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Scientists report strange images from Martian soil

"Wait until the folks at Roswell see this!"

July 9, 1997
Web posted at: 1:18 a.m. EDT

ARES VALLIS, Mars, Sol System (NNC) -- Scientists on the Mars Pathfinder project have reported receiving a number of anomalous images from the surface of Mars. While multiple theories have been developed to explain the phenomena, no one at NASA is willing to draw any conclusions at this time.

Hal McSweeney, a University of Vermont scientist, told a press conference Tuesday at Cal Tech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that "the ramifications of this discovery could be monumental." The black rectangular object in one of the images appears to have the exact proportions of 1 X 4 X 9. When asked to comment further, Dr. McSweeney replied "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that."

NASA officials have denied stories that rover coordinator Matt Wallace reported seeing "stars" in the rectangular object in an image just prior to the one shown here. "He's always seeing things," said NASA administrator John Williamson, under condition of anonymity.


Dr. Milton Haverson, Professor of Exogeology at the University of Pittsburgh, commented on the findings in the second image:

  • The rocks in the photograph all slant towards the northwest, possibly indicating that floods occurred millions of years ago, or that the planet's inhabitants were very anal retentive.
  • The soil contains more than one color, indicating that the Martian Rock Sales Program (MRSP) slated for 1998, should be a fantastic success providing the funding for future missions.
  • While the alien creature staring into the camera lens could have earth-shattering physical and philosophical implications for the entire human race, further investigations will have to wait until after the geologists have fully explored the rock formations of the red planet, looking for possible signs that microscopic life existed millions of years ago.
  • The oblong shape in the upper left hand corner of the image is clearly a weather balloon that has strayed off course from a military operation in the Southwest U.S.

Peter Smith, principal manager for the Pathfinder imager, explained that "those damn geologists won the coin toss for first dibs on the rover, and they refuse to let us follow the alien creature." Smith noted that he was particularly upset as the creature had made off with the low-gain antenna and the license plate for the Sojourner rover. "We still have the fuzzy dice and the cellphone, so some experiments can continue," Smith stated.

Students at the University of Valhalla had mixed reactions. "This has sparked many theological debates as we try to reconcile the existance of alien life forms and the bible," stated a philosophy student. Meanwhile, many in the department of biology had lost all composure and were busy torching their offices. "It's either the most significant discovery in mankind's history, or a cheesy hack done with a paint program," said one graphic arts student.

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