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We held our
at the V & T Restaurant
at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, October 29, 2003

In attendance were the usual recidivists: Polly Bookhout, Jim O'Reilly, and Neil Wotherspoon. We were joined by a new friend, Willi Kusche, librarian of the Princeton Apple Users Group, who came up from South Jersey after reading about this meeting on our website. Willi admitted that not only was he a user but that he had compounded his addiction by actually programming the Apple II! Following are photos of the suspects.


[Photo: Pizza SIG] Polly took this picture of Jim, Willi, and Neil.



[Photo: Pizza SIG]Jim took this picture of Willi, Neil, and Polly.



[Photo: Pizza SIG]Polly took this picture of Willi, Neil, and Jim.


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