Village of Brookville, Board of Trustees (Regular Monthly Meeting)

September 14, 1993

Clerk/Treasurer -

Village Attorney -

Building Inspector -

Asst. Road Comm. -

Lighting Comm. -
annual (automatic) renewal of lighting contracts

Fire Comm. - there were no fires that caused structural damage, there was 1 fire on Brookville Road

Sanitation Comm. -

Road Comm. -

Police Comm. -

Mayor - discussion of LILCO and the problem of frequent, brief power outages in the village, Goodwin met with LILCO, a letter from them was read that blamed trees that touched the power lines for the problem, some improvements to switching devices have been made and more improvements are planned, Goodwin is impressed with the progress

Public - discussion of Polimeni's proposal regarding Evans Drive, approximately 23 persons were in the audience, most were opposed, several represented Polimeni, lenders or other interested parties
speakers included:

these notes were prepared by the Village Residents Party