X Bitmap Graphics Importer (1.0 beta 1)

This is a graphics importer component for use with QuickTime 2.5. It lets applications that know about graphics importer components view X Bitmap (.xbm) files. Graphics importers are detected by file type, so you will need to make sure your X Bitmap files have a file type of 'XBM '.

To install it, just drag it onto your system folder icon and yell "Okay!". Then reboot.

To check whether it's working, try opening the supplied "Test X Bitmap.xbm" with SimpleText. If you have Mac Easy Open installed, you can drag the bitmap file onto the SimpleText icon; if not, you will have to use the Open command in SimpleText.

If you encounter any problems with the importer, report them to jsam@pobox.com.

This software is kindwordware. If you appreciate it, please send me a kind word.

[icon] X Bitmap Importer 1.0b1 (23K stuffed binhex)

For more information on QuickTime 2.5, see Apple's QuickTime site, or the QuickTime FAQ.

Copyright 1996 Sam Bushell, jsam@pobox.com.
Created: 13 November 1996. Last modified: 10 December 1996.