Village of Brookville, Board of Trustees (Regular Monthly Meeting)

February 10, 1987

March 18 - elections

Uris estate - environmental impact statement (EIS) is required

Post College/LIU stables are being approved; approval is being circulated among Planning Board members for signature

LiMoggio - decision is reserved

there is 1 vacancy on the Zoning Board of Appeals, 2 vacancies on the Planning Board


Village Attorney

Building Inspector

Asst. Road Comm.

Lighting Comm.

Fire Comm

Sanitation Comm.

Road Comm.

Police Comm.

OBPD budget for 1987-88

 salaries  $1.393 million
 total budget (net)  $2.14 million
 total budget (gross)  $2.921 million
 misc. income  $0.125 million




Mayor, Village Attorney, Trustee Robinson not present

these notes were prepared by the Village Residents Party