Calling contract

This is a Contract for Employment between Sean Crist (The Caller) and _____________ (The Client).

The Caller agrees to provide Square Dance calling in accordance with the accepted practices of Callerlab and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein and agreed to verbally.

The date of the event, and the period of this contract will be _____________, from ______ to ______.

Location: The event will be held at a ___________________.

Travel from the Caller's Home: The caller will arrange his/her own travel between home and the dancing location.

Meals & Per-diem reimbursement: There will be no meal or per-diem reimbursements.

Calling Schedule: The Caller will call a dance for beginning dancers with basic calls from the Modern Mainstream program. There will be no Round Dance program. At Client's request, Caller can play square dance music between dance tips, but Client acknowledges that Caller is not equipped to provide general disc jockey services.

Sound equipment: The Caller will bring his own sound equipment, including microphones and music. The Client agrees to provide a properly grounded three-prong outlet (the use of adaptors for a two-prong outlet voids the warranty on Caller's equipment).

Licensing: The Caller certifies that he is licensed by BMI and ASCAP to perform copyrighted music at the event.

Remuneration: In consideration for services rendered as specified above, the Client will remunerate the Caller in the total amount of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00).

Cancellation: If the event is cancelled less than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the activity, the party requesting cancellation will be expected to compensate the other party in the amount of seventy-five dollars ($75). However, if either party reasonably judges that the event must be cancelled because inclement weather has produced unsafe transportation conditions, then neither party shall be expected to compensate the other. If caller is unable to provide square dance calling due to illness, serious family emergency, or other very serious circumstance, then Caller may, at Caller's discretion, fulfil this contract by arranging for a qualified substitute caller to provide calling in accordance with the terms of this contract.

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Caller's Signature Date
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