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Question: Where do you camp?

Answer: Mostly in state parks in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Occasionally we camp in a national park or a well-run private campground. The majority of our trips are within a four-hour drive of New York City.

Question: Do you camp in the winter?

Answer: No. In the late fall, winter and early spring, we have cabin trips, day hikes and parties. The first camping trip of the year is generally in late April or early May, and the last trip is in October.

Question: How many people usually go on these trips?

Answer: Five to fifteen, depending on the season and the weather. Summer trips and holiday weekends sometimes have larger turnouts.

Question: What do you do on these weekends?

Answer: We bring our lounge chairs and books, or hiking boots and day packs. We swim, canoe, hike, jog, play scrabble, sing, play musical instruments, go dancing, and make s'mores around the campfire.

Question: What do I have to do to go on a trip?

Answer: Contact one of the trip leaders by e-mail or phone, or RSVP on On most trips, you will have to pay in advance by PayPal or check.

Question: How can I get to the campsite or cabin?

Answer: Drive there or get a ride. If you don't have a car, call early in the week and the trip leaders will try to pair you with a driver. Or we'll tell you about public transportation if it's available.

Question: What does a camping or cabin trip cost?

Answer: Transportation costs are determined by drivers and riders (usually the passengers pay their share for tolls and gas). Other costs are site fees (free to $20 per night) and food. The total for a camping weekend is seldom more than $50. Cabin trips cost a little more.

Question: What should I bring?

Answer: A tent, a sleeping bag (or sheets and a blanket), an air mattress or foam pad, food, plates, cups, utensils, soap, towels, toiletries, clothes, a warm jacket (it can get chilly in the evening even during the summer), hiking boots or sturdy shoes, a flashlight and a raincoat.

Question: Do I need a tent?

Answer: Yes. If you don't have one, you can buy or rent one from an outdoor supply store, or borrow one from someone else going on the trip.

Question: What kind of food should I bring?

Answer: You can bring anything that doesn't require cooking in an oven. We cook outdoors on propane or gas stoves, and wood or charcoal fires. If you don't own a stove, you can cook on a fire or ask someone to use his or her stove. We bring groceries from home or buy them at markets near the campsite, storing them in coolers with ice. Except while you are preparing a meal or eating, keep your food in your vehicle. Unattended coolers and food attract wild animals. Never leave food out at night or take food into your tent.

Question: Can I play music at the campsite?

Answer: Musical instruments are most welcome, but you can only listen to recorded music through headphones. During quiet hours (generally 10 PM to 6 AM), you can't play musical instruments or talk loudly.

Question: Who are the trip leaders?

Answer: Active members who volunteer to run trips. Trip leaders are not paid, and in fact they pay the same fees to camp or stay in the cabin as everyone else. If you go on two or more trips, we may ask you to help lead a trip.

Question: What do trip leaders do?

Answer: They take calls and e-mails before the trip, answering question and pairing riders and drivers. They may suggest activities during the trip, but what you do is up to you.

Question: Is there a campers' etiquette?

Answer: Yes. Here is a short list:

  • Obey the rules of the park you're visiting.
  • Be quiet during quiet hours (usually 10 PM to 7 AM).
  • Don't harm the vegetation; only use down wood for campfires.
  • Treat wild animals with respect, but don't feed them.
  • Don't leave garbage or food scraps out overnight.
  • Use other people's equipment only with permission.
  • If you must bring a radio, bring headphones.
  • Leave the campsite and picnic tables clean.

Question: I have a question that isn't addressed here. How can I get it answered?

Answer: Please use our contact form to send us the question. We'll do our best to send you an answer promptly by e-mail.