June 10, 2003

Tungsten C Day 7 -- Graffiti 2 Nits

After 6 years using Graffiti, it's been a bit of an adjustment for my fingers to start using Graffiti 2, the patent-driven new text entry method chosen by Palm. Most of the letters are similar to the old Graffiti, as are all the numbers, but there are some serious differences (e.g. drawing capital letters down the divider between text and graphic entry) that keep getting me in trouble.

A few other nits and thoughts:

  • It's almost impossible to draw a lowercase L followed by a space -- the Palm keeps thinking I'm drawing a letter T instead. :(

  • The need to draw on the screen rather than using a (non-existent) Graffiti area has one downside: as with the Screenwrite hack I used on my IIIxe, you need to hold the stylus on the screen a few seconds before the Palm realizes that you want to select something rather than write a character.

  • Getting a comma rather than a J is a real trick.

  • The fact that a single tap draws a period, rather than double taps, keeps tripping me up. I end up with periods where they don't belong.

  • The need to shift for certain punctuation marks but not others, and to use one side or the other depending on the mark, is truly annoying.

  • I often use a Bullet character when taking notes. Under Graffiti 2, a bullet requires about 5 awkward strokes, including a shifts, a dot, two lines and another shift. Instead, I've set up a short cut of .. to make a bullet. Just draw the shortcut character (the loop-the-loop) and two quick periods, and I get a bullet.

Anyway, it's still cool...and I was able to wirelessly browse at the CompUSA in Happauge today! {Jonathan}

Posted by jezor at June 10, 2003 06:13 PM

when you write an L, do it somewhat over to the side so that the line for the space doesn't cross it. Hope that helps ;)

Posted by: Boog at March 26, 2004 07:15 AM

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