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Campers' Group is a club that organizes camping, cabin, hiking and ski trips, mostly in NJ, NY, PA and CT, and within a three-hour drive of the NYC metro area. We welcome singles, couples and families, experienced campers and newbies, to camp and hike with us.

You can also join us on or like us on Facebook.

Here are some of our upcoming events:

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Sunday, February 6, Day Trip, Fahnestock Winter Park, Carmel NY
Weather permitting, join us for cross-country skiing in popular Fahnestock Winter Park. The Park features a warming lodge with ski rentals, food, beverages, and restrooms. Rentals may be available on a first come, first served basis. There are 11 miles of machine groomed, tracked and mapped trails for beginning and experienced skiers and snowshoers. Families find the park particularly enjoyable because it offers easy terrain to ski on near the lodge. The sledding hill and hot chocolate to sip in front of the outdoor fireplace are nice compliments to day-long trips... It is advisable to get there by 9am if you want to rent ski equipment in the morning. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until skiers come back to rent your size for an afternoon session. You can also call the Ski Center at (845) 225-3998, or check the Ski Report. An optional hike may be planned if there is not enough snow.
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February 18-21, Cabin Trip, Frost Valley YMCA Lodge, Claryville NY
We are returning to Frost Valley YMCA for the holiday weekend!
*** A recent COVID vaccination, and if requested, a negative COVID test result (immediately preceding) is required to attend any indoor event. If we don't know your status, you may be asked to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result. ***
A typical Frost Valley weekend has campers arriving and checking in Friday after 4:00 p.m., getting acquainted with the camp, and enjoying a snack and some hot drinks at the dining hall. All meals are included with your payment. There is a good variety of food, and plenty of it!
Saturday is a day full of cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, ice fishing, tubing, arts and crafts and other indoor or outdoor activities. Sunday morning you can either relax by the fire (if you are tired from Saturday's activities), or go out again and do the things you did not get to on the first day. A stream with a waterfall that often turns into an ice fall in the winter is on the property. There are 30 miles of hiking trails, and over 15 miles of trails for cross-country skiing.
We have reserved Hayden Lodge, with a capacity of 25 in 3 different bunk rooms. Each room has its own bathroom. There is a common room with a fireplace.
All cross-country ski equipment, snow shoes, tubing, and most other programs are included. You do not need to bring money for any of this; your RSVP fee will cover it. This is a great place for children and families. Pets are not allowed. Sunday checkout is at noon. The all inclusive price is $217.00 per person.
Lodges come equipped with a pillow and a blanket. For an additional fee of $9.00 per set, you can get bed sheets, a bath towel, wash cloth and a bar of soap. If you would like to purchase this we will need to know when you RSVP. Otherwise, bring pillows, bedding (sheets and/or sleeping bags), toiletries and lots of clothing layers (not cotton), hats, gloves, winter footwear, headlamp or flashlight, water bottles/hydration pack and/or backpack. You may wish to bring a camp chair and sled. We believe there is ice fishing on one of the lakes if you want to bring a fishing pole.
Packing List for Lodging:

You need to check in upon arrival even though you have already paid Campers' Group. Frost Valley keeps track of who is in the facility. They also check your ID for registered sex offenders and will not let people stay that are on that list. If you have questions regarding this please contact Frost Valley directly.I encourage you to visit the Frost Valley website
Let us know if you are willing to drive people up or if you need a ride. We will try to match drivers with passengers.
Due to Frost Valley's remote location, there is NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION in this area.
You will lose cell phone service well before reaching Frost Valley. Please plan accordingly.
They do have house phones located on property. You can make outgoing calls using a calling card, credit card, or by calling collect. They do sell calling cards at the Administration Building and the Camp Store for $2 or $5 each.
Wi-Fi is available in the Main Dining Hall and Geyer Hall. Lakeview Lodge has Ethernet cables in each room.
To join, you must RSVP and pay $217 on the page for this event.
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Sunday, March 6, Day Trip, Cross Country Ski Facility, Somewhere NY
Depending on the latest snowfall, we will plan a cross-country ski day trip to a local facility, like Fahnestock State Park or High Point State Park. It is advisable to get there by 9am if you want to rent ski equipment in the morning. Otherwise you'll have to wait until skiers come back to rent your size for an afternoon session. If we do not have enough snow, a hike may be planned instead. Please dress in synthetic or light wool layers, no cotton!
Please contact the trip leaders on or after February 6.
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March 11-12, Night Out, Banff Mountain Film Festival - Live and Virtual, Suffern NY
You can be part of some of the most daring outdoor adventures (without the risk of getting hurt) when you join us at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. On either Friday or Saturday (or both nights), have a fun and fascinating look at a collection of mountain stories that includes profound journeys, unexpected adventures, and ground-breaking expeditions told by authors, photographers, and filmmakers from around the globe. A virtual program is also being provided with a slightly different set of films. It looks like Suffern NY will provide the live event, but all details were not available at the time of this posting. We may make a final decision for the group as we get a little closer and more details are provided.
Click here for tickets for the World Tour live event in Suffern NY.
Click here for the Virtual World Tour film program.
Please contact the trip leaders on or after January 20.
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June 10-12, Camping Trip, Knoebels Amusement Park & Campground, Elysburg PA
Knoebels Amusement Resort is a family-owned and operated amusement park, picnic grove, and campground in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. Opened in 1926, it is America's largest free-admission park. The park has more than 60 rides including three wooden roller coasters, three steel roller coasters, a 1913 carousel, and a haunted house dark ride.
We have reserved 8 campsites for 2 tents and 2 cars on each site, for 2 nights, in the Prince Edward Island loop. Bathrooms and showers are close by. The amusement park is about a 10 minute walk from our sites. There is no admission fee to enter the park.
Start and end times above reflect only the hours we are allowed to occupy the campsites. You are welcome to arrive any time Friday or Saturday morning. When you RSVP, you are paying for both nights. The payment of $63.25 is for one tent, which will only cover the cost to camp with the group. During the weekend, we may also split the cost of firewood, if needed.
To join, you must RSVP and pay $63.25 on the page for this event.
Please contact the trip leaders on or after April 10.
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