Elefie 1.0b4

An image-synthesis application for the Macintosh.

Elefie is a program I wrote in 1993-4 which draws graphical representations of electric fields in a plane. You can place some 'point charges' in a window, select a 'rendering algorithm' and tell Elefie to 'render' the charge window. Elefie will calculate the electric field strength for each pixel, then use the rendering algorithm to translate the field strength into a colour.

Rendering algorithms define three components of a colour (Red, Green and Blue; or Cyan, Magenta and Yellow; or Hue, Saturation and Value; component values are clipped to [0,1]) as expressions in terms of the electric field strength (in cartesian coordinates, X and Y; in polar coordinates, D (direction, from 0 to 1) and M (magnitude)).

Elefie's interface is shoddy, confusing and unexplained; however, you can use it to make some pretty pictures. All I did to Elefie in 1997 is build a fat version and make it available. All I did to Elefie in 2001 is to build a Carbon CFM version.

Download Elefie 1.0b1 (non-Carbon for 68K and Mac OS 8.0 and earlier; 82K)

Download Elefie 1.0b4 (Carbon CFM for Mac OS 8.1 and later and Mac OS X; 55K)

Elefie is kindwordware: if you appreciate it, please send me a kind word.

Sam Bushell
May 1997; December 2001