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Tyler State Park

Tyler State Park
Newtown, PA

1,170 acres criss-crossed by horse and bike paths, and Neshaminy Creek.

An old farmhouse in the park has been converted to a youth hostel. Bunk rooms and private rooms are available. The hostel contains a fully-equipped kitchen. A covered bridge over Neshaminy Creek is a stone's throw from the hostel (depending on how strong your throwing arm is).

The hostel parents are Susan Thompson and Jim Whitmoyer. They are hostel parents, not hostile parents. In fact, they're friendly and helpful.

Driving directions: Take the NJ Turnpike south to exit 9. Then follow Route 1 South approximately 20 miles to I-95 South.

Excuse me. I need to vent.

Many people think that the NJ Turnpike is I-95. The Turnpike starts out as I-95 in the north (at the George Washington Bridge) and empties into I-95 in the south when it crosses the border into Delaware. But somewhere in the middle, it has an identity crisis and stops being I-95 (its signs say "TO 95"). Across the border, I-95 is born again in Pennsylvania and goes through Philadelphia. As a driver, I think of some words Bob Dylan wrote, "I'm goin' back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough."

Now here's a question for all you Pennsylvania highway scientists: why is it so difficult to get from a major road like the Pennsylvania Turnpike to another major road like I-95? The two roads cross each other, yet there isn't an interchange at which you can exit the Turnpike and get on I-95. Do you know how many buses from New York City to Philadelphia drive through that rundown suburb between the Turnpike and I-95 to get back on the highway? Breathe deep and get all those fine diesel particulates lodged in your lungs. Or are you looking for a little extra toll revenue from out-of-staters like me who miss the non-existent I-95 exit on the PA Turnpike?


I feel better now. The directions continue below.

Take I-95 south to Pennsylvania Route 332 West. Drive 8 miles west on Route 332. Then turn right onto Pennsylvania Route 232 (Second Street Pike) and go north 1/2 a mile to Twining Ford Road. Turn right and continue into the park. To get to the hostel, continue driving on a dirt road which turns left. Three hundred feet after the left turn, bear right onto the White Pine Trail, and then turn left at a stop sign onto Covered Bridge Trail. The hostel is at the end of the Covered Bridge Trail.

You cannot use the main entrance to Tyler State Park to get to the youth hostel. I remember going in that entrance and driving around the park at 1 AM thinking, "Will I ever get to sleep tonight?"

Hostel address: Jim Whitmoyer, Box 94, Newtown PA 18940
Hostel phone: 215-968-0927
Park phone: 215-968-2021 Web site: