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This is not a very interesting page. I never got around to developing it. But you might want to know how I happen to be called "Cobra Woman" on the net:

Cobra Woman-- the nickname


How I came to be called Cobra Woman

I was saying some friendly things about Greg Parkinson (glp@panix.com) in soc.motss at a time when Greg was away, and I made a facetious remark about sniping at him behind his back, and commented that I'd get away with it since my article would have expired before he returned.

Greg got back earlier than I'd anticipated. Not only that: He had just seen the Maria Montez movie on television. (If you haven't seen it, do try to find it. I saw it myself recently, and it is absolutely dreadful and very entertaining.)

So anyhow, Greg answered my article while under the influence of the film. With a villainous chortle and smirk (how *did* he do that in text?!?) he announced: "Not so fast, Cobra Woman! Tonight you die!"

By the time I even realized Greg was back, seven people had picked up the nickname. I didn't really start to use it until until I came across a thread on COBRA benefits and couldn't resist. I never had a nickname before. This one will do.

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