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Question: Who leads camping, cabin and day trips?

Answer: You, the experienced members of Campers' Group. If you've gone to two or more Campers' Group events, then you're probably qualified to lead a trip.

Question: If I lead a trip, do I get paid for it?

Answer: No.

Question: If I lead a trip, do I pay a reduced rate on the trip?

Answer: No. You pay exactly the same amount as everyone else.

Question: Why should I lead a trip?

Answer: So that trips happen. If no one were to lead trips, then there would be no trips. Campers' Group is a co-operatively run organization where all the work is done by volunteers. We all pitch in so that we can all enjoy camping and going to parks.

You may also find satisfaction in leading a successful trip. Attendees have been known to thank the trip leaders on occasion.

Question: Will I have a co-leader?

Answer: Almost all camping and cabin trips have two leaders. Some day trips, such as hikes, have only one leader. If this is your first time leading, we will pair you with an experienced trip leader.

Question: Do I have to go on the trip? What if something comes up?

Answer: If you lead a trip, you are expected to attend it. However, if something important comes up (you or a family member get sick, for example), we will understand if you don't make it. This is one of the reasons that we recruit two trip leaders. We still expect you to help out before the trip--see the next question.

Question: Do I need to reserve sites or cabins?

Answer: No. The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer make the reservations.

Question: What are my responsibilities before the trip?

Answer: You or your co-leader should call the park and find out if anything special is going on. The park rangers may tell you about a festival that is nearby, or a road that is closed. Make sure that you understand the park's rules such as the number of people, tents and cars allowed on each site, and whether or not alcoholic beverages are permitted.

During the week or two before the trip, some people may inform you that they need a ride to the campsite. Other people may have room in their cars for passengers. If you can help riders and drivers connect, you should do so. In some cases, riders and drivers may find each other by posting on

Determine who will be the first person to reach the park if that person (or persons) need any special instructions. For example, the first person to arrive on a cabin weekend may have to stop at the park office to pick up the key.

Question: What are my responsibilities during the trip?

Answer: On camping trips, put up the Campers' Group banner on the site in a prominent place and and set up one or more of the propane stoves.

If possible, welcome participants when they arrive. On camping trips, you may show new arrivals where to park their vehicles and suggest places to pitch their tents. For newbies who need to use a Campers' Group tent, find an appropriate tent from Campers' Group's equipment and help the newbie set it up. Someone who has never camped before cannot be expected to set up a tent properly without help.

You are not required to lead any hikes or run any activities. You can do so if you like, and so can anyone else. You are not expected to be the social director.

Question: Will I have to handle any money?

Answer: Possibly. On most day trips, no money changes hands. On most overnight trips, everyone pays in advance. So it is unlikely that you will need to collect any money. However, you may need to reimburse people for expenses incurred on behalf of the group. For example, whoever transports the Campers' Group equipment should be reimbursed--the equipment is treated as if it were a passenger in the person's car. If someone buys firewood for the group, Campers' Group should pay for it. You can either receive reimbursement money before the weekend begins, or you can pay people out of your own pocket and Campers' Group will pay you after the weekend is over. (Part of the fee that you and everyone else has paid for the weekend is allocated to paying for the transportation of group property, propane and firewood. No one should have to buy firewood with their own money because Campers' Group has already charged them for it.)

Question: Am I responsible for enforcing the park's rules?

Answer: Yes, but you will rarely need to be a policeman or woman. Occasionally people talk too loudly or play music during quiet hours. You (or anyone) else may remind the offenders that it is late and that everyone should whisper.

If you see someone drinking in a park that does not allow alcoholic beverages, remind the person that he or she risks being fined and thrown out of the park by a ranger. You may encourage the person drinking to pour the beer or wine into a mug or glass so that it is less obvious. Beer and wine bottles should never be left on picnic tables or in any other visible places at the campsite.

Some of the parks we visit have bears and forbid campers from taking coolers out of vehicles. In fact, the rangers may fine people who take coolers out of their cars. In such parks, if you see a cooler outside of a car, gently remind the person of the park's rule and ask him or her to put the cooler back within a vehicle.

Question: Must I leave the campsite or cabin clean when we leave?

Answer: Yes. At the campsite, there is usually not much to clean up. Garbage bags should be removed from the site. Cabins should be swept on the morning when the group leaves. It doesn't need to be spotless, but don't leave a mess. Make sure garbage bags get taken to a dumpster.

Question: What are my responsibilities after the trip?

Answer: Get home safely. If you laid out any money for Campers' Group, contact the Treasurer (Lillian) to be reimbursed. If anyone asked to get on the Campers' Group e-mail list, please enter the person's e-mail address here.

Question: I have a question that isn't addressed here. How can I get it answered?

Answer: Contact Ken.