Jim Kingdon's VMSBACKUP page

I have done some work on VMSBACKUP, a (partial) clone of the VMS BACKUP utility. The lastest version as far as I know is 4.1.1. There's source code for 4.1 at ftp://ftp.process.com/vms-freeware/free-vms/. I don't think I still have a copy. I'd suggest asking on the free-vms mailing list; see free-vms.org. Last I looked VMSBACKUP4-1-1.ZIP was available for download at ftp://ftp.lp.se/free-vms/ (Richard Levitte's site)


Errata/issues (some of these may be helpful in building/using VMSBACKUP, some are probably more of interest to future maintainers):

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