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  • Hey! Take a look at Kajplats 305
    home page:
  • Jens I wanted to make the Glenn Hughes page clickable and I hope it worked. :) -Lewis
  • Go see Bianca
    Internetadress: http//^empire/html. och läs det bisarra
  • är den rätta adressen till
    HREF="">Flashback hoppas jag, sa Sukis.
    is theWheather in Stockholm,
    played I was trying
  • Go see the BurninGnome
    =""> Homepage och E-mail. Men det tar lite
  • Ali was here!
    href="">John H S@v@ge's Homepage and href="">Sture Sävert's

    SPAM Haiku.
    hear some Blues!
  • hello jens, visit my web site at
    Please visit my site.
    (img src="
    (h2)(a href="")NEW
    trade, here's mine... *lol*
    href=""> CRACKERS
  • Hey Jens, Mail Me and I'll send you a copy of my instrumental synth CD. You might like it, if not, it makes one hell of a pretty coaster..
  • Tjena jens nu har jag en hemsida på och e-mail:
    (img src="")
    * please access (
    http://www. Influenced by Jens, Yngwie, along
    again: The "e" in Everence must be
    href="") (IMG
    src=""> Percy Jones.
  • It's my Stratovarius french site !!! I'm Enjoy! And try and get some sleep,
    a look, mate: You might be interested in
    my PICKS as well: (ever heard of
    (embed src="" width="40" height="20" controls="playbutton" autostart="true")
    (a href="")(img src="" border="0")(/a)
  • . great new album-Visions- visit me at .
    Lyssna gärna:
    EVERENCE invites you to check out its newly updated official web site, located at
    might be able to work out a different deal. Anyway, I really love guitar music... I'm a big fan of Yngwie, Impellitteri, Jason Becker, and guys like that. Well, I hope to hear from some of you guys soon. You can check out my web-site at You can e-mail me at ...THANKS!..... Joseph Anastacio Glean
  • BarbarianZ homepage -

    (a href="" OnMouseOver="window.status='The Peter Oljelund Website';return true" OnMouseOut="window.status='';return true")(img src="" border="0")(/a)
    (a href="")(img src="" border=0)(/a)
    Mvh/Cheers Hasse Sukis
  • Check out an awesome prog-rock band!! Check Out Overhead's new
  • Allå allå
  • If you'd like to see the official home page of Symphony X (the band that Jens mentions so often here at his site) Check it out at:
  • Du är min favorit-keyboardspelare, Jens! Du är helt fantastisk! TACK för alla Dina toner!! /Egon "Ehom" Lundberg, basist från norr ( )

  • check this out Wicked pissa
  • Du är helt enkelt bäst, Jens! Kan inte få nog av din musik! Hoppas få lira med dig ngn dag! Jag har den drömmen. Ha det bra! /Egon, basist i Palt Fiction
  • Celebrities in RARE form!!!
    i will put a link to your site in my site
  • Hey Jens! I think you're one "wild and crazy guy"!!Cool website!! Check out mine..
  • (A HREF=" SRC="")(/A)
    So here's the URL...
  • Hi, enter to to see how's Mexico is doing it with Power Metal...
  • The Bass Of Ehom :-)"");
  • check out my site guys :-)
  • :)
  • http://WWW.NHORIZON.IT by Fab
    Gaia Metal
  • Tower of Stone site updated! =)
    Jens Johansson Medley
    (font size="5" color="orange")(a href="")Jens Johansson Solo Medley(/a)(/font)
  • tesuto