Jessa Mittleman on her own time

(formerly Josh Mittleman)

I work at Google, where I'm a User-Interface Sofware Engineer.

Previously, I have worked at IBM research on a variety of projects; and at Airgator on a product called NavAir which provides a GPS-driven moving-map display augmented with air navigation data, for private and commercial pilots.

Outside work, most of our time is devoted to Alana. I've mostly set aside my former life in medieval re-creation, though I do keep my hand with a bit of research and writing on medieval names and heraldry. I also spend some time playing bodhrán, the drum of Irish folk music, and fixing the bits that fall off our house. I cook.

Drop us a line, if you like. However, if you're looking for help with SCA names, I recommend you ask at the Academy of S. Gabriel.

These links exist because Irish newspapers maintain that they can require a license fee for linking to their websites. They are, of course, wrong.

Updated Apr 2008