Col. George Terence O’Reilly(1912 - 1990)Thomas Jannaco(1908 - 1983)
Dorothy Mary Archer Parkerson(1913 - 2002)Loretta Rose Donnelly(1919 - )
m. 22 Jun 1991, Brooklyn, NY
James Terence O’Reilly
Patricia Lynn Jannaco
b. 6 May 1938, New York, NY
occ. retired computer consultant
edu. AB, Columbia University, 1960, European history major, also French, German, political science
rel. none
notes computer programmer and analyst, mainly in COBOL & Assembler language on IBM mainframes.
data base applications developer on IMS/DB & DC. Also some UNIX & C.
Politically active in reform Democratic Clubs. Progressive politics and judicial reform. Lexington Democratic Club on upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City ca. 1972 to 1985, Vice President for membership records 1980-1983. Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats in Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, ca. 1989 to 2007, Treasurer 1997-2001 (also established and maintained membership database) & founding webmaster 2001-2007.
President of Big Apple Users Group an Apple II computer club in NYC from ca 1995-2003.
b. 28 Jan 1951, Brooklyn, NY
occ. trial attorney, Antitrust Division, U.S. Dept of Justice, 1988-present
edu. JD, Brooklyn Law School, 1985; BA, Richmond College 1972, CUNY, history major
rel. none
notes trial attorney on USA v A. Alfred Taubman (Sotheby’s price fixing case)
law clerk, Supreme Court, CT, 1987-88
law clerk, sr. law clerk, & administrative law clerk, Superior Court, CT , 1985-87
admitted to bar in NY, 1986, & CT, 1985
International Law Journal, Brooklyn Law School