Village of Brookville, Board of Trustees (Regular Monthly Meeting)

February 14, 1989


Village Attorney

Asst. Road Comm.

Lighting Comm.

Fire Comm

Sanitation Comm.

Road Comm.

Police Comm.

 This Year  Last Year  Description
 $1.7 million  $1.6 million  38 PO's, 4.5 dispatchers and clerical
 $47,000    police officer with 22 years of service
 $20,000    Enhanced 911
 $10,000    clerical paid to Village of Old Brookville
 $2.186 million    gross budget (including capital purchases)
 $110,000    liability insurance
 $346,000    telephone, etc.
 $300,000    retirement plans
 $140,000    Social Security
 $3.488 million    total gross budget ($150K to $160K surplus)
 $677,000    Village of Brookville (+2.5% for Post College/LIU)
 3.8    tax rate
 1.79    Nassau County Headquarters tax
 4.9    effective tax rate
 $100,000    net increase

Mayor (absent)


these notes were prepared by the Village Residents Party