jsam at mount.bob

Here's a bunch of photographs I took at MOUNT.BOB. They're all stored as progressive-display JPEG files.

Jenine Abarbanel has a list of other mount.bob picture collections.

Friday, 1 August 1997

Saturday, 2 August 1997


The Hike

The Cave of the Winds

Regretfully, I didn't take a photograph of our tour guide, Kim. Kim threatened Eamon's life a couple of times. We were all making fun of her, of course; he was just the cutest.

Dinner at Pazano

Warning: Buttock Collages Ahead

(Aliased Cut-Up Style May Offend.)

Sunday, 3 August 1997

During the day I went to Woodland Park and wandered around music shops and antique shops with people -- but didn't take any photos. These start in the late afternoon:

The Play-Reading: Twelfth Night


Monday, 4 August 1997

That's all. Unless.
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