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Question: Is there a campers' etiquette?

Answer: Yes. We ask everyone who attends our camping trips to follow these common sense guidelines:

  • Enjoy yourself--you're in a beautiful place.
  • Obey the rules of the park you're visiting. Campground rules, if more strict, supersede the guidelines listed below.
  • Park in designated areas. It's OK to drive into the campsite to unload and pack up, but we'd prefer to look at the trees rather than your car during most of the trip.
  • Be quiet during quiet hours of 10 pm to 7 am.
  • Not harm the vegetation. Only use down wood for campfires.
  • Treat wild animals with respect. Do not attempt to touch them and never feed them.
  • Not leave garbage or food scraps out overnight or when you leave the campsite. This includes dirty dishes, and empty food and beverage containers. Don't assume that someone else will throw away shared garbage bags--discuss with your fellow campers and make a plan for its disposal. This is very important as many of the campgrounds we visit have active raccoons, skunks and bears.
  • Use other people's equipment only with permission.
  • Listen to radios with headphones.
  • Leave the campsite and picnic tables clean upon departure.

Question: Is the etiquette different for cabin trips?

Answer: It's a little different.

  • We're all sleeping in the same building, so it's especially important to be quiet after others have gone to bed.
  • If there's a kitchen, clean up after preparing your meal to be considerate to others.
  • Don't smoke in or around the cabin.
  • Bring a sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket.
  • Clean up the cabin before you leave.