Guidelines for Inclusion

in the NYC Film Production Resources Locator

Several requests have prompted me to develop a set of guidelines for those who want to be included among these pages.

My concern is always with balancing a desire to be inclusive with a need to insure that the listings have integrity, validity and usefulness as a reference.

For this reason I need some support information that I can keep onfile.

Production-related Businesses:

Individual Crew People:

Thanks for following these guidelines with your requests. Having all the necessary information from the start will greatly reduce the time spent shuttling e-mail and checking out credentials.

This project demands a lot of time in editing and updating. There may be some delays in listing due to outside work flow. If all the necessary information arrives on first contact, requests should get turned around at a faster rate.

Submit e-mail requests to:

The lack of volunteer time available to support the maintenance of this site has been a serious concern since its inception (back in 1996, when the WWW was relatively new and few film people imagined needing a website for funneling traffic). I'm considering the collection of modest fees in return for website links and prominent placement in the listings. Please feel free to make comment on this idea.

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Revision: 4-17-02