June 26, 2003

Tungsten C Day 23 -- OS Update Issues

Yesterday, Palm released a software update for the Tungsten C, fixing various problems with some of the built-in programs. The most well-known problem lno be fixed was a clicking or buzzing from the speaker, even with the System sounds turned off.

The actual installation was fairly straightforward, if you followed the steps properly. I first checked that I had the appropriate version of the Tungsten C (I did), and that the MAC address reported by the software matched the sticker on the back of the unit (ditto). I then did a complete Hotsync to back up everything, and install the TCUpdate program I downloaded from Palm. (One caveat: I use Blue Nomad's BackupBuddy to make sure everything gets saved during a Hotsync, including all preferences. I have no idea whether a regular Hotsync would work the same way.) After I ran the TCUpdate program, it updated the ROM and reset the Tungsten C to its original state (i.e. no programs installed or settings customized). One rather long Hotsync later, I was back in business with the new ROM, and was able to delete the TCUpdate program from the Tungsten.

One problem: there was a new issue with the sound. For just about every Palm handheld I've ever used (including the pre-updated Tungsten C), the volume for the system, game and alarm sounds could each be separately adjusted. Once I did the update, though, the alarm wouldn't make any noise even at high volume unless I set the system sound to at least "low". This is annoying to say the least, as I generally leave the system and game sound off.

I'm trying to research this now, to see if any other users are experiencing similar concerns with the new update. If not, it might have something to do with my software configuration. I'll let you all know. {Jonathan}

Posted by jezor at June 26, 2003 12:03 PM
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