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Movies, sounds, etc require that your browser can play AVIs, AU's etc.

I plan to have quicktimes & mpegs soon. (Well eventually).

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Here's A quick low res sound byte of me saying "Hi!"

Note: The AVI's ideally take 1 to 2 minutes to load (28.8kps & 14.4kps) but they can take much longer if you are multitasking, the server has high usage, etc. These AVIs only run a second or two in length.

Click here (211Kb avi) for my Hello movie & sound clip.....Image of Kenny

Click here (207Kb avi) for Neon Fish movie & sound clip..Image of Neon Fish

Set your AVI Viewer to repeat loop for the next one
Click here (40Kb avi) for my Running Man movie clip.......Image of Running 

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