Tracking the "Crusader Spammer"

This is a reply from the admins who provide access to which is the web page that was advertised in the email spam.

>From: (Scott Winders)
>Subject: Re: Crusader Mail Spam
>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 19:43:18 -0700
>Organization: NetGate Communications
>Lines: 48
>References: <446iec$>

Net Citizens:

My name is Scott Winders and I am one of the partners at NetGate
Communications. My company hosts web pages for hundreds of people.
One of our clients is National Vanguard Books.

The email spam, titled "The Long March", appears to have been sent
by someone at "National Vanguard Books". It would also appear that
the message originated from the domain "" which is an owned
by an ISP in Northern California.

I would like to point out that none of this appears to have
originated from a NetGate connection or network. I would also like
to point out that there is no proof available at this time that
shows that these people actually sent the message. However, the
content of the message is consistent with the information found at
their home page (

I just got off the phone with Jack Harding (the Admin contact for
the "" domain). He was not aware that the message was
sent out and did not know who sent it. He is checking on this for
me. I explained to him what happened and why it was wrong. Please
understand that I am not going make an issue of the message's
content. That is a freedom of speech issue that I do not want to
get into. I am pursuing this from a "what is ethical and accepted
Internet behavior" viewpoint.

Please do not write telling us to cancel their account based on the
content of the message or their web pages. They have as much right
as anyone to express their opinion (at least in the U.S.) as anyone.
Their views are NOT the views of NetGate Communications.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that my company is taking appropriate
steps to resolve this issue and to prevent it from happening again.
Unless you have new information to add that would help us resolve
this, I would appreciate if no more email were sent to "*".
If you want to complain to the people at "National Vanguard Books",
send an email to:

Any other address at "" is sent to NetGate so please use
the above address only.

Scott Winders
General Partner
NetGate Communications