruciatingly tight mechanical tolerances, by hand, under a microscope. The mounting of the head drum into the machine must be equally precise. You can also imagine how sensitive these assemblies are to handling damage. Add up all those factors, and you get an expensive head that requires significant technical skill to install and align. That holds true for DAT, consumer video, pro video, DTRS, ADAT ... any helical format.

Lew GuitarWise@aol.com Wed Jul 15 19:00:25 EDT 1998
I'm thinking of buying a 38dat or ADATLX20 ( i have a MSR16), I was leaning towards the Tascam ( smaller tape w/ longer recording time and a nicer control layout), but dealers I've talked to ( locally, North Calif. )seem to be pushing the Adat, I don't know the ( real ) issues or reasons but, one reason was that the Hi8 tape can't go beyond 16bit (Is this true?, is the adat 20bit?, should i care?)? Also my tech person says he's seen adats w/ 5000 hours still working OK. After reading these posts, 1,000 hours doesn't sound like much ( whats the real avg life ,in hours, this was asked before but your response was like you didn't understand the Q??), can't they (Tascam), make it easy ( and cheap ) to replace the heads ( or at least have easy head access for cleaning)? ( my specs would be to make it as easy as replacing an ink cartridge) Is there a pro/con page for comparisin to the adat somewhere? -Lew
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Tue Jul 14 17:59:18 EDT 1998
Yes, I should clarify that. The ONLY machines which benefit from the cleaning kit upgrade are DA-88 units with serial numbers earlier than lot 21. Newer DA-88 machines, DA-38s and DA-98s do not need this upgrade, as the cleaning roller and scraper are already installed in these units. --Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service)
George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Tue Jul 14 09:48:18 EDT 1998
Thanks once again Scott! One more question (really --- the last one): In one of your 5/27 appends you mention the "cleaning upgrade". It is my understanding that this upgrade is NOT needed on DA-38s or DA-98s as these newer models incorporated the new design. Am I correct in this assumption?
Mike Boldt nboldt@union-city.K12.nj.us Fri Jul 10 11:45:10 EDT 1998
Thank you Scott for answering so quickly. I think I'll sleep better tonight.Thanks again, Mike
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Fri Jul 10 10:45:57 EDT 1998
For George: I have tapes that were made on one of the first DA-88 machines, on good Sony MP tape stock. Stored carefully, in a cool, dry environment, they're still just fine. Heat, humidity, dust, and badly-aligned machines can all cause your mileage to vary.

For Mike: Either your rabbet guide is dirty or your entrance guide alignment has drifted. Tracks 1 and 2 are adjacent to the entrance guide in the RF waveform, so any disturbance here will affect them most. Cost to repair? Anyone's guess, but if it's just dirt or alignment, you might get away with nothing more than an hour of labor ($65 here).

--Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG Atlanta (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service)

Mike Boldt nboldt@union-city.K12.nj.us Thu Jul 9 23:14:13 EDT 1998
This question goes out to Scott Johnson. I have had the DA88 for about 3 years and have not used it very much. I recently began getting distortion and a breaking up sound on tracks 1 and 2. When you listen to the tape without any signal on it you can hear it breaking up. Can this be head wear or something else? About how much would this cost to fix? Thanks Mike
George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Thu Jul 9 09:43:41 EDT 1998
I'm curious as to how long MP tapes tend to last in storage. For example, if I archive to a newly formatted DARS-MP tape, then store it away, how long (in years) can I expect that tape to be readable? Should I re-copy it evey year? 2 years? etc. Also, most literature I see recommends ME tapes for archival, but in the same breath claims that ME tapes are not as durable as MP tapes. In light Scott's ME comments above, I'd prefer to stick with MP tapes unless there's a compelling reason for archiving to MEs.
Julian Marchant julles@clear.net.nz Thu Jul 9 01:25:27 EDT 1998
I am considering two DA-88's for a studio in a jazz college.Can anyone provide info about reliability,sound,etc..Esp in comparison to ADAT. Are they becoming a standard ? Reviews/articles would be great, where to find out more...., thanks for a good page.
Gary Rowles growles@proaxis.com Fri Jul 3 15:24:02 EDT 1998
Tascam DA-88 for sale. Under 80 hours in pristine studio environment. A steal at $2400.00. System 4 machine.
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Thu Jul 2 18:01:09 EDT 1998
Sharkey, the best analogy to "mileage" in the MDM world is head hours. A DA-88, well maintained and used in an ideal environment, should run for about 1200 hours before the head drum wears out and needs replacement. This generally means a major overhaul as well, with a bill that can exceed $800.00. You can check the drum hours by turning off the machine, then holding down STOP and PLAY while switching it back on. -- Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (Tascam DTRS Authorized Service)
George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Thu Jul 2 14:21:19 EDT 1998
My DA-38 which had a load motor replaced because of the ERR-11 and HUNG SERVO msgs (see earlier append) had the same problem occur 10 hours after the 1st repair. This time the repair shop replaced the entire load mechanism. They worked closely with TASCAM customer service on this problem, and TASCAM agreed to cover my repair costs. Thanks TASCAM!! All parties seem to think that we've got the problem licked now. I've been back in production for several days and so far so good. Also thanks to Scott Johnson for his online and offline advice to me.
Eli edrake@postbox.uark.edu Wed Jul 1 12:56:16 EDT 1998
I am currently considering buying the new Digital Audio V8 system, and I'm debating between DA-88 or ADAT to go along with it. Any suggestions or comments? I like the sync options for the ADAT, i.e. the BRC, is there such a thing for the DA-88?
Sharkey McEwen sharkeymc@compuserve.com Mon Jun 29 20:31:54 EDT 1998
Hello out there.

I was just looking around the web to see if I could get an idea of what used DA-88s go for these days.

I'm considering purchasing one that is in good shape and I think has relatively low mileage on it. It has the sync card installed and is about 3 years old.

Any response will be appreciated.



By the way:

1) What are some good used equipment sources on the web?

And, 2) is there a way to check how many miles a DA-88 has on it?

While I'm at it.. I know this is a DA-88 site, but what would you say is a fair price for a VS-880 with effects card, and a 550mb hard drive - very low mileage. Maybe 30 hours.. ..?

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Sun Jun 28 00:16:12 EDT 1998
Using any type of ME tape is asking for trouble. There are a number of good, solid reasons for this, but the biggest one in my book is that the EQ (eye pattern) needs to be set differently for ME tape, and many DTRS machines will actually switch to a different set of EQ pots when an ME tape is inserted. Unless you're SURE the machine has been properly optimized for ME tape, you may experience high error rates when there's nothing (seriously) wrong with your machine or the tape. -- Scott Johnson, Senior Tech, CTG (TASCAM Authorized Service)

George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Fri Jun 26 14:46:15 EDT 1998
Any opinions on the new Sony DARS-Metal Evaporated tapes? I've been using MP per the numerous recommendations on reliability, but the Sony marketeers claim that these new carts combine reliability with reduced DTRS head wear? Is this just a marketing ploy, or is this the wave of the future?
Tanachart thetid@ksc.th.com Fri Jun 26 05:44:49 EDT 1998
Who know how to make DA88 syn cable ? In my country It's very expensive .
Ray Yates rayyates@musician.org Wed Jun 24 01:00:16 EDT 1998
What is the most cost effective way to get 8 channels of TDIF out of my DA-88 and into my PC.
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Mon Jun 22 13:11:07 EDT 1998
I'm not aware of anyone ever using a DA-88 for computer backup. With special interfacing I'm sure one could do it, but you'd probably wind up spending more money than the cost of a decent dedicated backup drive, so why? :) --Scott Johnson

Bobby Mueller mulco@hubwest.com Thu Jun 18 13:06:44 EDT 1998
I just tuned in to this web site. It's realy good. I have a DA88 for about 4 years now. I don't use it all that much (low hours). Haven't had any more trouble with it than the rest of you . Question ?? can I use the DA88 for computor backup????? Any info. would be appriciated. Thanks Bob
Rick Auricchio rick@apple.com Tue Jun 16 12:04:08 EDT 1998
Use of a non-Tascam digital audio cable (e.g. the PW-88D or -DL) isn't a great idea, but people have successfully made their own from ribbon cable and appropriate connectors.

The real question is whether you can tolerate occasional problems like clicks, data failures, clock error messages, etc. If you don't care about it, give it a shot. If your sessions are important (or you have someone paying you), you should simply buy the proper cable and relax.

Rick Auricchio rick@apple.com Tue Jun 16 12:03:31 EDT 1998

You should use word clock to keep the data properly sync'ed. This keeps individual 16-bit words synced; it has nothing to do with timecode (e.g. SMPTE), with HH:MM:SS:FF. One can optionally sync other devices to timecode, but word clock (WC) should definitely be used with any digital audio connection.

Choose either the DA-88 or the 01V to be the master. Connect them using 75-ohm cable with BNC connectors. These cables are available at places like Markertek or others. It's best not to use some other BNC cable even if it fits; the circuitry expects a 75-ohm cable impedance. Typically, you can make the DA-88 the master and everything else can slave from there.

Denzel Lane denz@mail.southwind.net Thu Jun 11 03:10:45 EDT 1998
I have one of the new and few Yamaha 01v digital consoles, and got the TDIF card for use with the DA88, do I need to also use the word clock ins/outs to sync them up? The owners manual is very vague on this subject. I assume it is similar to the Yam 02R. Also, can I use a regular DB25 cale for the digital in/out ? Or do I have to buy the TASCAM cable !?!
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed Jun 3 14:13:19 EDT 1998
Regarding the thin tape problem, first be sure you're using DTRS tapes, intended for digital audio, and not Hi8 videotapes. Metal Particle (MP) tapes only, please.

If this doesn't solve your problem, you probably have dust or dirt on the guides or supports that place the cassette in the proper position in the transport. Sometimes the small "finger" on the brake cover which reaches up into the cassette and releases the reel locks will become a bit bent, and will prevent the cassette from seating correctly, causing the pin switches to fail to read the coded holes properly.

It's best not to try solving this yourself -- a short trip to the shop is preferable and not terribly expensive ($65.00 or so). You can get into fairly serious trouble bending things in the transport yourself.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician, CTG (Tascam Authorized Service)

NIKHIL mohantop@bom3.vsnl.net.in Wed Jun 3 09:00:42 EDT 1998


Juan Carlos Alvarado alekcs@cyberia.com.gt Thu May 28 18:46:57 EDT 1998
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed May 27 13:07:43 EDT 1998
Finally, in recent months we've been seeing a rash of failures in the loading motor, which is the motor that drives the moving guides and mode change mechanism. When this motor fails, you'll see "HUNG SRVO" in the display and the machine will refuse to function. Contrary to what I've seen posted, the loading motor itself retails for $27.46, and labor to install it -- unless other work is needed -- should not exceed one hour. Again, with this problem, don't try to convince the machine to eject if it won't. You'll only damage the tape.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns, or for clarification of any of this.

Scott Johnson, Senior Technician Comprehensive Technical Group Tascam Authorized DTRS Service Station (404) 352-3000

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed May 27 13:07:11 EDT 1998
I saw many questions about "S Err 11" messages. The most common cause of this error is a broken left logic cam. The left logic cam drives a follower on the sector gear, which in turn controls the moving guides that wrap the tape around the drum. Early sector gears had follower pins that were too short, and caused the track of the cam to break through. The result is that the moving guides get stuck halfway up their travel, and the machine (so as not to damage the tape) refuses to even eject.

If you have this problem, STOP -- any further attempts to get the machine going will damage the tape, and probably damage the machine further as well. Get the machine to a repair shop.

Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed May 27 13:06:39 EDT 1998
The latest ROM versions that Jens lists are a bit out of date. Current revisions are V4.01 for the DA-88, SY-88, and RC-848 EPROMS.
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Wed May 27 13:06:01 EDT 1998
I've read through the comments and the site itself, and thought I'd throw in a few answers and additions.

First -- the cleaning upgrade. This consists of two parts -- a new impedance roller with a jewel tape scraper attached, and a mechanical cleaning roller that wipes the heads each time the pinch roller drops. The two together virtually eliminate the need for using the cleaning cassette except in truly extreme circumstances. The parts cost is about $75.00, and very little labor is involved.

Zack de la Raoche slinky5858@aol.com Mon May 25 14:57:56 EDT 1998
hello. im new to the home recording stuff so if anyone could email me and tell me about little things id like to know, id appreciate it! im looking to buy a little 4-track for under 150. if anyone can help or if anyone will let me know some things aobut portastudiiios, 4,8tracks, etc it wouild be greatly appreciated!
Fred Dente koikoi@whidbey.com Mon May 25 03:37:52 EDT 1998
Does anybody out there want to buy my DA-88 with sync card before I put it in all the Seattle classifieds. It's got 144 hours on the head, up to date software, and is meticulously cared for. Like new. Call or email me for price, etc. Fred 360-321-5449.
Richard G. Elen relen@apogeedigital.com Thu May 21 15:22:24 EDT 1998
In addition to doing bit-splitting with Prism, our AD-8000 conversion system supports TDIF machines directly and provides interfacing and format conversion as well as bit-splitting in 4/24 and 6/20 modes. More info at http://www.apogeedigital.com/ --Richard E
vinny millevolte@aol.com Sat May 16 01:53:20 EDT 1998
I have a DA-88 w/SY-88 and a DA-38 Want to know the best way to sync with my G-3 and Logic Audio. Also, is there any MMC software out there to control the 88 in Logic Audio?
Murray Nelson mnpicker@agt.net Wed May 13 06:42:07 EDT 1998
Hey Folks

Is there not a way to get this correspondence into a list or a newsgroup? Just wondering. You can find me sometimes on the mIRC under these channels /j PROMIDI ;or; /j DA88 ;or; /j SMPTE

Frank Nadasdy frank@grooveaddicts.com Tue May 12 15:01:24 EDT 1998
We've had 4 DA-88's in service now for just under two years, but for the last six months or so we have been getting repeated Serial 31 and Serial 41 errors on all the machines. Tascam takes about two weeks to repair anything so I've been using an independant tech guy (a little bit faster = fewer rental days since we use these every day). So my question to other DA-88 owners is: Are others having these errors? We get a machine back and inside of a month we get the same error again. It's getting quite expensive to keep on doing this, and I'm ready to sell them off and buy a new set of machines.
A. Newman dnewman1@juno.com Sat May 9 21:07:32 EDT 1998
I just purchased a DA-38 and a Spirit FX16 mixer. This is my first experience using digital equipment and I'm worried I won't get the hang of it. Is my old equipment *really* that obsolete? I've been using a Tascam 246 4-track Portastudio and still use my Tascam 34 4-track reel-to-reel.

Somebody please tell me I did the right thing!

Patrick MAUMY anats@club-internet.fr Thu May 7 14:58:09 EDT 1998
I have a problem with a DA 88; teh message is this one : 5 err 08; What can i do to resolve this problem. thanks from Paris.
R Schwenger schweng@post1.tele.dk Sat Apr 25 11:55:51 EDT 1998
Hello, I have misplaced my manual for the SY-88 card, and now I need to tell the machine to NOT send out SMPTE when in FF/REV mode (ie. when not in play mode) as this does terrible things to my Cubase.

Any insight much appreciated

Denny Conn project1@pond.net Tue Apr 21 15:23:33 EDT 1998
Anybody know where I can get the D-sub analog cables f/ a DA-98 & DA-38??
Steve Sparkes ssparkes@e-mail.com Sun Apr 19 00:42:24 EDT 1998
Is there a master controller to link 3 88's togeather similar to the BRC that Alesis have. I need to use this in a 24 track Studio so need rewind punch in/out features without pressing the ADAT's.
George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Fri Apr 17 09:48:23 EDT 1998
I've heard that Alesis plans to sell an upgrade to convert some 16bit ADATs to 20bit. Has anyone heard if Tascam plans to introduce 20bit (and upgrades) as well? The Alesis rep claimed that 20bit is impossible on Hi-8 because the tape is "too small" but I don't think I buy that claim --- we're just talking bits here, aren't we? And after all didn't Tascam (and Fostex) find a way to put 8 analog channels on a standard cassette tape?
George Haddad georgeh@msu.edu Fri Apr 17 09:44:42 EDT 1998
One of my DA-38s recently started reporting errors when loading tapes. After a few of these, it simply froze up with a HUNG SERVO msg.

I sent it off to a TASCAM repair site, and they had to replace the Load Motor --- $270 including shipping -- the failure occurred 30 days after my warranty expired !@#$!% The unit has low hours on it -- 92 hrs at the time of the failure. I must say that I'm disapointed with this failure. I was hoping for a *bit* more reliability than this when I chose TASCAM over ALESIS ADAT. The service center noted that such motor failures are common, but they too were surprised to see it on a machine with such low hours.

I've called Tascam USA to voice my concerns in hope that, given the low hours on the machine, they *might* honor the warranty since it was so close to 1yr.

Jacquie Jeffers cjeffers@coastalnet.com Fri Apr 3 22:08:57 EST 1998
I was given a Tascam Porta 05 4-track recorder as a gift. I let someone use my manual, and they lost it. I desperately need to know what is wrong with my 4-track! I have the music recorded on track one and record vocals on track two. I can hear the singer on the 4-track when I am recording loud and clear, but when I put the tape in my stereo tape player, there aren't any vocals on the tape. Please send me a copy of a manual or instructions on what I need to do to get my 4-track to record as soon as possible! Thanks for your time and effort.

Dave Marino moog1123@aol.com Thu Apr 2 22:35:49 EST 1998
I recently installed pro tools 24 in the studio I work in, I have been using a DA-88 w/sy-88 sync mtc to computer, A DA-38 and Logic audio on a Mac. Since I started recording audio in protools and later syncing to da 88 as the master I have noticed that when in sync, the audio files in protools are not holding time with the sequences why is the Da-88 slowing the sequences down or what's going on?? please help! Thanks, DAVE MARINO
Craig Koozer tubetops@aol.com Thu Apr 2 05:56:34 EST 1998
For anybody who's been recently buying, accessorizing, and wound up despising the enterprising... What's the cheapest price to be expected on an SY-88 sync. card, and where can I find that?? Also, same goes for the ballanced input snakes... The only regional supplier I can find wants $100 dollars a piece for the snakes, and $900 for the SY-88.
Andy Stewart andrew.stewart@intel.com Thu Mar 26 20:13:56 EST 1998
I have been having trouble when synching the machine to my Mac-based sequencer. Using the DA-88 as the MTC Master to drive the sequencer, I've noticed that if I start recording audio on the DA-88 from the beginning of the song, I have no problems. But if I stop in the middle of the song, the sync gets out of whack. I'm using a basic midi interface, and the software is fairly dated (MasterTracks Pro V4). Thanks, Andy
Scott Johnson scott@wowpage.com Mon Mar 9 10:20:05 EST 1998
Hi, just thought I'd throw a comment in here. I'm the senior DA-88 technician at CTG, a Tascam Authorized Repair Center in Atlanta. I see that you have some really knowledgeable people here, but I'll be happy to answer any questions that anyone might have related to operation, repair, cleaning or maintenance. Oh, and just as a little plug, my company stocks every common DA-88 part, including head drums, so if you want to send your unit to a truly full-service repair center, consider CTG. (404) 352-3000.
Mino Dautartas minofd@ptd.net Sun Mar 8 01:05:44 EST 1998
A collegue keeps getting system error 11, 13. or other errors. Problem, cannot eject tape. How do you get the tape out?

Thanks, Mino

Terry Hilton tlc@mail.bulkley.net Wed Mar 4 13:30:52 EST 1998
I am leasing 2 88s and own another. Recently I had dropout and digital pops on one of the lease machines. They sent me a replacement that is version 4. When I use the version 4 machine as master with the 848. the 848 shows only the TC led and displays no Tape Time. I tried using one of the older version machines as master and slaved the ver 4. The ver 4 machine will not sync. I have checked all of the menu funtions of the 848 ie verified that ABS is set rather than rel time etc. Need help. Clients running out of tech patience.
Henry Shapiro HenryShap@aol.com Wed Mar 4 00:03:07 EST 1998
I have a DA38 and there seems to be a bit of 'float' when I press the locate points. It's not going to the exact spot every time, some where within a second but definitly not the same frame. I talked to a tech from Tascam and he said it'll move around 5 frames or so. Full Compass, where I bought it at says they can fix it. Any clues? I also queried the tascam repair guy and he said the scuttlebutt from marketing guys is that a 24 bit machine won't come out till the dvd format is settled.
Ray Collins rcol@intergate.bc.ca Tue Mar 3 15:46:06 EST 1998
Anybody got a schematic handy? I'm in location sound and would like to make a DA-88 portable. Does it use any AC 110 to set frequencies etc. Or does it have a 110 to a simple DC recitifier? What voltages does the supply put out?

Pls e-mail at rcol@intergate.bc.ca

bobbin b_eirth@hotmail.com Fri Feb 27 18:22:40 EST 1998
i am currently looking to sell my recording system, including DA88 with sync card, remote & new 'Mechanism'($2500). or with Yamaha Promix01, OMS studio4 interface, costom ballanced cables.($3800). I live in Portland Oregon. also if anyone knows of a computerland site or showcase where sound equipment is bought & sold I would much like to know the place.
Stanton stanton@magibox.net Fri Feb 27 14:56:01 EST 1998
I'm a beginner at recording and want to start with a cheap old four track recorder if possible. Not having any luck locally or on the net. Do they even still exist? Any advice?
Scott Russell ScottRu@aol.com Sun Feb 22 22:30:04 EST 1998
HI! I have a DA-88 with SY-88 that I'm trying to sync to a Midi Time Piece AV. Tried S1 #2 up, MTC, ABS/TC and TC Gen, MTP will not accept the MTC or more likely it is being sent since Tach lightnot active. I would REALLY appreciate help. Please call 888-394-1267 central time.Thanks
C Sinclair csprod@deltanet.com Thu Feb 19 23:27:07 EST 1998
I need to find a used 8 track recorder brand not really an issue. Must be in good working order.

Thanks for any help !! I will much appreciate any information or leads!


Murray Nelson mnpicker@agt.net Mon Feb 16 01:26:56 EST 1998
Nice to find this place. I am using three DA-88 presently with firmware versions 4.01. I have suffered the head drum repair bill. I use an Adams Smith zZeta Three for video sync. IF-88AE dig interface Is this a mailing list or do you know of one?
Tim tglee@aol.com Sun Feb 15 14:55:29 EST 1998
When I am syncing my DA 88 to my DA38 using an official Tascam sync cable (pw 88S and termination plug), I hear a high pitched steady hum. When I hold the cable on the 38 tightly in place and push up on it, it seems to get better, but as soon as I let go it comes back and ends up on my recording. I've talked to Tascam about it and they even lent me a new cable and plug but the problem still persists..... I don't think it's the cable or plug. Could it be some sort of ground hum??? Note: I am using the analog outs. (rca's) If I were to use the 25 pin balanced outs would it help??? PS. Both machines are dead quiet when not slaved together. I have also tried reversing master/slave configuration. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Ron Duncan reduncan@geauga.net Sat Feb 14 17:19:29 EST 1998
I have a DA-88 with eleven hours (only) since 1993. Factory just replaced reel motor and updated. May be interested in selling! Contact Ron Duncan for additional information. E-Mail reduncan@geauga.net
ben the man swanson ben.swanson@mailexcite Fri Feb 6 11:06:09 EST 1998
Your web ite sucks. It is way too long. You should get a life because you suck. Don't forget to email me.
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Sharon stk3211@loki.stockton.edu Tue Jan 27 12:07:52 EST 1998
Are there any places on the web where you can purchase recording equipment new or used? Preferably a Tascam 4 or 8 (if not too expensive) track recorder. Thanks.
Dan Rhiger danielrah@imagina.com Thu Jan 22 14:24:51 EST 1998
Reading through these postings I see that others have been down this road before. Is there any cost effective and reasonably simple way to make the DA-88-to-computer connection in sync and in the digital domain? I own a DA-88 and a Power-Mac but have not yet invested in any sound cards, digital audio software or midi seq. programs. Some advice before I blow my bucks would be much appreciated. I'm aware of the Tascam TDIF to S/PDIF converter but for my budget this does not strike me as cost effective (and that only solves part of the puzzle anyway). I do have the SY-88 card and regularly sync to my analog 16 track with great results. Any insights here would be way cool! Thanks, DR
Ron Duncan reduncan@geauga.net Tue Jan 20 18:19:52 EST 1998
Hello, I am receiving error message # 9. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks! My DA-88 has less than ten hours on it! Thank You! P.S. It will not eject the tape!
Earnest Nation earnest.nation@clorox.com Fri Jan 16 15:48:22 EST 1998
I have 3 DA-88. I am having a static and popping problem on 2 decks that happen at random. I get this static popping sound at no consistant spot and it is not recorded onto tape. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I have tried to clean the heads with a tape cleaner. Also one deck seems to drop time for a few seconds, it stops, rewinds, then catches back up to the other two desks. I have changed the cable as instructed by Jackson at Tascam. Still problem exists. Please help with any ideas. Also the manual cleaning instructions would be a great help.
Gary Moore digidude@swbell.net Wed Nov 12 06:23:07 EST 1997
My DA-88 has had the Err-01 message pop up ever since I bought it. I sent it to Dallas to get it repaired and after almost $400.00 that Err-01 message just keeps popping up. The only way I know how to release it, is to turn the unit off and back on again. Does anyone know of a better solution? It gets pretty embarrasing when I have a client trying to lay down some tracks. I think I got a lemon and and also got screwed from the repair shop. To be honest, after 30 years of purchasing recording machines, this one has to be the most unreliable piece of equipment that I have ever purchased. I was stupid enough to even buy the IF-88AE Unit and the SY-88 card. That's alot of money gone to be this disgusted. What a crock.
Jose Lara tlal@coqui.net Sat Nov 8 22:47:27 EST 1997
I have 2 Sony PCM-800 for sale. They are in very good shape. The price is $3500 each plus shiping.
Gary Rowles growles@proaxis.com Tue Nov 4 00:36:43 EST 1997
For Sale; 3 DA-88's, all with system 4, one has SY88 card, plus an RC-848 ccontroller. All manuals, meticulous maintenance, pristine environment. I even have all original boxes. For sale - package price $6500 Email for more info.
fred leo stone@mindspring.com Thu Oct 30 21:56:05 EST 1997
I just bought a slightly used da-88 without first checking if it's compatible with my current setup, which is an audiomedia III card and studioVision Pro running on a mac, a mackie 1604 vlz, panasonic dat, and various signal processing gear. Seems there's no way to physically connect the audiomedia III and the DA-88 (only one digital in and one out for the audiomedia III). I've just been recording to a JAZ drive until now. What's the best way to make the most out of the components I have? Any advice appreciated.
Bill Fulton bfmuse@earthlink.net Fri Oct 17 12:41:21 EDT 1997
If I use the digi out from an AudiomediaII card into the S/PDIF of the DA88 (w/TDIF) will the DA88 represent the incoming audio as 4 separate tracks since the AMII card is capable of up to 4 tracks of playback? Or will it just give me 2 channels with 2 tracks per channel?


Brandon bmilner@netcom.com Wed Oct 15 18:59:32 EDT 1997
I have a Tascam DA-88 for sale with 250 hours on the heads. It's never moved from my home studio so it's in good shape.

I have checked several months of posts on the net and settled on $2400. I have original packing materials as well. I need to sell it and buy a dreaded ADAT XT for campatibility with some friends.

Email me for more info.

Reginald Harris wweeks@hotmail.com Sun Sep 21 00:47:10 EDT 1997
Does anyone know if there is any possible way to control the transport of a DA-88 by using an MTS-1000 Midiizer synchronizer. I had started to build an analog demo studio when I purchased the MTS-1000 and the 688 Midistudio. Later I ordered a MSR 16S from a dealer who told me two days later that they had made a mistake and they had sold their last unit. This unit was being discontinued at the time. Since I had already mail over $3700, in turn I was offered a nice deal on a DA-88. I was hesitant at first, being that I knew nothing about the MDM format at that time. I was influenced by the dealer that it was a one time offer. This changed my whole game plan. Now it seems to be no use for my brand new MTS-1000 Midiizer ($1,500). I am very frustrated about this outcome. So you see, I need to gain some good advice any which way I can. Thanks in advance.
Geoffrey Carter zengomi@crisscross.com Sat Sep 20 17:59:59 EDT 1997
I'm looking for a retailer that carries PW-88D cables at a reasonable price. Any recommendations? Thanks for any help.
Chris Green cgreen19@idt.net Fri Sep 19 10:27:46 EDT 1997
I've recently installed 3 rooms with DA-88's (sys 4.0) and 02R consoles. I haven't been able to word clock sync the DA-88's to the 02R. I get the flashing "E. Clock" message on the 02R. I e-mailed Tascam & they returned saying that the DA-88's have not problem syncing to external word clock. I e-mailed Yamaha about this problem & they agreed that the DA-88's (sys 4.0) have a problem syncing to word clock. Anyone else experienced this problem?
Dave Beaty dbeaty@gate.net Sat Sep 13 12:00:24 EDT 1997
We have a used DA-88 with SY88 for sale. This unit was installed in our video suite but saw very little use. It's been in storage for about 2 years and we want to sell it. If interested please email me and I'll get all the specs and system reports.

Dave Beaty dbeaty@gate.net http://www.trilogymedia.com

Questar Welsh QR2R@aol.com Tue Sep 9 21:40:36 EDT 1997
Does anyone know if the Video sync on a da-88 needs to be terminated with a BNC terminator?
Questar Welsh QR2R@aol.com Tue Sep 9 21:38:55 EDT 1997
I have a da-88/sy88 combo that's about 2 yrs old. I am having a problem. I format then stripe a tape with timecode. As the tape runs I can hear a "shish" sound from time to time that lasts about 2 seconds every so often. It is random, without a pattern. Then when I playback the time code (not chasing or trying to lock up) it is inconsistant (fine for a second then stops on a frame, then jumps to catch up then stops again, then jumps....) Does this sound like dirty heads, bad heads or another problem? Any help would be appreciated.
Ricardo rimo@earthlink.net Mon Sep 8 02:31:24 EDT 1997
I want to buy a DA 88 anybody selling one?
Mark Caddell caddellm@aol.com Sun Aug 31 11:39:06 EDT 1997
Hello to all. This is my first post to the group. Just got a DA-88, and discovered you can't use the D-pin connector and the RCA inputs simultaneously, that the RCA's disconnect the D-input (bummer....) How do you folks deal with this? Is the fidelity and s/n ratio better with the d-pin? I currently have the RCA inputs connected to the bus outputs of a Mackie 24x8, but I want to use my outboard mike pre (TL audio) to print vocals direct to tape. I have an 8 channel lo-z to D-pin snake, but now I'm running around to the back of the deck to wire/unwire inputs. Thanks for any advice.
George H georgeh@msu.edu Thu Aug 28 14:37:29 EDT 1997
I've had a DA-38 for several months now and have been using SONY 60-min tapes since the manual recommends that I use the shortest tape avail for a given application. Recently a TASCAM dealer informed me that 60min tapes cannot be used in a DA-88 --- some sort of incompatiblity. Does anyone know if this is true? I'd hate to think that I couldn't remix my recordings in a studio equipped with DA-88s.
paul tumolo ptumolo@csuhayward.edu Thu Aug 14 12:58:06 EDT 1997
I have a Yamaha 03D digital mixer and 2 DA-38s. I'd like to use the 03D's automix capabilities. The 03D's automix requires an MTC source (the 03D does not generate MTC). To use the automix feature, i wil need to lock both the 03D and the DA-38s to the MTC generator. I do not have a computer, nor a sequencer. So, I need an MTC generator and someway to lock the machines to it. Short of buying a computer, what devices do you recommend I acquire?
Dave Matthews Davmatt@united.net Thu Aug 14 07:13:14 EDT 1997
I have a DA-88 and a DA-38. Just recently I've begun to have problems with errors/dropouts in the DA-88. I put the offending tape into the DA-38 in block error readout mode and see errors in meter 1, the 'Tape Edge (Head A)' error. Tapes that play well in the DA-88 don't have that error.

I will manually clean the DA-88 today, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone could offer any help with this error type. Is it possible to have a defective group of tapes that cause this error, or do I have a problem with both the DA-88 and the DA-38. Could a mis-alignment in the DA-88 be actually damaging the tape edge? (I'll look for debris in the tape guides)

Thanks, Dave

Dave Sanders djsand@ozemail.com.au Tue Aug 12 20:38:05 EDT 1997
Hi Folks!

Does anyone have a pointer to the protocol used between the RC848 and the DA-88's themselves? I have all the physical info (from inspection of the circuit diagrams). I'm also trying to chase details on the Sony P2 protocol (RS-422 on 9-pin). Thanks in advance.

Steve Lewis stevel@monmouth.com Fri Aug 1 09:02:36 EDT 1997

I have 2 DA-38's and I want to upload tracks to the PC, edit them and send them back down to the DA-38. I know I have to get the T/DIF for the 38 but what is the right card to use for the PC and How do I sync the modified track when I want to get it back to the DA-38.

Thanks Steve Lewis

Steve Darmody morningsong@compuserv.com Wed Jul 23 19:44:24 EDT 1997
I have a CD with a fiber optic out. How do I get a direct digital signal inputed into the DA-38
rafael raal@bulldog.com.mx Tue Jul 15 03:40:35 EDT 1997
Anyone know if the DA-98 will have INTERNAL 20-bit resolution, or if it's just 20-bit converters which will have to be dithered down to 16? thanks!
Joel Katz joel@maui.net Sat Jul 5 18:29:45 EDT 1997
Is it possible to change the greeting on a DA-38? Please let me know if you know how. Thanks for this support site.
Joel Katz ( Seaside Recording) joel@maui.net Wed Jun 25 02:29:04 EDT 1997
When I got now heads on my DA-88's I found that some tapes that I had recorded previously did not play well on the machines with new heads. They had some dropuots and pops. I am considering adding DA-38's to my setup and I am wondering if anyone has had problems playing a tape recorded on a DA-88 in a DA-38? Also I wouls lov e to hear comments from anyone who is using the Tascam Machines with a new MOTU digital syncronizer without an SY-88 sync card. Responses would be appreciated. Thanks

According to rumour, there's a possibility that the service center sometimes put the wrong type of head in when replacing them. This would cause these exact symptoms. Also, any tapes you record with the "wrong" head may have incompatibility problems.

Stephen Smith svs95@earthlink.net Mon Jun 16 05:02:18 EDT 1997
I have a source of Exabyte computer data tapes (112m), which is essentially a Hi8 video tape, with perhaps denser particle packing for durability. I can get as many as I want for nearly nothing from a company that's switching over to CD-R for backup. These tapes have been used once! I have found out how to punch out the right holes on the tape shell to make them work in the DA-88, and they work great. What I want to know is, does anybody have any hard info on whether there is any reason not to do this? I have made several projects with this (always taking a standard Hi-8 tape as a backup) with never a glitch or hiccup. This included one project with heavy location point shuttling.

Any decent feedback would be welcome.

Bartholomew Productions bartpro@columbia-center.org Wed Jun 11 21:27:41 EDT 1997
I'm looking for used DA-38 and a 6 machine remote. Any leads please e-mail.


Joe DiFrancesco jsd@interaccess.com Fri Jun 6 00:17:21 EDT 1997
What is the current software versions for the DA-88/SY-88? I saw someone selling a version 4 DA-88.

Thanks for any info.


Gary Reece garyreece@aol.com Fri May 30 04:33:54 EDT 1997
Well, I see they are too large to post using this message handler. Drop me a line if you're interested. -- GR
Gary Reece garyreece@aol.com Fri May 30 04:26:01 EDT 1997
I notice several people are thinking of using a DA-88 for use in video.

Our studio installed units about as soon as they became available by assisting in beta testing the units in a video application.

We were basically dead in the water until the SY-88 cards eventually became available. Since then... they work GREAT.

I have prepared two cheat sheets which I still have to peek at doing certain functions.

One is for setting them up to do insert editing and the other is for ³stripping² a tape with TC for video.

I¹ll submit the contents in additional postings.

Federico Lopez triamigo@supernet.com.co Mon May 26 12:03:09 EDT 1997
I have a 3 DA-88 system, they work fine, today 1 of the DA-88 don't have any ouput or input , the VU's are moving and there's signal but no balanced or unbalaced ouput !!! no input too!! HEELLPP!!! I has check the I/O modules but seem's rigth. Thanks for your help
Steve Askew microgroove@atl.mindspring.com Tue May 20 16:44:31 EDT 1997
Currently an ADAT user (ugh**?!) and 2" user thinking seriously about switching formats. I've heard a feasable and more inexpensive route is 88 master and 2-38 slaves. Any wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Harrier marco@jhm.org Thu May 15 18:13:33 EDT 1997
Just a quick question: Does mounting the DA-38's or DA-88's on a slanted rack have any negative effect on the performance of the unit? Any comments are appreciated!

ry Phenixnest@aol.com Sun Apr 27 17:10:25 EDT 1997
Hey. I'm trying to find out how I sync my DA88's to my ProTools 882. Preferably, I would like to have the DA88 act as the master. I have the SY88. Digidesigns make an ADAT sync. Bastards...
Leon Portelance lportela@duncan.island.net Wed May 7 00:00:59 EDT 1997
I've owned my DA88 for over three years. I have been a die hard supporter of these machines. Recently my deck began having continuous error messages and finally gave up the ghost completely. Now I found out that the heads are shot and that it will cost $1000 (Canadian) to replace them. My machine has 276 hours on it, almost a virgin! (The internal counter cannot be modified.) When I talked to the rep he told me that the older machines had defective heads.

I don't intent to take this sitting down! Any comments?

-Leon Portelance

250-749-6502 Fax: 250-749-4152

Glenn terBorg themiff@istar.ca Fri May 9 13:28:49 EDT 1997
I've slaved my DA88 (w\SY88) to Cakewalk Pro Audio v4.5. I've finally managed to get the thing to respond to MMC (i do not use an external unit such as a MMC88), but it never clicks in to time code at the same place twice! All units in the slave chain are responding, but the sync is never reliable. I'm not talking about a few frames, but sometimes up to a 10 second difference.

Has anyone encountered this? I have midi going out from my MQX32m, and going to a DMT8vl. The midi then goes out to the DA88, and returns from midi out back to the MQX. Am I missing something? Any advice would be appreciated...


Kenn Sunley ksunley@regina.cbc.ca Fri May 9 17:58:05 EDT 1997
We have a problem with a DA-88.

The tape time (abs) isn't displayed on the counter.

Maintenance manual says that this is caused by tape path needing adjustment. Made sure tape is riding the guides properly, and all waveforms are correct, yet still no tape time display.

Does anyone have any ideas???


Byron J. Funk bjfunk@columbus-ks.com Wed May 14 15:42:29 EDT 1997
I've been using a 3 DA-88 setup for about 2 years now. We just got a Yamaha O2R and ProTools with the 888 interface. We have an assortment of outboard including an Apogee AD500E. I'm planning on using the Apogee as converter AES into the O2R through the O2R TDIF card into the DA-88's. But then maybe the O2R's have better converters. Or maybe the DA-88's? Just wondering. We're just setting up the new gear. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Jim Williams jwilliams3@earthlink.net Mon Apr 7 00:05:26 EDT 1997
If anyone's interested, Audio Upgrades does an analog circuit mod on the DA88 and DA38. All the cheasy Japanese SIP opamps are changed to very high speed video amps with up to 3000 V/us slew rate. 24 daughter boards are installed to change the IC pinout to Dual in line type. All coupling caps are removed or replaced with high frequency types and are bypassed with polypropylene film types. On the DA board, the converters are replaced with select N grade type Analog Devices. The analog output filters are changed from butterworth to bessel linear phase slopes giving perfect square waves. Total cost of the mod is $800 per machine, or $500 for the DA, and $300 for the AD card. Contact Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades, 818-780-1222 http://home.earthlink.net/~jwilliams3/
Dave Matthews cycledaveo@aol.com Sat Apr 5 09:31:50 EST 1997
Just decided that it would be fun to use the punch-in footswitch technique on my 88 & 38, but didn't want to plug in any old footswitch. Anyone know the details regarding that 1/4" jack on the back for the punch-in footswitch?

I've used a momentary-on switch connected to a stereo plug (use tip and sleeve).

Fearless Maintainer jens@panix.com Wed Apr 2 18:20:17 EST 1997
The posting functionality was broken again for a few days. they're upgrading the httpd so it may break again. Just email me if this happens and I'll look into it.
Kenn Sunley ksunley@regina.cbc.ca Mon Mar 24 12:51:50 EST 1997
Does anyone know what the maximum cable lenght for the T/DIF cables between DA-88s and a Yamaha 02R console are?????
j.ferrick j.ferrick@bibliotech.co.uk Sat Mar 22 07:44:44 EST 1997
I understand the the MMC38 will only allow the 38 to be a master. Thre have been numerous promises from MOTU for the digital time piece that would slave the DA38. Does anyone have a spec on the interface? We are building a number of Syncin uits for Audio to video, and would consider doing a unit if we could get a look at a spec. Since the 32 can slave to the 88, it must be possible, perhaps the spec of the 88 output to slave the 38 would help.
matthew bronleewe farm13oy@aol.com Thu Mar 20 04:08:27 EST 1997
i have a DA-38, mmc38, motu timepiece av, and opcode vision for windows. i'm trying to find the best way to synch everything and how to do it. any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
Mike J. FCSound@Compuserve.com Sat Mar 8 20:49:46 EST 1997
Any one have experience in recording in the digital domain ? I'd like to record digital via making the A/D conversion right after the direct outs of my analog console. What converter do I needto use ? I have 1 DA-88 and 2 DA-38's (slaved ) for a total of 32 tracks. I heard another company's digital recording from the Yamaha O2R that sounded great !! However I love the sound of my Mackie 8 bus. I'm a real novice at this digital stuff but love the technology. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mike Jordan

Ocean Sound & Recording Jacksonville, Florida (904)646-6468

Nigel Gourley 100540.2710@compuserve.com Sat Mar 8 09:06:19 EST 1997
Does anyone have the serial protocol information for an sy88. That is the rs422 protocol for remote control as a video machine. Ive got the usual commands such as play,record edit etc. What I was looking for any extra commands that are special to a sy88. This is to enhance control from a sony 9100editor which now lets you write your own interface.



LOU WEI louwei@public.bta.net.cn Sat Mar 8 00:03:00 EST 1997
I don't know how to reset "total drum time" and "drum search time" after replaced new HEAD DRUM ASSY (PT.NO.56001657-22).and,how can I get a TECHNICAL MANUAL.--CHINA TV-PRODUCTION CENTRE
Mr. Catfish zeus@well.com Thu Feb 27 20:01:30 EST 1997
I am very happy to find this web page and all the useful information contained herein. To all of the contributors, thanks. The DA88 is a great machine, particularly when combined with the SY-88 or Prism accessories. Some of you have decided to sprinkle the postings with some negativity and I would like to respond with a general comment.
I believe TASCAM has done a great job of providing an outstanding product. While many features are simple to use for a novice, many require a broader understanding of the underlining issues. This is particularly true with respect to transport cleaning (mistakes = buy a new head), sync (video or word clock), and the TDIF interface. If you don't understand why things are designed the way they are or how they work, please calm down and look for the answers as a professional would.
Sure, TASCAM could provide more information about the use of the DA88, and certainly they will with time, but in the meanwhile lets all learn what we can from one another and move forward as professionals. Thank you for your consideration.

Mauricio G. Ah Chu González mahchu@pty.com Tue Feb 25 23:15:49 EST 1997
Sorry for my too bad english! I'm from the Republic of Panamá, in my post-studio a have 2 DA88, recently I have some problems with one of the machines The ERROR light is frecuently on, and I read that in this cases we have to change the heads. But I bought the manteinance manual, and according with this I have and a TENSION AND TORQUE PROBLEM; I make all the adjust that the manual says, but the problem dissapears only a pair of days. My technician and I discarts that the heads are bad, because this machine only have 220 hours.

If some one can help me with some tip, Thack You anticipated.

If you know some TASCAM Technical Support in Miami or near. Said to me. Thaks.

Sam Bennett noiseboy@worldnet.att.net Sun Feb 23 22:06:53 EST 1997
Any word on when the MMC-38 is going to be released? Is this just a fabled device created to lure the home-studio owners to buy into the Da-38? Just got mine and like it so far but I definitely have plans to synch up with my PC.

Anyone have plans for making an extremely simple remote for the DA-38? Like just with play, record? No track arming or anything? Locate points would be nice...

Hooman Katirai hkatirai@novice.uwaterloo.ca Sun Feb 23 19:26:56 EST 1997
Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the impendence of the DA-88 in its analog output, or where I can get a spec-sheet with info like this?


Hernando Cuestas jhcuestas@colnet.com.co Mon Feb 17 18:46:17 EST 1997
Tengo tres DIGITAL MULTITRACK RECORDER DA-88 TASCAM, y quisiera saber donde y como conseguir el manual de servicio y actualizaciones.

Tengo problemas con la cinta SONY PRO-MP Hi8, y quisiera saber que tipo de cinta debo usar con estas máquinas.

Si alguien puede contestarme, pueden hacerlo a: jhcuestas@cetcol.com.co.

Gracias por su atencion.

M. Nathan audio@nathan.net Fri Feb 7 07:04:21 EST 1997
I have projects starting that were tracked on DA-88's. I would really enjoy getting my hands (or eyes) on a manual before these tapes show up with the machine. Is there a source on-line that I could research from or is my only option dealing with Tascam or the rental company?

Thanks for your reply

sdc pic@globalserve.on.ca Fri Feb 7 00:11:54 EST 1997
Does anyone out there have the schematic for the da88 error rate counter? It would be such a handy piece of test gear.
Christopher Murtagh Chriseh@islandnet.com Thu Feb 6 04:10:02 EST 1997
I have created some software to control the DA-88 with a timecode window using Midi Machine Control (Requires the Sy-88). This software was created using MAX (opcode MIDI software), but I can make an executable file for anyone who is interested. If you are interested in a copy (Free!) let me know. You can email me at Chriseh@islandnet.com
Tom Buchanan ksb@teleport.com Wed Feb 5 20:51:10 EST 1997
I'm a high school teacher who is setting up a video editing/midi/digital recording station for a class I'm teaching next year. I'm going to include a DA-88 in the suite.

I need some really good books or articles that would help me learn more about sync., time codes, even basic set-up and connection ideas.

The more specific to the DA-88 the better. Any ideas??? Thanks

Matt Darke e3320841@student.uq.edu.au Tue Jan 28 23:03:57 EST 1997
Thanks for the reply, but I'm looking for the PIN OUTs OF THE RC-848 DB15 port, not the RC-808 DIN Port. Otherwise, the rest of the message is the same as on Wednesday January 2nd. Thanks for your help...
Bart Hafeman Bartpro@columbia-center.org Mon Jan 27 12:51:43 EST 1997
I just got my heads replaced here in OR. The parts charge was $500. and the labor was $93. The total, $593. Not bad but I know the guy made a few hundred bucks on the part alone.
Kenny Campbell kennyc@ndirect.co.uk Fri Jan 24 14:43:53 EST 1997
Great to see a page devoted to these machines. I've had a couple of them for three years now and they have been a delight most of the time. I did have a problem after about six months where the S-ERR 01 messgae kept coming up. This proved to need an upgrade to the operating system , something to do with chip tolerances. Anyway, the guys at Tascam in the U.K. were great, even loaning me a couple of machines while they fixed mine. When they returned mine, they gave me a couple of new tapes to make up for the ones that had been damaged. These were Maxell P5-60HM -bq . According to the chief service guy they had done some tests and found these to be the best tapes for the DA88.
Bob Budd bob_budd@ycrdi.com Wed Jan 15 16:34:19 EST 1997
Kurzweil has recently released the DMTi. It is a digital audio format converter and sample rate converter. The digital audio input formats are AES/EBU or SPDIF coaxial (two or one coaxial/one optical), KDS (Kurzweil 8-channel digital interface), and MDM. The digital output formats are AES/EBU or SPDIF coaxial (four or three coaxial/one optical), KDS, and MDM. MDM is an acronym for the digital audio interface of popular eight-channel digital recorders. The DMTi presently supports ADAT and DA-88 digital formats. Sample rate input formats consists of any of the AES/EBU or SPDIF inputs, the MDM input, the KDS input, and a TTL-level "word clock" on BNC.
Gary Rowles growles@proaxis.com Fri Jan 17 01:10:55 EST 1997
Is there a supertech out there????? If you know of one, please email his address/name to me - I am at my wit's end with this system. Thanks, fellow sufferers!
Bill Walker Spawn@guppy.pond.net Sat Jan 18 17:25:01 EST 1997
I recently got a DA-38 and so far I love it. I have also have a mackie 1604 board, using the balanced connectors. I have had no propblems, and the thing sounds awesome. Anybody out there who is using DA-38's lets swap tips and tricks.
Mike mike@termiteart.com Tue Jan 21 19:16:46 EST 1997
Im looking to buy a used DA88 in the next couple of days... does anyone have one for sale or know where i might find a good deal?
Matt Darke e3320841@student.uq.edu.au Wed Jan 22 21:13:52 EST 1997
I'm needing find out the pin out diagram for the Remote In / Sync In port on the DA88. I need to get the remote lead off the floor and will have to make it around 11 metres long. Specs say that 6 metre is the max so I may need to build a buffer or something. If anyone can help me, or recommend a different plan of attack, just yell. Thanks Heaps.

This is what I have...

PIN		Signal
1 		Vcc (5 volts) 
2, 7,		shield Ground 
3		R Rst (out) 
4		R Ena (out) 
5		R Data (in) 
6		Rec Led (out) 
8		R Clk (out) 

Note that the pins are not "in sequence" in the plug! Clockwise, starting from after the 'notch', the numbers appear to be: 7, 3, 5, 2, 4, 1, 6. The center pin is 8.

Electrically, the outs are from a 74HC244-1P, clamped to Vcc and Ground with diodes, in series with 47 ohm resistors. The input has a 10kohm pull-up to Vcc, then a 220 ohm series resistor, then diode clamps to Vcc and Ground, and then goes to an input of a HC244P.

[ I'd guess you could safely extend the cable without buffering, use a good quality shielded cable and see if it works. ]


Nicolas lacoumette LNK@infonie.fr Sat Jan 11 21:57:44 EST 1997
I'm trying to sync two DA-88 (with SY-88) with cakewalk pro audio 4.0 , but I want to use audio within cakewalk !!Can someone tell me if it is possible ,and then how ?? thanks in advance .
Hank Dean deanprod@macon.mindspring.com Thu Jan 9 09:40:11 EST 1997
I have finally figured out what the problem was from my recent post concerning my da-88 dropout problem.The problem was that the first two da-88s were software version 3.03(the older one)while the third one was software 3.10(newer one).What I did was use the third one that I was having problems with(the one with the new software) as my lead machine and the oter two with the older software as the slaves rather than them(the older ones)being the lead offs.Now no problems and tehy all lock up quicker.Hope this helps someone.
Olivier Peeters olivier_peeters@ccmail.bms.com Wed Jan 8 11:42:20 EST 1997
I'm working with a Da88 and a Betacam SP UVW1800 machine with editing remote control. The DA88 is slaved to the video LTC via SY88, but I really don't have any idea what to feed in the video Sync in connections of the 3 devices! Does it need a kind of syncing box or something similar to work properly? If any suggestions let me know. Thanks in advance.
Hank Dean deanprod@macon.mindspring.com Mon Jan 6 21:26:52 EST 1997
I have 3 DA-88s and I am having a problem with the thrid one (last one in chain )timecode dropping out for a ouple of seconds.This only happens towards the middle to end of the tape.I have tried different tapes and it does this on all of them but never the same place twice.I have tried different sync cables,terminators,cleaned heads and don't know what else to do.The machine has low hours.I am putting the last tracks on a project now but cannot finish because the last machine is the only one with open tracks.Can someone please help? Thanks, Hank Dean
Mike Vance MJVTV@aol.com Wed Jan 1 17:09:15 EST 1997
$1200 for the Tascam TDIF to S/PDIF converter is absurd. What a complete rip off. I need to transfer digital tracks from a DA88 into a computer using a AudioMedia III card. I stupidly thought that a tape deck with digital output and an audio card with digital imput would allow digital transfers for something under a $1000. I am desperate for any workaround to this latest case of corporate greed and stupidity Thank you.
Mike Vance MJVTV@aol.com Wed Jan 1 17:08:33 EST 1997
I only recently learned that AES/EBU interface is XLR connectors. RCA connectors are called S/PDIF (Sony/Philips digital interface format). The DA-88 uses TDIF (Teac digital interface format) and is one 25 pin connector. My consumer DAT machine has optical in out (I don't know what that connector is called) and ADAT has yet another interface. Son of a b----! If that wasn't hard enough to figure out--now I'm trying to find out what the differences are beyond connectors. Is it possible to make an S/PDIF to AES/EBU adaptor the same way one would make say an RCA to XLR audio adaptor? Or is the transmission of the data itself different thus requiring very complicated and expensive electronic converters?
christian onemind@lix.intercom.es Thu Dec 26 18:05:08 EST 1996
i have a lot of troubles with drop out by copying from one da 88 to another da 88 (digital) is there someone who has the same problems or better -SOLUTIONS- thanks for help chris
ron guilmette mplante@mcimail.com Wed Dec 25 21:10:54 EST 1996
,He said he didn't know the number off hand and that's as far as I got.I decided to call a local guy with a good rep,( that is an official tascam tech).I asked If I paid him,if he'd show me how to clean the unit and he said he would. I did call another guy but he did'nt want to show me how to do his job.so I guess the moral to this story is to try to find someone to show you how to do it right and do it your self..... still can't beleave a major company would leave people hanging like this.
ronnie guilmette mplante@mcimail.com Wed Dec 25 21:10:01 EST 1996
Unrack ... drive an hour... pay a tech... drive an hour and re-install the unit EVERY FIFTY HOURS! I also asked if he could tell me how to clean the machine correctly. He was reluctant to give me any information probably because of warranty, etc. I also asked about how much head life was really taken away when you use the abrasive head cleaning tape As recommended. I've read on this web site50hours,The tech said there is a number, not that high,, but there is a number..And guess what?
ron guilmette mplante@mcimail.com Wed Dec 25 21:08:53 EST 1996
I recently read some of the Q/As on cleaning the da88 ,So I called Tascams tech support. there's alot to be said for 800 numbers, which by the way, Tascam is a toll call. The tech. that I spoke with recomended that I only use the cleaning tape supplied with the unit "in a pinch", and that I should have the unit cleaned by a pro Tascam tech (how convenient).
Brian K. Holling bhollin2@ix.com.netcom Sun Dec 22 17:10:44 EST 1996
hi again, sorry but when I sent my last Msg to you about the latest & greatest software I told you that it was 4.10, well I was wrong............ it really is called version 4, but I should have said that it was 4.01 sorry, :) Brian K. Holling Senior Digital Tech dBm Pro Audio/Music Services
Geno Porfido smilinpig@earthlink.net Thu Dec 19 18:39:34 EST 1996
Ok....info time :) I love the DA 38's ...they definitely sound better than the 88's... more natural. BUT..I've had 2 units with transport problems already!! Loud, rough tape handling on one....kinda like a 'clacking' noise on the other. Both machines, brand new, not an hour on 'em. Two different stores, three months apart. Anyone else having these problems from the factory with brand spankin' new units?? Or...am I just havin' a run O' bad luck...( yipes!) My third machine ( to be returned...3 for 3...) was dropped somewhere along the line. I pull it out of the box.... and Holy Sh*t!@....a whole SIDE rack ear and the tape slot were literally bent beyond belief! The box was barely mushed. ..poor packaging maybe, or as with the transports, maybe a bad run?? Any info/ replies appreciated. Geno....... Boulevard Recording Co. New Milford NJ
Phil Calvert pcalvert@csun.edu Thu Dec 12 14:23:12 EST 1996
HI,I'm instrested if anyone is using the Prism Sound box with a DA-38. Is it worth the $2410 list price?--phil
Geno POrfido smilinpig@earthlink.net Mon Dec 9 15:30:30 EST 1996
Question...some of the studios I engineer at have been charging format time to clients..I guess tacking on an hour for 64 min tapes etc......but I'm not sure if it's PER tape....or per batch ( re: 3 tapes for 24 track...) Anyone else doing this ( it DOES make some sense seeing that it takes an hour and it IS machine wear? ) and if so, what ARE you charging?? Just curious...and I want to do the right thing on both ends... THANKS....


matt longshot@sympatico.ca Fri Dec 6 01:26:18 EST 1996
I recently bought 2 da-88's that were previously used. All the liturature I read made them sound almost indestuctable, but I'm having costant problems with errors, distortion and dropouts. I've cleaned the machine twice taking the advice you gave as best I could. It seems to work for a few minuits then the errors come back. Does this sound like a bad head or just in need of a pro cleaning?
Peter Bovadikov Jr. PBovadi@NCSUS.JNJ.com Mon Nov 25 13:43:45 EST 1996
Help! Passed a da-88 tape way too many times and it's developed some digital pops. I need to make a copy of it to save some cymbal tracks. If your in the Trenton N.J. area and have a Da-88 e-mail me or call at... 908-788-9788 home 908-685-3408 work I'll gladly pay a reasonable sum for the favor.
Christopher Murtagh chriseh@islandnet.com Sat Nov 23 15:07:23 EST 1996
I am currently creating a MIDI Machine Control interface for my DA-88 using MAX. unfortunat of trouble finding the specs for MMC. If anyone wcan find such a beast could you please email me the location/info? This is for an assignment in one of my programming classes at McGill university in Montreal Canada. If the info is helpfull I will send you a copy of the final project. (it should give you full control of up to 3 DA-88s for Macintosh only though sorry)
Doug dooglas@teleport.com Thu Nov 21 12:34:37 EST 1996
I am using Performer 5.5 and a DA88 w/SY88 card. I purchased a MMC88 to use system exclusive commands to control track shift and vari speed via midi. I use the SY88 for sync and MMC commands with no problems. (other than the initial set-up) I am using the consoles supplied by Mark of the Unicorn but so far have not been able to get the DA88 to respond to the sysex I am sending. The wonderful 4 page manual has not been much help. Got any ideas???
Richard Bock richard_bock@pleasantco.com Mon Nov 18 19:18:42 EST 1996
I'm using a da-88 w/SY-88 to sync to my Mac running Deck. My problem is when I need to record midi info at the same time as audio data on the da-88, I'm out of midi ins on my interface. When I try to run the midi device thru the sy-88 thru port, time code is not sent. Seems the time code will only transmit thru the midi out port. Is there something I'm missing here? Seems as if I should be able to receive time code and midi info both at the same time. Any ideas?
Bob litmvxoo@ccmail.boeing.com Fri Nov 15 12:13:11 EST 1996
sound on sound ...title I think...article on cleaning DA-88. Oct. issue.
Michael Litherland litmvx00@ccmail.boeing.com Wed Nov 6 18:48:59 EST 1996
I just recently started having a problem with my 88. This happens both on previously recorded tapes or newly formatted tapes. I go to set a memo point either 1 or 2 and I get the message "no t-code". And no memo points are being locked into the machine. Has anyone else experienced this Problem? Thanks, Mike
B. Stacey fabday@worldchat.com Wed Nov 6 09:47:46 EST 1996
Great to see the D-88 page! I've got two machines running with an additional 24 tracks non linear Roland DM-80 systems. Roland also makes an interface for the D-88 to dump d-d to the non linear 8 track system. Anyone have any definitive info on the wet cleaning kit for the D-88. I'd sure be interested. Reading all about the head wear using the cleaning cassettes gives me the jeebees!
Dave Traugh pkb00536@alpha.wvup.wvnet.edu Mon Nov 4 15:40:49 EST 1996
I have a 2 year old DA88 and a brand new DA38. Both have problems kicking into high speed rewind and FF. The newer 38 seems worse. Eric in Teac Tech support said the units needed serviced. Anybody else had this problem. Both units struggle, then display an error message, making me turn the machine off and on again. It appears that the motor doesn't have enough juice to start the tape rolling. Possible design flaw or manufacturer's improper calibration from factory?

Let me know if you've had any similar experiences.

joel seaside recording joel@maui.net Fri Oct 25 14:18:35 EDT 1996
Thanks for maintaining this page. I saw an ad in Mix magazine for a wet cleaning kit for DA-88. The company said it was a cartridge and that it caused no wear to the head. Has anyone out there had experience with this?
Geno Porfido smilinpig@earthlink.net Sun Oct 20 02:24:07 EDT 1996
Hey..... Picked up 3 DA-38's...I find them quite a bit warmer than the 88's, if that's possible ( Guess It is; they changed the converters a bit, yes?? :) No side by side comparison, but I've done a few records on the 88's...anyone compare them yet? Only beef..I'm dyin' to put my meter bridges on the RC-848 but word is you can't ( I don't have all three hooked in yet) Supposedly, Tascam is aware of this being a major bitch point, and they are supposed to be 'addressing' the issue. Anyone heard anything? Also, anyone using '38's, have any good/bad experiences, tips etc? Always welcome. As I get into the trenches ( whole studio being rebuilt ground up; ... can't wait :), I'll post my experiences. They'll get a hell of a workout. See ya...anything I can help with, drop a line. Hi Eddie :) Thanks...

Geno Porfido Chief Engineer/Owner Boulevard Recording Co. 280 Boulevard New Milford NJ 07646

Eddie Ciletti edaudio@interport.net Wed Oct 16 10:01:01 EDT 1996
Hello (again!)

I discovered your very helpful site and just wanted you to know that I have provided a link to it from http://www.users.interport.net/~edaudio/ /

please drop by. I am not finished yet (who is?) but I have some stuff you might be interested in.


Eddie Ciletti edaudio@interport.net Wed Oct 9 11:29:58 EDT 1996
Visit my own humble web pages for more DA-88 info


matt warren/ Psycho-Kitty Rec mlw@lanminds.com Mon Oct 7 18:34:32 EDT 1996
dose anyone know anything about the output level discrepency between the da88 and da38. I am using bal outs on both through -15dB pads into a soudtracks TOPAZ set for +4 opp.HALP!!!!
R. Bormann rbormann@netgate.com.br Tue Sep 24 07:58:25 EDT 1996
To J.Murphy.

I read your message on the da88 page and remembered to have seen something like this in the rc848 manual. There are two places you can try to get this signal out: On the EXT1 connector, also called ACCESSORY1 that is a 37 pin sub-d connector located on the back side of the remote. The pins are #6, called REC OUT (LOW ACTIVE) and #15, named REC TALLY IN. I never used them to drive external circuits, but if you are careful and skilled in electronics, I guess that there wil be no harm to the remote control. It´s up to you. Best regards R. Bormann

Brian Reitz bdr@cray.com Mon Sep 16 16:51:52 EDT 1996
I'm wondering if anybody has attempted to connect the +4 balanced sends and returns of the DA-88 to a unbalanced +4 board. I have a Studiomaster P7 that can be modified to run +4 unbalanced. I'd like to run my DA-88 with the +4 sends/returns as I mostly record with outboard mic pre's that are all +4.

My current plan is to build my own DB25 - 1/4" cables and wire them as follows:

Tape output: + (hot) to 1/4" tip. - (cold) to 1/4" sleeve. float the Ground.

Tape input: + (hot) to 1/4" tip. - (cold) to 1/4" sleeve. Gang all the - (cold)'s together and connect to one of the input ground's not used yet.

Has anybody tried this?

Thanks, Brian

Brian Reitz bdr@cray.com Mon Sep 16 16:51:02 EDT 1996
I'm wondering if anybody has attempted to connect the +4 balanced sends and returns of the DA-88 to a unbalanced +4 board. I have a Studiomaster P7 that can be modified to run +4 unbalanced. I'd like to run my DA-88 with the +4 sends/returns as I mostly record with outboard mic pre's that are all +4.

My current plan is to build my own DB25 - 1/4" cables and wire them as follows:

Tape output: + (hot) to 1/4" tip. - (cold) to 1/4" sleeve. float the Ground.

Tape input: + (hot) to 1/4" tip. - (cold) to 1/4" sleeve. Gang all the - (cold)'s together and connect to one of the input ground's not used yet.

Has anybody tried this?

Thanks, Brian

Anthony Seegobin seeg@trinidad.net Thu Sep 5 22:49:27 EDT 1996
Isnt the net great..here i am with a problem with my da88 and i look and find this page.. as i said i got a da88 for just about a year, worked fine but now the error light stays on in play mode and there is a random clicking noise on all channels..sounds a bit like some time of static noise...cleaning head does not help..is my head bad?? any ideas as to my problem.. thanks
R.Bormann rbormann@netgate.com.br Mon Sep 2 08:03:51 EDT 1996
Dear Jens: I gave my hardcopy of your fantastic home page to the guy form Tascam. He found it very useful, but when I tried to contac it again, there was no way! No browser could find it anyway!!! I had to call the guy to ask him to give me the address. What(who)is wrong? Thans for your nice home page, and I hope to be giving good information to all the da88 tribe. If something new pops up, be sure I'll send to you.
R. Bormann rbormann@netgate.com.br Mon Sep 2 07:57:25 EDT 1996
I already got the answer for my own question: If somebody wants to know all you need for maintaining da88's is, a good 100Mhz scope, a pair of alignment tapes, a torque measuring tape, a test jig (Tektronics), a bunch of manuals and lots of knowledge... It (material) will cost you about U$ 2000,00! I would like to know about the prices people pay for service on their da88's around the world. I would really appreciate this info. The most important difference between 88's and 38's is that 38's cant support SY88 boards. Sorry...
R. Bormann rbormann@netgate.com.br Mon Sep 2 07:55:27 EDT 1996
I'm sorry but the Email I posted on my first comment is no longer active. This one is correct. My message now is that I've been talking to an official maintainer from Tascam, and now I have a good idea of a few questions I've seen here. One is about head wear. The cleaning tape is so bad that Tascam is upgrading the new da88's to an auto cleaner fit inside the transports. Ask your maintenance technician. New version software version. It's 4.00. The guy of Tascam sad that they are to start an Official Tascam web page. Let's wait. Another hint: 99.99% of the da88 failures are in the transport! Keep it clean! Audio tape are best suited for da88's, Tascam words...
John Murphy jmurphy@nai.net Mon Aug 26 15:10:27 EDT 1996
I'm interested in adding a few recording lights (indicators) to some areas of my building. Is there any way to get a signal from the DA88 when in record mode to drive such a circuit.?
R. Bormann Bormann@furnas.com.gov.br Mon Aug 26 12:48:23 EDT 1996
Does anybody knows what could be the minimum equipment needed to fix DA88 machines? I am planning to fix them here in Brazil, and I will be the only one around! Thanks in advance.
Martin Baird martin_baird@acd.org Thu Aug 8 23:30:07 EDT 1996
I am having trouble controlling my DA-88 (ver. 4.01) and SY-88 sync card with MIDI Machine Conrol from my Mac running MOTU Digital Performer 1.71. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks, Martin Baird
Gerry Valle gerry@qcworld.com Wed Aug 7 17:53:08 EDT 1996
I just got a DA-38 and was wondering how (if it is possible) I can stripe tracks on it for syncing with my computer sequencer. I have a MIDI sync box (I don't think it generates MMC or SMPTE) that I've used to sync my keyboard to my 4-track and I want to know if I can use it to slave my computer to the DA-38, since the DA-38 would be the slowest to catch up.

My 4-track had a "sync out" jack for syncing. For the DA-38, should I instead just use a normal output (bal/unbal) to send the signal to the MIDI box?

Thanks for any help,


Pete Bovadikov pbovadik@ncsus.jnj.com Tue Jul 30 14:48:03 EDT 1996
I just got MMC going with my DA-88 and the MMC-88 interface. I'm using Cakewalk Pro(with MMC support). It ONLY took me a month of tinkering and talking to tech support guys to do it. The two major hints to keep in mind in mind are...

1. Sample rate must be 48hz or it slows down sequence

2. At least 3 blank measures at the beginning of sequence for catch-up time for the DA-88

So now the sequencer runs the show instead of the deck(smpte). The DA-88 waits while you're editing in Cakewalk until you hit play. It's a thing of beauty.

Justin Zipperle zippej@rpi.edu Mon Jul 22 21:46:14 EDT 1996
I just ordered a DA-38 to sync with my DA-88. I was given a DA-88 as a loaner until my DA-38 comes in. I synced up the two machines and tried running them in sync but I ran into a problem - The slave will chase to the master in stop mode but as soon as I go to play, it has to catch up and it can take anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds! I switched decks to see if it had something to do with one of them but it's still happenning... There's no offset, both decks have v3.10, etc... I'm a computer consultant during the day so I do a lot of troubleshooting and I don't like to lose!!!

Teac Tech Support says to try replacing the sync cable and terminator plug... What are some ideas? Anyone ever heard of this before?

Maintainer (Jens J.) jens@panix.com Mon Jul 22 13:42:59 EDT 1996
It appears that the posting feature has been broken for a few days, due to a mistake I made when editing the file. It should work now. -J
P.K.SCHOENENBERGER conserv@hkstar.com Wed Jul 3 07:07:07 EDT 1996
DA-88 Video link Have successfully synchronised the DA88 with the computer using the MIDI performer software by adding the SY88. It works greath. However is it possible to link resp.synchronise my Sony HI8 VideoCassette recorder/player type EVS9000E EV9000 do have a timecode writing. Does anybody has experience or can help? Best regards P.K.
sivaram.V sivaram@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in Sun Jun 30 06:39:55 EDT 1996
I appriciate your dedication in maintaining information on the maintenance aspects of the Professional products. In India,I serve the Post Production studios and the service professionals by keeping them updated on all technical service information and spares support. At present I maintain a stock on Sony U matic,Business and professional equipment spares. I want to stock Tascam parts.Who will be the right supplier at the most competitive cost? Kindly let me know the e mail or fax address of the stockists. Best regards, Sivaram.V
Clyde Roberts clyde@frontier.wilpaterson.edu Wed Jun 26 23:16:42 EDT 1996
Thanks for the info! I've had my DA-88 for over a year now and have used the head cleaner tape twice in that period. I'm pissed off at myself for not realizing that Tascam's motive was to get those machines in for maintenance service, coporate America at its best! BTW, I've been trying to find a DA-38, there seems to be a real drought in the NY area. Any info as to when they are going to be shipped again, and what is the opinion of people who already have them?

Two times is not so bad. It's when you get despereate and run it dozens of times that it could be a problem! I think the DA38 has just been released (june?), it's always like that -- takes a month or so before you see them in stores. -J

matt warren mlw@lanminds.com Mon Jun 24 19:36:59 EDT 1996
Hay TASCAM, Get off your corporate lazy asses and get a web page!

ps this thing keeps telling me "incompleate post try again"

what the hell is this?

Some sort of bug... sigh. Or could it be some panix web server weirdness? I'll try to fix it one of these days. It appears the text usually gets posted though. -J

Drew Smith bridge1@primenet.com Sat Jun 22 13:00:01 EDT 1996
An update for everyone. I had the ERROR light that wouldn't go off, so I sent the unit to TASCAM and sure enough I needed a new head. My head had less than 600 hours on it! My serial number was 100XXX so it was an older unit without the head brush sytem. Also I live in Phoenix, Arizona and to say the least it's dusty here! The tech told me it was real dirty inside and it cost me a little over $500 to be replaced. I wish they had designed some sort of filter system for the air being drawn into the machine for cooling. What were those engineers thinking about????!!!! Anyway, I'll be selling this almost brand new (now!) DA-88 in a few months, so if you're interested, e-mail me and we can talk $$$.
dafi dafi05@idola.net.id Thu Jun 20 10:01:22 EDT 1996
i am using 16 tracks da 88 about 2 years and i have problem that always error,i want to know how old can i use head of da88/
Mark Dyde markd@sync.co.uk Tue Jun 18 11:42:45 EDT 1996
I am running 2 DA-88s with Cubase Audio 3.0 XT. Only 1 DA-88 has an SY-88. How do I address the second DA-88 from cubase, e.g for track arming etc.
Mark Briody mbriody@shepards.com Thu Jun 13 13:04:17 EDT 1996
I am a DA-88 user and I am planning on adding a DAW to my studio. Is it possible (or feasible) to do digital transfers between my DA-88 and the computer. Specifically, could I digitally transfer a track from the DA-88 to the computer, then use the editing, eq, effects, etc of the computer then digitally transfer the track back to the DA-88. AND keep everything in sync. I do so much track cleanup on my DA-88, I figure that by doing it with a DAW I could save transport wear and tear. Thanks


It should be possible, but keeping it in sync is a different story, at least if you need it to be sample accurate. I've dabbled with this type of thing as well, but only with two tracks at a time (using the IF88AE interface and a cheap two track PC DAW) and the only way I could figure out to lock it up sample accurate again is to include a burst of white noise at the beginning of all the tracks (identical on all tracks then), transfer a pair of tracks to the DAW, do the copying/editing/whatever, transfer them back to a slaved DA88, and then tweak the track offset times while listening to the noise from both the original and the newly transfered tracks. It's a fucking hassle, don't try it. :) But maybe something like ProTools can handle this type of thing, I'm not certain. Obviously, if you delete or add samples to the file it's not going to be in sample sync anyway so it doesn'treally matter) -J

Rob Khurana rkhurana@ccs.carleton.ca Wed Jun 12 18:09:18 EDT 1996
Hi Everyone,

I am going to purchase a DA-88 shortly but need some helpful advice. I want to sync up the DA-88 with my Roland MC-50 Sequencer and am wondering whether I need to buy the SY-88 sync card? I read somewhere that the new Mark of the Unicorn Digital Time Piece can sync the DA-88 up without the need for the SY-88. I figured buying the Digital Time Piece might be best since I will eventually upgrade to a computer based sequencer. If I can't use the MOTU synchro unit , can anyone tell me what hardware I will require to lock the DA-88 with my MC-50 sequencer? Also, does anyone happen to know if my MC-50 can be locked to the DA-88 with SMPTE? Thanks, Rob Khurana, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Don't know anything about the MTP, sorry! Anyone? You could always sacrifice one of the tracks for smpte, but the most hassle-free way to go IMHO would be get the SY-88 from the start and just use the MTC it generates. -J

Bruno Coon exu@earthlink.com Tue Jun 11 00:35:28 EDT 1996
Hi all,

Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the Analog D-sub 25 connectors? I can't find the one that came with my date-y-ate, and I'm trying to wire some cables .

If so please e-me either at the above or at exu@aol.com Many thanks.

OK, here goes: (1,14,2) = hot,cold,ground for channel 8. (15,3,16) = ch 7. (4,17,5) = ch 6. (18,6,19) = ch 5. (7,20,8) = ch 4. (21,9,22) = ch 3. (10,23,11) = ch 2. (24,12,25) = ch 1. (pin 13 is unused.)


Matt mcmay@trumpet.aix.calpoly.edu Thu May 30 02:56:52 EDT 1996
Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any info on using a terminator plug to end a sync chain with multiple DA-88's. Can I use a generic computer D-sub 15 terminator, or is there some special TASCAM terminator that needs to be used? I have heard that using a computer cable as a sync cable can be used if you cut pins 12 and 13- perhaps I should do the same with a terminator?? Any suggestions?
millagro millagro@aol.com Mon May 20 22:34:35 EDT 1996
I want to buy a used da88

Well, if anyone sees this and has one to sell, just use the mailto link! -J

pietro mantovani acquaviva@val.it Sun May 19 16:16:47 EDT 1996
I would like to know the "real" average living time of da88 heads could anyone help me?

1000 hrs head time nominal. This is the guaranteed life I think. I have no idea what the "MTBF" is. "Real" time will depend on usage. If you figure 10 hrs/week it will be 1000/10 = 100 weeks or 2 years. If you run them 24 hrs/day I guess it will be 41 days! -J

S.Kartadinata sk@zkm.de Wed May 8 04:32:41 EDT 1996
Anybody knows where I can find the TDIF specification ? Thanks.

I am looking for this as well, but it's not as urgent now that I have the Tascam AES/EBU interface. (Which works very good, I might add)

OK, I have the pin-out now. It seems to raise some interesting possibilities as it might be possible to build a passive digital patch bay for these machines. -J

Drew Smith bridge1@primenet.com Sun Apr 28 18:22:27 EDT 1996
I've just gotten the dreaded ERROR light that comes on and stays on for just about all of my tapes (Mostly Sony MP) and was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and what was needed to fix it. The manual states that if this happens "Take the unit to your nearest authorized dealer for service." This is not much help now is it? Any clues?


It could be the dreaded "worn out head"! They are only guaranteed to last abou 1000 hours I think. Rumor has it that running the cleaning cassette will cost you about 50 hours for each cleaning, too. -J

DC DC1234@ix.netcom.com Wed Apr 24 01:27:32 EDT 1996
I recently recorded an album on Tascam DA-88 equipment. When we got through I discovered that the tape stock used was HI8 Video as opposed to HI8 Audio.

Although the finished product sounds fine, I'm wondering if the audio version of this format is better for recording Audio or if it's all the same tape inside cassettes marked "Video" or "Audio" for marketing purposes.

Are the two types the same or did my engineer screw up big time? The work was done in a third world country where they don't read English and wouldn't especially "know better".

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

I use video tape with no problems. At least I don't think it matters at all. -J

Guy Yarden yrg@pipeline.com Tue Apr 23 14:47:46 EDT 1996
I've had my DA-88 just over one year and I'm experiencing problems with the locate points. For example if I set locate point into Mem 1, when I hit Loc 1 the tape rewinds to the correct point on the display, but once I press Play, the tape will start anywhere from a few seconds after the locate point to several seconds before. Any clues?

No, sounds weird. Ours start pretty much exactly the same time after every locate. -J

Steve Van Beckum bridge@online.dct.com Tue Apr 16 12:13:05 EDT 1996
I'm wondering about the possibility of syncing my TSR-8 to my DA-88 giving me sixteen tracks and master controlling that set up with my RC-848 Any body Got any ideas?
DLevy levyd@pa.net Sun Apr 14 21:57:14 EDT 1996
Need help finding other options to Tascam's TDIF interface for AES & SP/dif. Got any cheaper alternatives ? Thanks in advance !

There's a company called "Spectral" that makes something that looks quite interesting: it interfaces between TDIF, AESEBU, and the Alesis ADAT format. "Spectral Translator Plus" or some such name. -J

Bruce Tambling Tambling@netgate.net Sun Apr 14 06:52:31 EDT 1996
I plan to sync, 3 DA-88's to an Otari MX-80 Analog 2" 24 track w/Dolby SR. Have directions from Otari to modify the playback card for the smpte trck to play stmpte even in rewind or fastforward. Tascam said that the DA-88 will read "very high speed smpte".But how fast is that? What do you think is the best way to sync them all up? And,how much longer are we going to be using tape anyway? I also have 16 track ProTools III system- It seems close to being able to get the job done. What do you think?
Bill Ray ray@engr.latech.edu Mon Apr 1 14:37:19 EST 1996
I may be a different animal from most of your users. I know little about audio engineering, but have purchased a TASCAM DA-88 to record lung sounds (like a stethescope would hear) for analysis.

I am looking for recommendations for taking the data off a channel to do spectrum analysis. Any clues?

Bill Ray Louisiana Tech University

P.K.Schoenenberger conserv@hkstar.com Mon Mar 18 00:44:19 EST 1996
Hi guys Hav a DA88 and would like to synchronise with my SONY Video cassette recorder Type EV S9000E for video editing resp.sound mixing. Does anybody knows wether this is possible, event. using SY88 ? Yr help is much appreciated. Best regards Peter

You would need a SY88. If the VCR it has a 9-pin type controller port output it should work. Otherwise, if it's a consumer VCR or something, you can always sacrifice one of the audio tracks for time code.. -J

mark harris mharris@vcnet.com Sun Mar 17 21:34:04 EST 1996
what are the mixdown capabilities of the 88?

Internally, none. Between two machines with a digital cable you can copy digitally between corresponding tracks (machine 1, track 1 to machine 2, track 1; 1/2 -> 2/2; etc). Of course you can use an analog mixer.. by default, the analog outputs have a 42 sample prelay to compensate for the conversion time in the da/ad converter chain -- so no phase problems result later on play back. -J

Tony Vincent strascinal@belmont.edu Thu Mar 14 20:57:36 EST 1996
I'm currently running MOTU's Performer 5.02 w/ a MIDI Time Piece as my interface. What is the best way to lock the two units together (for recording) via Time Code? Because I have the sync card in the DA-88, can this be done using MIDI in & out from each of the units, or must you sync them together by using audio? Can someone help me out?

I would suggest using Midi Time Code (MTC). On the "S1" dip switch bank (visible thru the SY88 back panel) lip the "#2" switch "UP" (to the "0" position) to enable the SY88 to output MTC, and connect this to your sequencer. Which of course needs to have "sync to MTC" enabled.

The only other dip switches I've had to twiddle are inside the unit (you need to take out the SY88 board). They are on dip switch "S2", switch #6 and #7, controlling MTC output in the STOP and FF/REW modes, respectively. ("1" means "don't output MTC"). When not in "play", the SY88 is by default sending the long MTC messages -- the reason I had to shut them off is that they interfered with a merge box I used. Oh, and for the "S2/#6-7" stuff above, the SY88 version needs to be higher than 3.06, BTW. -J

Nathan ncmusic@netvision.net.il Sun Mar 10 15:51:32 EST 1996
MMC (Midi Machine Control) between Audio Logic (Mac) and DA-88. No luck on my side so far (just partial). Any step by step guidance
AVI tomix@netvision.net.il Mon Mar 4 07:44:49 EST 1996
How can I avoid digital clicks on the audio stuff on the tape? Is there any links between digital clicks and the kind of tapes? I'm using 3M tapes.
We've had very few click problems since switching to Somy HMP or HMPX tape. Also, if your DA88 has a serial number lower than 210 000, there is a hardware upgrade, contact the nearest service center -- it's performed routinely whenever these older machines are in the shop. -J

Njaal njaal@powertech.no Thu Feb 29 02:35:35 EST 1996
Do you know anything about the errormessage: S-ERR-11 ?

I've got it on two different DA-88 in 5 days. It has something to do with the Eject mecanism, I think. I used BASF tape.

Njaal F.
See above. -J

Didier Richard drichard@seker.es Fri Feb 16 20:17:38 EST 1996
pin layout for TDIF-II: It's the reverse pin order, respectively, low and high row 1 to 13; 2 to 12; 3 to 11, etc... and then the same on the lower row: 14 to 25.
best regards Didier Richard Barcelona.