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Question: When was Campers' Group founded?

Answer: In the late 1960s.

Question: Who founded Campers' Group?

Answer: We don't know.

Question: What types of events do you organize?

Answer: Camping trips, cabin trips, day hikes, evening get-togethers, parties, and planning meetings.

Question: Who goes on these trips?

Answer: People who love the outdoors and want to share the experience with like-minded folks. Actually we're a varied lot: young, middle-aged and old, single and married, female and male, employed and unemployed, and multi-ethnic.

Question: Must I be an experienced camper to join you?

Answer: No, not for most of our trips. Many of us are experienced campers and we'll share our knowledge with you. Some trips are more rugged, but they will be clearly marked as such on our schedule of events.

Question: Are you a singles group?

Answer: No. Singles, couples and families are welcome.

Question: What is the age range of the people in the group?

Answer: Ages vary from 6 months to 65 years.

Question: Can I bring my children?

Answer: On most trips yes, but check with the trip leaders -- some parks or cabins aren't suitable for children or infants. If your kids rise early in the morning, please play with them quietly until most people get up.

Question: Can I bring a pet?

Answer: No. Wild animals live in the parks we visit. They respect and fear humans, but not your pet. For your pet's safety, leave it with a friend.

Question: Who runs Campers' Group?

Answer: The organization is run co-operatively by its active members. Much of the work gets done at planning meetings that anyone can attend. The group is not incorporated and it has no "President" or "Chief Executive Officer."

Question: Who are the trip leaders?

Answer: Active members who volunteer to run trips. Trip leaders are not paid, and in fact they pay the same fees to camp or stay in the cabin as everyone else. If you go on two or more trips, we may ask you to help lead a trip.

Question: What do trip leaders do?

Answer: They take calls during the week before the trip (sometimes earlier than that) to pair riders and drivers. At the campsite, they may suggest some activities.

Question: Are there annual dues?

Answer: No. We abolished dues years ago.

Question: I have a question that isn't addressed here. How can I get it answered?

Answer: Please use our contact form to send us the question. We'll do our best to send you an answer promptly by e-mail.