Noise at airports and along flight paths

Federal Aviation Regulations (34 CFR) (online at a variety of places including Landings). Part 36 describes the noise standards for aircraft. Part 150 describes how to calculate noise levels (section A150.205), what noise levels are compatible with what kinds of uses (section A150.101 table 1), etc. Generally the assumption is that spacecraft would need to adhere to similar standards in order to operate out of airports.

Here are a few numbers, from an unknown source (1984 or earlier):

                            SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL 

                                    SPL (dBA)
      SOURCE                     (ref. 3e-09 psi)      p(rms) psi
    ------------------------        -----------       -----------
    Shuttle Liftoff @ 50 ft          175                 1.6
    Threshold of Pain                120                 0.003
    Boeing 727 Takeoff (@500 ft)     100                 0.0003
    Busy Street Traffic               80                 0.00003

                                 SOUND POWER LEVEL

    Source                           PWL(db)          Sound Power 
                                  (Ref: 1e-13 W)        (Watts)
    ----------------              -------------       -------------  
    Shuttle Liftoff                ~200               20-40e+06
    Boeing 727                     ~160               10,000
    Busy Street Traffic            ~110                     .01   
One reference which is said to be good but which I haven't looked up is "Shuttle Sonic Boom -- technology and predictions", by P. Halloway, G. Wilhold, J. Hones, F. Garcia, and R. Hicks, from "Aeroacoustics", Vol. 38 of the AIAA's "Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics", series.
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