halfbakery stuff

All clothing is white and sports the full-color half croissant logo; below it, "halfbakery.com"; below that, "It's not just a good idea, it's also ... some bad ones."

T-shirts have ink drawings of the 11 most popular ideas as of October 2000 on the back: Panic PIN, Thermo-chromic ovenware, Film Noir Home, Babbage Drum Machine, A Matchbox Car Camera, Waterfall Shower, Tails For All, Human Bioluminescence, Resumes For People Who Don't Really Want The Job, Bid-A-Boom, Charity Banner Portal.

Within the US, everything is $16 apiece including s/h. Outside of the US, everything is $20 including s/h.

front back
Fruit of the Loom roundspun heavy T-shirts, white. Front sports color croissant logo, back b/w ink drawings. Mild cartoon nudity.

$13 + shipping/handling ($3 US/$7 Int'l); available in M, XL, XXL. (We're out of L, sorry.)
(Paypal: US M, XL, XXL, M, XL, XXL, or order via mail).

There are still a small number of halfbakery pencils available. They're simple natural or yellow pencils, eraser on one end, with a gold imprint saying "HALFBAKERY.COM".

They are not for sale, but you can get one by sending a writing implement of your choice (e.g., a merchandise pen or pencil from your own place of work) to the ordering address:

Jutta Degener
773 E El Camino Real
Suite #170
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Don't send money.

When you do send a writing implement, please also say whether you want your pencil to be yellow, natural (a brownish cedar color), or one of each.

how to order
You can order either through PayPal by clicking on the links in the merchandise description; or via mail.

To order via mail, send a description of

  • what item you want in what size
  • the destination shipping address
  • an email address for questions/confirmations
together with payment ($20 including International shipping, $16 including US shipping; make cheque out to Jutta Degener) to:
Jutta Degener
773 E El Camino Real
Suite #170
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
If you want to receive confirmation of your order and status updates for items that have to be re-ordered, include an e-mail address.

From within the US, send payment in form of checks or money orders. (Make check out to Jutta Degener.) From outside the US, either use PayPal or give up and just get a $20 dollar bill and send that -- processing out-of-US cheques here costs more than a halfbakery t-shirt. (If you know a better way, please send me email; I'm new to this.)

If you want to make sure that an item is actually available in the size and number you want before ordering, to enquire about the status of your order, or to report problems with the ordering process, please send email to jutta@pobox.com.