Some pix from the "Elements" sessions in Finland 2002

Slightly hung over in Hästfittan

Spiritual guide for the whole project

Setting up for demo mix at Hästfittan

View from the famous Hästfittan sauna

Demo mix is completed!

Filling upp Finnvox 'B' sitting room completely with gear...

A bet of 100 Euro was lost! But payment in coins or bills was not agreed on before the bet was made...

Pensive Jörg on rainy train to Pitäjänmäki (where Finnvox is)

Helsinki central station

Karmila's bike (partial payment from another client!)

Stardom, rock, coffee or love. At Finnvox, they can get it for you.
On the other hand, that button which opens the front door is not connected.

Studio 'Huoneistohotelli' in the Albertinkatu penthouse flat

Night-time photo session with Marc Villalonga near Jollaksenlahti

Karmila happy at work!

Studio Huoneistohotelli. :)


Welcome to Macintosh.

The remains of more spent Inspiration.

Very expensive door stop.

Gas, Grapow, Kotipelto.

The mysteries of life: "Why does he only hold one beer when he has two hands?"

More inspiration!

The A-katu flat was reserved, so rest of keyboards are being done in Studio Ramada!