Combat Vet
No, man. That ain't it. Come here. (conspiratorially) Vampires don't exist, man. It's Agent Orange that did this to me. It's a government cover-up.

Your family was poor and couldn't send you to college (and they didn't have the connections to get you a National Guard deferment), so you ended up in African jungles, fighting secret battles for the government. The next two years were a broiling hell of vines, snakes and AK-47s. Hate-filled eyes always watched you from the undergrowth. At night, you dreamed about the tracers and the tripwires. The fear kept you alive . . . so it could kill you slowly. You finished your tour of duty and came home, but you were different. The jungle had grown inside you, and you heard its roar in the sound of a car backfiring, the rumble of a train, even a door slamming.

The violence ate you alive every day. You couldn't hold down a job, so you had to live on the streets. Still, you managed to survive. You did it so well that you impressed another denizen of the streets. You were Embraced in short order and recruited into another war.

You are a combat-seasoned veteran, skilled at both fighting and survival. Attributes and Abilities reflect this.

Roleplaying Tips:
You are intellectually aware that you can kill people very easily and that you have post-traumatic stress syndrome. This makes you doubly cautious when you feed.

Army jacket, M16, .45 revolver, combat boots, aviator shades

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