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Jart is an imagetoy for the Macintosh, currently under development by Sam Bushell.

Jart has no Undo -- yet.

Jart permits image manipulation through selections:

(It's important to recognise that you must choose a selection tool (orange) to make a selection, and then choose the arrow tool to move it. I will write some documentation, and even balloon help, but I haven't yet.)

Jart is extremely memory-hungry; to edit an image, it requires about 13 bytes per pixel. Jart is a poor choice of image-viewer.

Jart requires 32-bit Colour Quickdraw and System 7.

Jart supports Drag and Drop.

Jart permits magnification from 1x to 16x.

Jart will have hoopy filters eventually. Whether I'll bother with a childish plug-in interface is anyone's guess; right now I'm making it easy for me to write the filters I want.

Jart loads and saves PNGs, PICTs and JPEGs.

Jart is able to edit tiles in a WYSIWYG manner. (If you open a small image, make the window a bit larger, and turn on 'Tiling mode' then you'll see the image repeated horizontally and vertically (as it would appear as a tiled background image) -- and you'll be able to edit it without needing to worry about actual boundaries of the image.)

Jart is wrapped around the MacOS call CopyBits; during editing, CopyBits dominates CPU use.

Jart is not PhotoShop; it is the shareware toy I wanted there to have been written for me to use, and which I decided was lacking.

Jart is not yet for public release; it is incomplete and chocka with bugs. (However, if you're particularly keen, and you offer to beta-test it for me, then you can play with current, early versions. Oh, dammit, get it and play with it, just let me know, okay?)

Jart is the intellectual property of Sam Bushell, and neither the property nor the responsibility of his employer.

Jart would not do what it does without

`Jart' is a meaningless noise.

Sam Bushell, Created: 28 July 1995. Last modified: 3 February 1996.